It wasn’t nerves, perse. Noctis had spent a good deal of time getting used to what he could do. The power that he had been gifted with was now both a blessing and a curse, though he couldn’t exactly wrap his head around what part of the spectrum he himself fell on. Maybe it didn’t matter terribly much in the end. For now, what he really wanted was to let go of any of the inhibitions that he’d been keeping in place. For months, Noctis had held in place only fear and distaste of his powers– as soon as he had learned about Sorceresses, witches– and how they were viewed in this world he had shut down on himself nearly completely.

Now, he was stood in a secluded wood, the sound of owls hooting despite the fact that it was midday serving as his soundtrack for what was to come. Being accompanied by Squall was normal for him. He wasn’t really allowed to wander on his own, but it also wasn’t every day that he got to actually travel somewhere beyond Balamb. It was both for pleasure, and for a purpose.

As of yet, Squall had never had a real reason to see his powers in action. He had shown them off for Doctor Kadowaki and the various tests he was still undergoing (though at a much slower more careful rate now,) but that was it. He was more in control this way; this was his own choice, straightforward and focused. He worried on some level about frightening Squall– witch, monster– but also thought to impress him a bit. It was a classic desire, he supposed; to want to garner the interest of the object of one’s desires.

“Okay. This is uh. The Armiger. I have access to lots of different weapons.” He held out his hand, and a flash of light manifested a short-sword in the common Lucian motif in his hand. What appeared to be phantom crystal shards fell through the air for a moment before they disappeared, and he looked up at a tree across the small clearing.

“This? Is Warpshift. It can be real dangerous and– I’m pretty sure I ended up here in this world because I tried to shift somewhere I couldn’t see. I was desperate. If you don’t have a clear line of sight then… Well. Who knows?” He muttered. But this was an easy one– no pressure.

Noctis drew in a breath and wound his arm back before he sent the short-sword spinning with the hopes that it’d actually land heavily enough in the tree to stick. The moment it sunk in, Noctis himself vanished in an explosion of blue light and those crystal shards– or were they more like ashes? Somehow both and neither; only to reappear perched with one foot planted against the tree trunk, holding himself up by the hilt of the blade that had buried itself there. He proceeded to draw a second blade from thin air, and repeated the motion– this time appearing above Squall’s head, not far behind him. He chuckled and then dropped to his feet as both blades vanished. He shrugged.

“There’s the elemental magic too but… I don’t have any right now. I’d have to look around and see if there’s anything I can draw power from.”


The story of a 9-year-old Zion Harvey has gone viral. This Black kid can set a perfect example of a strong-willed Black person, who has gone through very hard times. When he was only two years old doctors found that he had a life-threatening infection that damaged kidneys and other parts of the body. As the result, he lost both his hands and his legs below the knees but received a healthy kidney donated by his mom, Pattie Ray.

“Without my mom, I would not be right here right now. It’s been me and my mom forever,” said Zion.

Black people never surrender, especially when they are supported by the strong family,  that continues to exhibit enormous love, resilience, and optimism in the face of hard work and challenges. This kid is so brave and mature, he is a soldier of our time. 

Black people inspire me every day.


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