A grief never-ending redraw ft. seagull entourage

HC word vomit time: The seagulls reminded him of bloodier times.They remembered the feast he gave them in Alqualonde. Seagulls are opportunistic feeders and even these ones that were the beasts of Osse himself were no exception to that quality. Elven flesh is a taste that they’ve never forgotten; and so they followed this one whose voice carries across the oceans to new foreign lands. However once there they realised the way back was close to them as well; but if they accompany an elven ship returning to the old lands they may traverse that barrier. And so they circle the new world, haunting its listeners with their cries of longing for a home beyond their reach, tainted with a sorrow and horror of kinslayings past. And three ages later a young elf will forget his love of the woods when he heard this intrinsic cry for home.

And also while Maedhros is the murder brother who you flee crying from because I turned his face into a sponge, Maglor is the brother playing Rapunzel who looks oh so pretty until he turns you into a pincushion. I am also a fan of him using his voice in battle to sing opponents into submission or raise the morale of his own troops; I mean Luthien and Melkor practically have a sing-off and I’m such a fan of battle bards XD

Tourbillon, ta tête trop tossée

Tribulations terrestres, tautogramme très terre-à-terre :

Tu te tireras trop tard toi, tu te trahis, tu trembleras, ton tabac terminé, toi : tant tabouisée, tu te traqueras. Ta tristesse tacite tombera. Tout tamponner, tantôt tapageuse, tantôt tautologique, tes tragédies tardives tanguent. Tu travailles, tu trimes, tes tâches titanesques te torturent. Tu trébuches, ton torse tranché, tant triste. Teigneuse, taffeuse, tranceuse, tout termine tellement tempestivement. Temporairement tiraillée, tendre, transgressive, trop tard, tentatives ternes, ta texture téméraire te terrasse, tes ténèbres traversent trop ton ténu toi, te transpercent, te tiraillent, te trévissent terrestrement, ta tête teintée tourne trop, tu tiédis, tu tchatches, toz, technocratise-toi, tombée trashement, toute tourmentée, trop terrassée, tu tâtonnes trop, toxico. Tes tracas te tétanisent, tyran tyrannisée, tympanisons : tocard, trace ! traverse ton trou-noir, tu te tords, trop tentant, tu traines tes transfuges trop taquins. Ta trajectoire : typiquement traçable, tu têtues, tantôt. Tes tympans trouvent tes titres trop tristes, trop tacites, trop tribaux, trop trompeurs, trop techniques. Tu territorialises tes trop-pleins, tu triompheras, tauromachie = ton trône, truanderie, trax, tu tueras ta trouble tempête !
Tourbillon, ta tête trop tossée.. 

Ce qui fait d'une épreuve un drame n'est pas l'épreuve en elle-même, comme les conditions qui te sont offertes pour la traverser .
Affronter seul la tempête sur un radeau ne sera jamais la même chose que sur un grand chalutier, équipage compris…
—  MzP, Écueil

She was almost nine when the Archangel came to town, just beginning to get her woman’s growth, blooming broad through the shoulders like her momma. Her name was Jane Deveroux, and she was born off-world but didn’t remember any place but Mindoir, which was near to a frontier as any place left this side of the Attican Traverse. They still saw raiders on Mindoir, and pirates, and nobody ever talked about it, but some folks still remembered when batarian slavers had fallen out of the sky like demons from the great black to round up people like they were stock.

Jane Deveroux was called Janie, on account of there being another Jane in town. Everyone called the other one Missus Jane; she was a stranger and peculiar about it, even if she sometimes sounded like she was Mindoir-bred. Missus Jane had a long scar down her face like a lash and she had a big gun she kept in her closet and brought out when pirates came and she had a quick sharp smile made of promise instead of laughter. Janie liked her, even if most other people were wary. Missus Jane didn’t have a last name but she lived out in a shack on the old Shepard place, which was never planted for so long that it was more like wild than true farmland, and some of the people put all those names together and figured Missus Jane was best left to her own devices. Janie’s parents didn’t care so much. Momma was a turian and said she and Daddy owed Missus Shepard, and Daddy was a human and he said she’d better listen to Momma. There weren’t turians in sizable numbers on Mindoir.

