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Hello, Sorry you said they started publicly rebelling at the BEATS interview, then the Apple Music Festival and then the London shows. Could you explain then a bit more, please? Thank you.

Sorry, this had been sitting here since Sept 29th, I feel so bad. I wanted to first answer in bullet points but haven’t gotten the chance to sit down and collect everything.

We’ve been following the OTRA tour and I can honestly tell I’ve never seen such, organized, centralized, strategically timed sass and rebellion as when after the end of the US leg.  There was some rebellion DURING but not as big: (an old masterpost here) as after.

I believe a lot of things got decided after the US leg or around that time, and most probably they realized they can’t get out of babygate anytime soon. I might be totally wrong but look at all this:

Sept 22: Apple Music Festival:

  • Harry went in a beautiful merch shade:
    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY by one direction will be available on iTunes for £15 (LINK)
    • we’ve got masking tapes, bed sheets, a tour and we’ve got t-shirts  (LINK)
    • Niall joined: we’re doing power tools next  (LINK)
    • Louis joined to. (LINK)
  • Harry shaded the record label execs:
    • There’s a couple of dads here who don’t seem to be too enthusiastic [to sing HBD]. Are you okay? They work for the record label. They’re in suits. They’re like.. what time is it?  (LINK)

Sept 22: BEATS interview

  • Luam stating they’re overworked AF
    • Not that our albums have been rushed or anything. Our teams are great. They work like that.  (H: Nice. Nice backpedal) (LINK)

I’m going to put the rest under a read more. The post is becoming too long. :)

ALso keep in mind I’m trying to concentrate on the big picture and their fighting back. I’m not mentioning the J’s or D.

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Alolan Caterpie image just leaked, and it seems like caterpie is Bug/Psychic-type due to the “gem” on its forehead which is similar to Espeon.

“I hate the fact that this fake looks totally legit.
I am now hyped for tomorrow.”

****Alolan Butterfree was listed in the Chinese leak to be Bug/Psychic-type.

  • Alolan Growlithe and Arcanine
  • Alolan Zubat and Golbat
  • Alolan Nidoking and Nidoqueen
  • Alolan Abra Kadabra and Alakazam
  • Alolan Dragonite
  • Alolan Caterpie Metapod and Butterfree
  • Alolan Doduo & Dodrio
  • Alolan Clefairy and Clefable
  • Alolan Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff


Another image that shows “Alolan Caterpie” being presented in leaked trailer.

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Post up to ten characters you roleplay currently, would like to roleplay as, and have roleplayed as, and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people ).



  • GRUNT X (OC) || pokemon
  • LESLIE (OC) || pokemon
  • LILA || miraculous ladybug
  • SHELLY || pokemon
  • SYLVIA (OC) || pokemon


  • JASPER || steven universe
  • KORRA || legend of korra
  • KUVIRA || legend of korra
  • PERIDOT || steven universe
  • SOCK || welcome to hell

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Interpreting Everything

My blog is NOT about fandom feuds.  I am trying really hard not to get sucked in.  I do have some thoughts on why people look at the same thing and see something totally differently.  Some people look at the #AskCait feed today and see a romance.  I see friendly bantering between friends.  I also see Sam showing his followers how great Cait is and vice versa. Some people draw conclusions from photo shoot footage, personal appearance photos and video and BTS footage about romance.  I draw conclusions from real life photos and the documented time people spend with each other when they are NOT at work. I believe interview denials.  I can see that at some of the events where people see Sam and Cait looking lovingly into each other’s eyes their significant others have also been present.  I don’t confuse the roles actors play with their real life. It’s a job.  

I’ve seen a lot of plays/Broadway shows and I volunteer at a repertory theater.  I often wait at the stage door to tell the actors how much I enjoyed their performance.  Sometimes I get a photo or an autograph.  What I notice is how different the actors are once they walk out of the theater.  Many are incredibly shy and soft-spoken.  They meet their fans, pose for pictures, sign autographs, thank everyone then they walk down the street and disappear with the crowds.  It is easy to see that these actors are NOT the roles they play. We don’t get to see that with TV shows and movies.  We rarely see actors away from the cameras.  Even at a convention they are “on” and working when we see them.

