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Thought maybe someone might find this useful??? Cause I did it for me, but fandom is family so… SHARE TO SPARE A LIFE and the struggle to make straight damn columns ( yes, Ivan, they totally look right )

AND: Some of the combinations turn out pretty interesting 8D

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“elena along with her friends and family are intended to have story arcs that will continue potentially through the next five years in real time.” #bless. hopefully we’ll see this portrait in “A Day to Remember”! 

The Noxian Empire - Capital


League Screensaver App, again.  FUCKING NOXUS PRIME GUYS. That is the ONLY THING that can be.  And you know what else?


Moving on up in the world, man.  No longer the run-of-the-mill cartoon villains living on a Skull Mountain .  Look at that housing, that construction style.  While Demacia is artsy, stylistic, and almost flamboyant, Noxus Prime is sturdy, built to last.  It looks like a massive fortress, because it is.

It’s built like a combination of medieval fortresses, like star forts, but also oozes with a sort of Babylonian, Egyptian, Roman, and Mediterranean style (and totally looks like the First City on Qo’noS from Star Trek), and the hanging banners give you a sense of all kinds of life taking place on the streets below.  In the distance and background, you can see arches that look like they might house Sion’s memorial within them, with High Command towering over the city below.  Different districts are separated by tiers, with the villas and mansions of the noble classes being nearest the top and center of the city, and you can even see greenery like trees up there.

As you go down, you get into the merchant districts, the shops, and as you hit the bottom and city outskirts, you’d certainly hit the slums, which are far less sturdy, less protected.  And also this…

Pits for combat, areas for trials, cut into the rock of the earth below the city and nestled within tunnels.  This isn’t just your average sort of fleshing.  No, that would take place in a proper arena where countless citizens could watch.  This is a place of trials, perhaps a place where prisoners might face execution, with someone of importance judging your worth from above.  Perhaps this is a Noxian Prison, where prisoners may fight to the death as their fellows watch, making bets on who will live, or who might even be next, as evidenced by the shackled persons to the left.

Guys, I have NEVER been more excited by a set of photos, ever.

like, no offence, but also, offence,  if you’re of the opinion that CBS would be delusional to think that firing TG would make them gain viewers, why do you concurrently believe TG’s story of total innocence word for word?

You’re right, this type of thing could end in real disaster for the network and  show and is a massive risk, and yes CBS would know that one, so really, the idea of them creating a conspiracy to fire TG is, frankly, ridiculous.

so please explain to me, if you have the ability to work that one out, WHY YOU BELIEVE TG’S STORY WORD FOR WORD???

The obvious conclusion here is that CBS, the network that loves white dude leads more than life itself, HAD AN ACTUAL REASON TO FIRE HIM.

That’s.. not that hard to work out

anonymous asked:

In one of the promo pics for 4x03, you can see Jemma has a necklace on. Can you tell what it is? I tried but I am not good with that kind of thing. Looks like a starburst or maybe some kind of flower to me.

Hi Anon!

Yes!  Jemma does have a necklace on again!

The CTT has been looking at it since we got the promo pics and totally agree that it looks like a Starburst (or a flower) but we are leaning Starburst due to the significance.

But it gets better….the necklace will continue to appear.

This pic is from Lil’s birthday and filming should have been for around 5.  

And we wouldn’t be the CTT if we didn’t go diving into google… we aren’t 100% sure this is the one but its a serious contender.  The little bit connecting the pendant to the chain and overall shape is a definite match. 

And sorry Cos Players, Fitzsimmons seem to have really expensive tastes in jewelry.   Gold and Diamond SEA STAR Wish Wand Charm $770.   

What really sells this as an option for me is the description.  I’ll give everyone a moment.    This charm was inspired by the designers love of the sea, and the cosmos—two great mysteries that inspire wonder, magic, dreams, enlightenment, and exploration. Always remember that there is always light— and a BIG bright star amongst the darkness.  And again if this is it we have to hand it too Ann for the symbolism.  

It might not be it too (manage expectations thing), Ann could have had something custom made like she did Daisy’s necklaces or its one we haven’t found.  