Sometimes on days Janie didn’t have school and nobody wanted her on the farm, she absconded off to Missus Jane’s place. Missus Jane didn’t mind questions overmuch, or if she did she told Janie straight about it (“Not today, kid, I’ve got a headache”). She didn’t always remember too good, but Janie wasn’t bothered by that none. Momma’s memory wasn’t so great either, although Momma said that was because she had too much to remember and not because she’d been knocked on the head like they all figured Missus Jane had been.

Missus Jane had red hair, and it was straight, and she was tall with white skin that never quite went tan (“All that time in armor”) and freckles. Janie was short and her hair was curly, as curly as hair could get, and her skin was dark, but she had freckles, too. She didn’t have a big gun, but she was learning how to shoot, just errabbits and other pests that ate the corn. Missus Jane took care of the bigger beasts, the wicket cats that sometimes went all feral and tried to steal into town and such; that was near-on the only time other folks went out to Missus Jane’s, when they’d knock on her door and ask her to come take care of a problem, and Missus Jane went all steely-eyed and went out into the night and came back with a big old wicket cat slung over her shoulders.

One time one of the cats had crept right into the middle of town, and Janie, who had been visiting her Auntie Singh for help with some homework, saw Missus Jane take care of it through Auntie Singh’s window. Missus Jane had walked right down the middle of the street with her big gun, and the cat came prowling from the other end; it wasn’t right in the head, you could tell by the way it was twitching, and Missus Jane didn’t even stop walking, just put the butt of the big rifle up to her shoulder and fired, BANG, and the cat fell down dead. Missus Jane looked a little sad about it, but she told Janie later that sometimes that was the way of things, and you had to take care of people even if it made you sad.

Janie didn’t wait until she had a problem to visit Missus Jane, not like all the rest of em. She went whenever she wanted if her time was free and her own, and Missus Jane showed her how to do all kinds of things, like how to shoot for real – she was better at shooting than Daddy – and how to track, which Missus Jane was real good at, and how to name spaceships, and how to do a pull-up, which impressed Janie more than just about everything. Sometimes when she went to visit Missus Jane wasn’t there, though; Missus Jane went off in the woods by her own self a lot, which Daddy said was because she needed the solitude and Momma said was because she was missing someone.

That was one of the first questions Janie had asked – why they called her “Missus,” when everyone else was “Miz” or “Mister” or “Misk,” whichever one they liked. “Back on Earth, they used to call people that when they were married,” is what Missus Jane said.

“So you’re married?” said Janie.

A real thoughtful look came over Missus Jane, and she went over to her sink for a time and busied herself with some dishes. After a while she shut off the water and said to Janie, “I think of myself as married.”

“Where are they at, then?” said Janie, meaning Missus Jane’s husband or wife or whomever.

This time the look that came over Missus Jane was troubled. “It didn’t work out,” she said, and then she shooed Janie home and went out into the woods by herself for some days, and Janie focused on her schoolwork, which was mostly history, because everything else came easy to her but history was real boring. Janie wondered if it didn’t work out with Missus Jane and her whomever because Missus Jane had been knocked on the head, but when she asked Daddy he said that probably wasn’t it, although Momma said that Daddy was a romantic and it might be because Missus Jane was all scrambled and sad now that she’d left her husband.

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I mean, it does hurt me personally since I run the Delirium version of 4c CopyCat with 7 cards that search library (2x Evolving Wilds, 2x Attune and 3x Traverse) but GB is not really an issue for any deck interested in Mindcensor. It almost auto-loses to CopyCat anyway.

Yeah but i just see it as the final nail in the coffin, but im glad the archetype hopefully dies off a bit ( SORRY TO THOSE PLAYING GB )

My favorite part of FE7 is when Eliwood and the squad need lay low to get some info at a town, so they need disguises. No, my favorite part is not the fact that said disguises are simply capes worn over their clothes that do nothing to conceal their faces, that’s my second favorite part, my top favorite part is that, before this mission, there’s an optional character one can recruit, the thief Legault. He is so easy to recruit that the game doesn’t doubt for one second that the player will, because during this cutscene, it is Legault that provides the “disguises” to the Eliwood and company, appearing for one line of dialogue and saying “this should be ok”, to which Eliwood says “Thanks, Legault”.

