One think I like abut the elevator scene is Kanan keeping his eyes open during it. 
Around the base and the other member of the crew he keep his eyes close most of the time. Maybe because he feel safe around them or don’t want them to have to face his blind eyes.
But there he keep them open. 
My first thought is because he don,t trust Kallus and maybe he hope he would just think he is scared  not totally blind. As far as he know Kallus is an “enemy” and he can let his weakness show. he act like he can see by exchanging “look” look with Ezra and all. Until the last part where he totally look beside Kallus.

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Hi Julia! Well it looks like if Sam cared half as much about MM's career as he does about Cait's award potentials and charitable ventures he'd be blasting her all over social media. But he doesn't. Whether they are an item or not he's so proud of Cait and wants to shout it to the rooftops! MM is a closet relationship that gets put on the back burner. Which one would you rather have?? 🤔 Tell Jess we miss her immensely and we hope she's doing well :) Kathleen

hi! it’s interesting. if you take a totally objective look at Sam’s social media presence, the only woman he ever personally promotes or praises is Cait. The only woman pictured on his IG is Cait. For all intents and purposes, someone just simply looking at his IG and not knowing anything else would probably think they were together. I don’t know about you but I’d be pretty uncomfortable with my boyfriend constantly publicly praising another woman, promoting her, both professionally and personally, constantly talking about how close he is with his “co-worker”…etc. Just based on that alone, never mind all the other “evidence” we have, I think he has said they’re together in every way possible without actually saying the words “we’re together.” 

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Holy crap that West World season finale!

Merry Christmas from the TLC crew! 🎄❤️

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Has the innuendo started yet from the other side? I'm so glad at this point I unfollowed Sam. Whatever is going on right now this looks totally ridiculous. Even neutral fans are laughing at him (not with him).

no idea, I make a point to not look at anything they say. I wouldn’t be surprised if my inbox is a mess tomorrow morning though. either way, karma’s a bitch, Sam :)

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I was soooooo excited for solo liam, but this is putting me right off, which makes me sad cos he's super talented and an amazing singer! x

I totally get taking a look at this goat rodeo and being like “Nope. Do not want. 1 out of 10 would not CrowdFund again.”  Really, trust me, I do. And you not wanting to participate in whatever this is, that’s cool too, its all about your fan experience at the end of the day. But just, for me, I’m gonna give Loammy Jean a chance. I’m invested in what happens to that preciously endearing jerkface hoe, so I’m going to see how his solo debut rolls out and then make my assessment accordingly. I refuse to  let anyone take the joy of Timberlakean Liam from me, I WON’T DO IT. 

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Ha! So I see Adam was at it again today with another Hook/CS script tease. And I also saw that that beautiful CS drawing won Fanart Friday. I might be reading too much into it, but it does feel more excessive than normal. Definitely not complaining, but it does feel more noticeable lately!!! Although I feel like between the sneak peeks and teases we have a pretty good idea of all the CS we're going to get this episode. Looking forward to Princess Emma though!!!

I agree, I feel like the sneak peeks have covered a lot of what we’re going to see with CS tonight, but I’m totally looking forward to Princess Emma! 

The good news for the disgruntled CSers is that Adam has heard them.  I do believe Adam knows he’s got a problem with the engagement level of this fanbase and he’s throwing out bones because he knows there’s good things to come.

Lots of times the winner of fan art Friday is thematically linked with the episode to come. However, I’m not sure that’s the case here.  I kinda think that @scribblecat27 ‘s art was just too amazing to deny.  

BTS reaction #1

A/N: You have dated a while, but still no confession from him. So you take it in to your own hands and confess, his reaction is this:

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Namjoon: “What?” He looks surprised and slightly embarrassed hiding his smile behind his hand, but soon looks up with a wide smile showing of those wonderful dimples.

“I took to long huh? I like that you confessed. I accept.”

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Suga:  He looks up, obviously suprised. “Oh, really?” He looks down again, smiling. And during the rest of the date, he can’t stop smiling. But tries to looks calm and cool about it, totally failing. 

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Jin: He looks surprised, but happy.  He then continues by saying how proud he is of you that you dared to confess first. During the whole date he continues to praise you, and pet you on the head until you ask him if he doesn’t like you back: “Oh! I didn’t answer? Sorry, I was too happy. Of course I like you too.” He then gently kisses your forehead.

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Jungkook: He tries to hide under the covers, and becomes very shy but very happy. 

“I wanted to be first, but I was too shy. Hope you still look of me as a man.”

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V: He become super happy and grins widely. “Omo! You are so cute. I like you too, supermuch. Let’s go buy coffee to celebrate right?! Now I must do everything else first, liiiike.. our first kiss?”

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Jimin: He becomes so flustered and cute at the same time, smiling like a fool.
“Aish! Really.. haha.. Who knew. But really, I like you too!”

putting on some lipstick before the show for a lil extra good luck! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ (Viktor totally bought some expensive cosmetic brand makeup for his fav student /winks)

ayyy whatever makes a boy feel good yea