Here’s what I mean by “traditional” rooting of pothos (or other vine-type plants). Just take a cutting that includes the main vine and some root nubs. I find it easiest to position a bundle of cuttings wrapped with soft wire ties. The wire ties hold their shape so you can ensure that the cut ends remain submerged under water. The amount of time it takes to root varies depending on the plant, the time of year, temperature, light (I think) - it takes anywhere from a few days to several weeks. When the new white roots reach about 1" long, you can transplant them to soil, where they’ll grow “soil roots” (as opposed to “water roots”) #pothos #propagationstation #plants #gardening #leaf #botanical #greenthumb #greenery #foliage #plantlife #botany #urbanjungle #greenfingers #houseplants #indoorplants #plantlove #plantstagram #indoorgarden #instaplants #plantsarefriends #plantlover #urbanjunglebloggers #indoorgardening #plantparenthood

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Stem cell therapy heals injured mouse brain

Giving 3K3A-APC to mice with stroke-induced brain damage dramatically increased the production of new neurons (labeled in red) from neural stem cells implanted next to the injured area.Berislav Zlokovic, M.D., Ph.D., USC

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Favorite fanfics I’ve written, tagged by @lissadiane!

This was both hard and not-hard, because wow those HP fics I wrote are mostly trash, right?  But! So many to choose from!

1. Spark and Burn. Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek, witch hunters au.  So I suck at angsty misunderstanding hurt/comfort fics, even though they are my absolute favorite to read, so this was my kind of my send up to that.  Every once in a while I’ll write fics in this slightly different pace, they gotta catch me in a certain ~mood. I think it turned out pretty great.

2. We Would Bring It On And On. multi-bandom, Spencer/Brendon.  I don’t know, I just really love Jersey!transplant Spencer with his best fucking friends being assholes, and also Gabe as that creepy older jedi master dude who hangs around wearing face shirts.  So, full disclosure, if I have the time this is turning into an original ya novel with girl bis and lesbians.

3. Dancing Without Warning.  Jobros, TAI, Skippy, Mike/Kevin. Otherwise known as the fic that started the Skippy rage, even though technically my Adsorption installment of Supersaturation (bandom!in!space!) was first.  I really like how Kevin ended up kind of an epic fail at dating and Mike’s like a hurt little hedgehog with serial killer eyes.

4. My Space Adventure.  Scrubs on Atlantis. Yes, everyone I write about eventually gets put on Atlantis, it’s a thing. That I like. So I’m never stopping it.

5. I’ve Got A Sure Thing.  Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles. I wrote this soon after my youngest turned 1, so basically everything Stiles went through with Prinny I went through too, though my water broke in the middle of a restaurant, not a car, and they gave me the good drugs, but listen: it’s still excruciating, so think about that. I admire natural birthers but still think they’re insane. Anyway, that made this more authentic, and is kind of a little love-fic for my baby son.

I tag @mklutz and @villainny and whoever else wants to do this :)

whentheskyequakes  asked:

Hey! Just because I'm a teenager with no /logical/ life, I was re watching The Singularity. One thing I noticed was that Radcliffe's eyes were not his own, AKA what I believe was another piece of the Dadcliffe theory. Jemma pointed out they were like a bird's. Do you believe they are in fact his original eyes, simply modified, or an avian transplant? It was just a small thing I noticed XD probably no truth to it, but I'd love to see your opinion! <3

Hi @whentheskyequakes

My take on his eyes is they were supped up prosthetics (Jemma even calling it one when Fitz asked her what she was doing) that had both human and avian attributes.  At least the one he was testing them with was.  If that had been Radcliffe’s real eye he would have reacted when Jemma shoved the needle into it.  That reaction would have been along the lines of mine, screaming bloody murder and hiding under my blankie.  What little we saw with the transhumanists, Radcliffe included, they enhanced their bodies with tech or other enhancements.  Basically replacing the original parts with something better.   

Radcliffe also prided himself in making the enhancements look natural, equated them to him creating a piece of art.  “If someone takes a second glance I want it to be out of awe not disgust,”  That was why (as predicted) he was so impressed with Fitz’s work with Coulson’s hand.  Its exactly what Radcliffe wants to create, completely natural looking but loaded up with all sorts of bells and whistles. 

As for how it affects the Dadcliffe Theory, my mental idea was he made the prosthetics the color of his original eye or eyes.  We don’t know if both are prosthetic, we just know the one.  And for me the eye color is only part of the Dadcliffe evidence.  I’m still on the fence if he’s going to be bio or surrogate Papa Fitz here…we need more evidence (seriously AOS promo team I need something).   For now I have-

  • The “deliberate” casting of John Hannah for the role.  They could have had anyone but they specifically wanted him.  
  • They played up that Radcliffe was from Scotland and had Hannah keep his accent.
  • The “Its Science,” parallels.
  • The similar mannerisms.
  • Even some story parallels, ie killing someone to save May.  
  • Intellect and knack for tech.

We never really saw what FItz thought of Radcliffe in the finale, Jemma clearly didn’t care for him.  But also also know from the synopsis Fitz has become friends with him over Hiatus and will be pulled into the LMD story he’s got.  Now its just a matter of how much farther that story will go.

Happy 11th birthday to my heart 🎂! On this night 11 years ago I got the call 9 months after being listed. That June I spent the entire month, including my birthday, in the hospital. I spent part of the month in a coma after almost dying because my heart could not beat unassisted. 7th grade started early that summer, a few days before I got the call, but I couldn’t go because I was terrified of being away from my parents after such a rough summer. At that point, my heart was failing so badly that blood was filling my lungs and had I waited for a new heart much longer I would have needed a lung transplant as well. It was definitely the worst summer of my life, but also the best because after coming so close to death I was given a whole new opportunity to live. Since then, I have only had a few minor setbacks with my health and although my future is uncertain, I am very grateful to have gained an extra 11 years that it seemed like I wouldn’t have had otherwise! #hearttransplant

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