What I am trying to say is that if you didn’t recruit Legault, he sort of still just appears out of the aether, provides you disguises and info on how to traverse the town, Eliwood says “Thanks, Legault” to this complete and utter stranger that the player might not even know of, and then he vanishes once anew.

This also happens if you kill Legault.

Legault is my favorite cryptid.

The racial wealth gap has been measured and studied for decades. One fact has remained the same: White families build and accumulate more wealth more quickly than black and brown families do.

The reasons for this are multiple and well-documented. They start at slavery and traverse the historical and deliberate exclusion of people of color from the economic institutions and government programs that helped white Americans build wealth and pass it on to successive generations. Segregation and redlining by banks made it impossible for many black and Latino families to secure mortgages, for example. The GI Bill, which helped establish an American middle class by helping veterans pay for college and buy homes after World War II, mostly excluded people of color.

The results are stark.

In 2013, the median white family held 13 times as much net wealth as the median black family and 10 times as much wealth as the median Latino family, according to the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances. Just a decade earlier, the disparity was 7 to 1 for black families, and 9 to 1 for Latino families.

Black, Latino Two-Parent Families Have Half The Wealth Of White Single Parents

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images


hey y’all so my friend just did this neat kingdom hearts cover medley and you should check it out!! :D

February 10th at 7:43 est we have a full moon lunar eclipse at 22 degrees leo. This lunar eclipse is super interesting because it makes some pretty special configurations in the sky. Firstly an eclipse is a threshold. They tend to represent points of no return. Lunar eclipses particularly tend to “eclipse” things out of our lives. They are points of culmination and usually mark some kind of ending. That said eclipses are wild cards in a sense. A lunar eclipse is kind of like a supercharged full moon so there is that element of fruition as well. It can be a time of harvest. Most certainly it is a time of marked change. Eclipses are very powerful and can be felt for 6 months in each direction. This eclipse on the 10th is the beginning of a series of powerful eclipses with the culmination happening in late august in what is being called “The Great American Eclipse” where a full solar eclipse (that will be visible here) will traverse the entire united states of america, passing directly over us, beginning in the northwest of the country and ending in the southeast. This is going to be of extreme consequence to the USA. But we will focus on that later.

This current lunar eclipse is forming some very auspicious aspects with the planets in the sky. It seems to be in total harmony with the current transiting planets. It forms a mystic rectangle in fire and air, a five pointed star in fire and air, and a grand fire trine. Lots of passion around this eclipse and air fueling the flames of the passion. But the configuration is not tense. Everything is flowing harmoniously. This firestorm is not negative. It’s a point of passion, inspiration and fruition. It almost feels like a celebration of sorts. Whatever is “eclipsed” out of our lives moves us towards harmony and fulfillment. We see a reward for our efforts or the ripening of positive karmas. Something baneful is burned out of our lives.

With the jupiter uranus opposition involved it can be quite sudden and it can have a feeling of grandiosity. Wherever 22 degrees of leo falls in your chart is the place where there can be a much needed clearing or fruition. Jupiter will have just gone retrograde and will still be on the fixed star spica. They will be sextiling this eclipse. The eclipse will be trining uranus giving it an element of surprise. Jupiter will be trining the sun. Very fortunate. The sun will be sextiling uranus. Whatever tensions the oppositions between the sun and moon, and jupiter and uranus may cause flow out harmoniously into something positive. It’s the tension of a bow on violin strings that produces beautiful music. The eclipse and uranus will be in a grand fire trine with saturn. Saturn offers some stability here which is great because having an eclipse even in positive aspect with uranus can be disorienting in its suddenness and force. Some astrologers have predicted doom and gloom around this eclipse. But when I look at the sky, the supremely positive and harmonious aspects this eclipse makes with the planets around it tell me an entirely different story.

Let’s look at how this eclipse affects each rising sign:

Aries rising, this eclipse falls in your 5th house. You can see some culmination or fruition around your children, your passions and creativity, your love life, or your luck.

Taurus rising, this eclipse falls in your 4th house. You can see some culmination of fruition around your home, your parents, your place of birth, your sense of stability and security.