Do actors sometimes fall in love while working?  Sure.  Many people have workplace romances.  I get the feeling that a couple of actors I follow have made a conscious decision not to go that route because they are professionals and are aware of the pitfalls.  Friendship is a good thing.

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If it was taken at the real parents house, tammi's there since she snapped him crawling in the costume. This Freddie looks totally different toe too but it could just be that he's starting to get differentiating features

i just think he’s getting older.


[Twitter] Miyawaki Sakura
16.10.27 17:29 JST

For the first time I went to MARKSTYLER’s exhibition with Haruppi. I was really excited/nervous. merryjenny and jouetie reached the sky in terms of loveliness as usual. Totally looking forward spring, starting today. 

I guess it’s cute in the same way that $Qers find Emma holding a knife against Regina’s throat super adorable because “it looks like they’re hugging!!!”

So tell me how it’s okay to take this CANON scene out of context and interpret it as “sexy” or “cute,” but it’s not okay for someone to make an edit that possibly went with a fic they wrote or something?  Let’s not be a hypocrite now.

Incisor - [EXO] Chanyeol!Au

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[A/N] First attempt on writing fantasy/mystery/romance shit. It’s a one shot.

Darkness is mysterious. And because it is, humans tend to dig deeper into them without knowing the risk it brings. All the lies it brings, the false pretence it tend to convey, the endless possibilities were what brought humans into their own despair. And still, they would have gone into the path of darkness, should they be provided with any, thinking they will find a way out.

One fact remains true. The longer you spend in the darkness, the more you long for the light. And longing is pain. And the longer you search for it, the more the hope dies. Until you have totally forgotten what light looks like, and it becomes myth, a folk story. A fantasy.

Funny thing humans could do with greed. Desperation and lust are toxic combinations, but mixed together with rapacity, they’re all deadly.

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Allie longs fiancé is not cute like wtf. Like JJ fiancé is cute and I'm a lesbian. Allie can do so much better tbh.

Yes. Because relationships are totally all about looks. Grow up

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29 with Patrick Stump? XD

29) I spilled fake blood all over the kitchen floor by mistake and didn’t clean it up so when you get home you think i’ve been murdered

Scaring Patrick is surprisingly not easy, you’ve done everything short of fake Pete’s death and barely a shocked gasp from the singer. He’s tough despite his soft belly and sweater paws. So you come up with a plan, put a fake hand in a box and a lot of fake blood and leave it on the counter for Patrick to find. You even make a fake address so it looks totally legit.

You knock over the blood and it spills quickly over the kitchen floor and down the side of the counter. You curse and cap it, tossing it into a bag and leaving the room to get the mop. You’re digging through the laundry room closet when you hear Patrick come down stairs-finally out of the shower and then he screams. Finally!

“Y/N!?” He shouts and you find the mop, knocking over a box of something. He calls out your name again, fearful and frantic. “Where are you!? What happened?!”

You come into the room and he’s paled and standing as far from the blood as he can. He seems to struggle to find words and you wait patently, happy you finally scared him shitless, although you aren’t sure how. 

“Why is there blood everywhere? I thought it was yours!” He asks and then he steps close and lowers his voice. “Did you kill someone? Do you need me to help hide a body?” You start to laugh and Patrick just looks back to the blood and then to you, finally putting things together. “It’s fake.”

“Yes,” You admit and he nods with a fake annoyed smile. “I was trying to scare you, you’re impossible to scare!” You peck his lips and he smiles. “It’s nice to know my death is the only thing that terrifies you.”

“Only if you die bloody,” He teases and you shove the mop at him.

“Fine, then you can clean up.” You grin and spin on your heel, leaving Patrick to clean up the mess and you hear him shout ‘a fake hand is not scary!’ a few minutes later.

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