I saw Jimmy post this pretty lil’ thing on Facebook and found out that it was limited to 300 on the website so I INSTANTLY had to get it before they were gone. In doing so, I decided to spend the money I was going to spend on a ticket to see them tonight on the LP because I didn’t want them to sell out….then I read on Jimmy’s comment that I could have gotten it AT the show. Oops.

Oh well, i’m stoked to get it anyways! :D

The Young Princes of Darkness
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Calabrese | The Young Princes of Darkness

When you stay, you’ll feel complete
This is where you’re meant to be
Your face so cold, you feel gutless
This is where you belong
I am your prince of dark
I know you wear the Lock
Yes I control your mind
We are the same

Are you lonely? Ohh
Are you lonely? Hey hey Oh


Voices of the Dead-Calabrese


Calabrese - Voices of the Dead

From: The Traveling Vampire Show