Gemini rising, this eclipse falls in your 3rd house. You can see some culmination or fruition around your siblings, your community, your commute, in the ways you communicate, in the ways you think.

Cancer rising, this eclipse falls in your 2nd house. You can see some culmination or fruition around your resources. Your self worth. Your income. Maybe even how you dress or present yourself.

Leo rising, this eclipse falls in your 1st house. You can see some culmination or fruition in your entire life. This eclipse directly affects you and how you move through the world. effects can be seen in any or every aspect of your life.

Virgo rising, this eclipse falls in your 12th house. You can see some culmination or fruition in the things that undo you. Secrets are revealed. Some unseen aspect of your life gets brought to light. There could also be spiritual attainments or changes.

Libra rising, this eclipse falls in your 11th house. You can see some culmination or fruition around your social circles, social status, and friend groups.

Scorpio rising, this eclipse falls in your 10th house. You can see some culmination or fruition around your career and public image.

Sagittarius rising, this eclipse falls in your 9th house. You can see some culmination or fruition around your spirituality, foreign travel, philosophy, your mentors or spiritual leaders. There could also be something around publishing.

Capricorn rising, this eclipse falls in your 8th house. You can see some culmination or fruition around inheritance, self transformation, your sexuallity.

Aquarius rising, this eclipse falls in your 7th house. You can see some culmination or fruition around your relationships, your partnerships, close friendships. There could be things occurring around contracts and business deals.

Pisces rising, this eclipse falls in your 6th house. You can see some culmination or fruition around your health, your daily routine, your place of employment.

ratings of every type of pikmin

red pikmin are always your first friends!! from the moment you begin your adventures you’ve always got these trustworthy pals by your side! they’re so very strong too, and a little heat doesn’t bother them at all! truly your best fire-forged friends. 10/10

yellow pikmin sure do like to fly high! they feel at home peeking down at you atop a tiny tree, so they can get stuff down for you that’s much too high for anyone else to get on their own! they sure are pretty sparky and like to carry bomb rocks, though, so handle with care!! 10/10

what cute little aquatic friends!! blue pikmin the best swimmers in the world, they’d win the gold in the 100m freestyle no problem. and look at those cute little mouths! who better to have around when you’re traversing the watery depths? you always feel safe with these piks by your side!! 10/10

such big, chubby buddies!! purple pikmin are super strong and great at lifting up heavy objects that the other pikmin can’t handle!! and their weight is very good for stunning monsters so that other pikmin have an opening to safely attack!! what admirable strength!! 10/10

they’re so tiny, you might miss them! but you’re bound to see their big, cute red eyes from miles away. white pikmin are very mischievous, but they’re still your helpful pals, through thick and thin. and they’re so speedy! just watch out for their poison!! 10/10

imagine if your pet rock was even cuter!! rock pikmin are great at smashing those pesky crystal formations that get in your way! how else would you have freed that sunseed berry from its crystally prison if not for these little guys? and have you ever heard their wobbly little voices?? truly shaped like a friend. 10/10

winged pikmin are like little pink bees!! what innocent, big blue eyes, what a lovely pink colour, and what sweet little voices! and how cute are they when they go carrying your treasures across the terrain, without a care in the world? water? pssh, we can fly right over that. possibly the most helpful little pikmin ever!! 10/10

sometimes you find friends in the most unlikely of places! the lonely little bulbmin are here for you to help in the darkest and spookiest of caverns, and they can survive almost anything that comes their way. how adorable and versatile!! i wish i could bring them back home with me, it feels so awful to abandon them! 10/10 

this little guy is a bit confused, but he’s still your friend. if you can defeat that big bad puffstool in time then he’ll come back to you! he doesn’t really want to hurt you! he still believes in you, all the way! just give him a little bit of time and don’t worry! 10/10

I used to live inside my own head and explore my mind.
I travelled to the deepest depths of my memory, traversed uncharted topics, built perfect worlds, created futures, changed destinies, soared to new heights. 
Until I was ripped out of it all and back into an incomplete reality.
The difference between then and now?
Once I put it all into words, it becomes more than just living inside my own head.
Now, I paint my worlds in black and white
—  obeliskposts