• Griffin: I'm not going to change your backstories.
  • Griffin:
  • Griffin:
  • Griffin: Anyway Justin, you know how you've been playing this character whose been shaped by his experiences of growing up alone and betrayed, who gradually learned to trust and love people through his two traveling companions and slew of other memorable, lovable characters? Fuck that, actually, you're a co-dependent twin who hates being alone and also your sister is fucking dead, time to be sad. Be sad, now.

skyrim: protagonist duels ten dragons naked on a mountaintop with nothing but a stick and sheer force of anger

dragon age inquisition: protagonist crawls through the fire-scorched mud of the battlefield, both legs broken and third degree burns over their bleeding body, slowly and weakly trying to reach the corpses of their travelling companions in the hopes of breathing some life back into them while the dragon bemoans that one of them scuffed a scale on its leg


Amazing scene from episode 89.

Context: Upon finding out that Taryon hasn’t bothered to learn the names of most of his new traveling companions, Pike recruits Tary’s mechanical assistant Doty to immediately sketch some portraits. Of course, Doty takes the request very literally and decides to sketch everyone while they’re in bed. Many of them are not in bed alone.

Pokémon Asks

Leaf Stone: What is your favourite grass type?

Fairy Tale Girl: What is your favourite fairy type? 

Alola: Who were your team members in Pokémon Sun/Moon?  

Max Repel: Which Pokémon annoyed you so much, that you ended up using a repel? 

Completionist: How many times have you completed the Pokédex? 

Hex Maniac: What is your favourite ghost type? 

Gym: If you were a gym trainer, what would be your specialist type? 

Kanto: What is your favourite gen one Pokémon?

Team: What team do you belong to in Pokémon Go? 

Gen: Your favourite Pokémon generation? 

Swimmer: What is your favourite water type? 

Ash Ketchum: Your favourite Ash Ketchum (anime) hat? 

Poké Snacks: Poké Puffs or Poké Beans? 

Rotem: What is your favourite region in Pokémon?  

Blizzard: What is your favourite ice type? 

Eevee: Your favourite eeveelution? 

Legend: Your favourite legendary/mythical Pokémon?

Companions: Who is your favourite travelling companion from the anime?

Flame Charge: Your favourite fire type? 

Buddy: Your all time favourite Pokémon?

Name Rater: Do you nickname all your Pokémon, only some or none? 

Hoenn: Ruby or Sapphire? 

Variant: What is your favourite regional variant? 

Another AU!

AU where Jessie and James meet much earlier in life. After learning that her mom is MIA, Jessie runs away and comes across James, who after learning that she has no home, lets her secretly stay in Growlie’s mansion. They become best friends. Unfortunately, Jessiebelle finds out that about their little friendship and tattles to James’ parents, resulting in the two of them running away together and ultimately becoming trainers on a journey. They run into a talking Meowth a little later.

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The tiniest of traveling companions: Here, a small school of fish (and even a tiny shrimp!) hitch a ride through the blue with a jellyfish in Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary.

 Some juvenile fish can live amidst a jelly’s tentacles without being harmed. In doing so, they gain protection from predators and the opportunity to feed on the jelly’s leftovers. Plus, they gain a new buddy to swim with! 

(Photo: Greg McFall/NOAA)


That time in eighteenth-century France when Barbara and the Doctor had a post-Aztecs followup chat about time-travel. And I loved it for the following reasons:

  • This is the first historical since The Aztecs, but what this conversation makes clear is that he and Barbara have talked about it since, and several times by the sound of it. 
  • While Ian continues to be the Doctor’s Science Bro, it’s clear that the Doctor’s relationship with Barbara is to a large extent grounded in the fact that they have both learned their lesson about time-travel and history the hard way. Or at least it’s heavily implied in The Aztecs:

(Gifs by Cleowho)

  • The Doctor doesn’t say ‘my position’; he says ‘our position’. He may be the more experienced time-traveller, but he considers Barbara to be a fellow traveller now. They have a genuine friendship these days, and a large part of that is because they both ‘get’ time travel, despite her still having a lot to learn. In fact what’s particularly lovely about their friendship is that they’re far more similar than they could ever have suspected at the start when Barbara was busy administering assorted verbal eviscerations.
  • The fact that all they can do is not get swept away with the tide of history bothers the Doctor, but what bothers and saddens him more is the fact that Barbara appears to be going through one of the however-many stages of learning how to be a time-traveller, which is moving past the frustration of not being able to change anything to simply finding everything absurd. And when at the end of the episode everyone (especially Barbara) is so flippant about the pointlessness of their actions when everything’s already been written, it bothers him. His insistence that they not get carried away with the flood, and his beautiful little speech at the end of the serial about their lives being important if only to themselves isn’t just about selfishness and self-preservation; it’s about not allowing the predetermined nature of history to render your life devoid of meaning. 
Tales of Zestiria + Titles
Astral Travel Tips

Self Care. You are a physical being traveling into a non-physical world. To be able to keep that travel up, you need to take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, eat enough food, get enough sleep, etc. The more you take care of yourself the better you will be able to travel. It is not impossible to travel without taking care of yourself. It just will become easier because you will have more energy to devote to the travel. Never feel bad for taking care of yourself first before traveling either. You are important. Never forget that!

Darkest Pokedex entries for Sun/Moon.

Seriously, the Alola Pokedex is the darkest one by far. Every 5 entries, one involves getting hurt or death. These are the darkest ones I found. 

Kadabra: Kadabra’s presence infests televisions and monitors with creepy shadows that bring bad luck. (Creepypasta anyone?)

Hypno: It makes anyone it meets fall asleep and has a taste of their dreams. Anyone having a good dream, it carries off. 

Gengar: It wishes for a travelling companion. Since it was once human itself, it tries to create one by taking lives of others humans. 

Drifloon: If for some reason its body bursts, its soul spills out with a screaming sound. 

Mandibuzz: It circles in the sky, keeping a keen eye out for Pokemon in a weakened state. It’s choicest food is Cubone. (the fuck)

Oricorio (Sensu): It summons the dead with its dreamy dancing. From their malice, it draws power with which to curse its enemies. (It’s a fucking evil voodoo witch)

Toxapex: Those attacked by Toxapex’s poison will suffer intense pain for three days and three nights. Post-recovery, there will be some aftereffects. 

Alolan Marowak: It’s custom is to mourn its lost companions. Mounds of dirt by the side of the road mark the graves of the Marowak. (Why the Cubone line can never have nice things.)

Bewear: This Pokemon has the habit of hugging its companions. Many trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug. (It killed people leaving broken spines)

Palossand: Buried beneath the castle are masses of dried-up bones from those whose vitality it has drained. (Imagine finding a Pikachu skull inside it) 

Shiinotic: It emits flickering spores that cause drowsiness. When its prey succumb to sleep, this Pokemon feeds on them by sucking their energy. 

Fletchling: When it’s excited, its temperature can double, spiking hormone production in its body. (LOL Pokemon can get boners. And the word “Hormone” in a children’s game lmao)

Frostlass: The soul of a woman lost on a snowy mountain possessed an icicle, becoming this Pokemon. The food it most relishes is the souls of men.

( This is supposed to be at least 10 but fuck too many. There are many more that involves getting hurt such as Raticate biting off someone’s hand.)