So Dear AOS writers,

Since it looks like Jemma is getting a replacement necklace (finally) and you can’t tell me that Fitz won’t do something significant like that.  It represents the two things that they wouldn’t let tear them apart.  I get we have a lot going on but I beg of you, let us see him give it to her.  Please.   Give us this one amazingly beautiful moment we’ve been waiting for feels like forever now.



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Donald Trump’s company violated the U.S. embargo against Cuba
Through Trump Hotels, the GOP nominee secretly conducted business in Cuba, ignoring American laws. Later, he falsely told Cuban-American voters he would never spend money on the island so long as Fidel Castro remained in power.

I don’t get it. He did business with Qaddafi. He regularly talks up Vladimir Putin. He has extensive ties to New York organized crime families (including building Trump Tower out of concrete instead of steel girders — unusual in and of itselfusing a concrete contractor owned by the heads of the Genovese and Gambino crime families).

And apparently he did business with Cuba, subverting the embargo (which, yes, was a dumb idea but that’s beside the point) by abusing a charitable effort.  And he did it while trying to get the nomination as the Reform Party candidate (yes he’s run for President before) and vowing to maintain the embargo and lying that he would never spend his or his companies’ money in Cuba.

What is it going to take to get this shmuck out of US politics?

Tom Odell reveals how he got Kevin Spacey to run up an infinite number of stairs in the video for Here I Am

“I think partly because we were sick of pretending that I’m any good at acting, but also we saw it as a chance to work with a brilliant actor. Kevin was our dream man for the job. His performance floored me. He added a layer and depth to my lyrics I did not expect, and I love the video we’ve made.

You know when you see a stranger wearing your favourite jacket in the street, you know itso well, you wear it the whole time, but it looks totally different on them, you see it in a whole new light? Well watching the ‘Here I Am’ video feels a little like that for me, I felt like I heard the words for the first time.

He’s perfectly captured the emotion of the song but took it further than I ever could have imagined. I’m honoured to have worked with such a master of his trade. Truly honoured, and I hope I get to do it again.”

Back in Black

This is hardly anything that hasn’t been said elsewhere a tons of time already :), but I have to admit the more pictures I see with Jensen as Dean in a black leather jacket, the more intrigued I get.

It definitely lends Dean a different vibe than the usual blue or green jacket he sported the past seasons. It feels more self assured, more of a statement. And this new leather jacket also just is evoking a totally different look than Dean’s late S7 brown leather jacket. And that one was already very telling and interesting as it was the first leather jacket Dean wore, I think, after putting John’s old leather jacket away.

It’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of John’s jacket Dean wore in the early seasons and I won’t go into why again - been there, done that ;) - but it is actually interesting to look back on those jackets and see the evolution of Dean alongside his wardrobe.

And this new black leather jacket certainly leaves room for a lot of allusion. Especially considering how much Supernatural likes to play with shades of grey - morally speaking. So pitch black jackets in the prospects of S12 and their run-in with the British Men of Letters, I think could be seen as possibly rather telling.

But even if not, that jacket suits him damn fine. :) Let’s hope it sticks around longer than the S7 one.

And also as a sort of afterthought. Did we ever see Sam wear a leather jacket before btw? Cause I don’t think I can remember that being the case. So could one maybe wonder if both brother wearing leather is a sign of them having grown up some and due to similar clothing also seeing one another more as equals?

I’d find that in so far also fitting as Mary is back and shakes up the entire dynamic. Dean, who was made to feel he needed to be Sam’s brother/friend/parent now has his mother back and in this regard the parent role is directed back to Mary - though certainly Dean will feel just as protective over his mother as over Sam and Cas. Cause that’s just Dean, he cares, he worries. And that’s what makes him vulnerable but also such a wonderful character.

So in any case I hope dearly that this change of outfit will also reflect in the narrative and personal development of the characters in S12.

*cough* shameless self-promotion *cough* ok, so I really wanted to draw something cute again, and since I am totally in this chibi-drawing mood lately, I decided to do a little fanart of Cyan from “Show By Rock!!” ^^ I think it turned out rather cute? >v< I know the guitar looks totally bonkers, but I can´t draw guitars so please just ignore it ehehe…

I have opened Chibi-commissions!! If you are interested in getting a drawing of your own or some other character, please look HERE for more information about prices and conditions! ^^


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wow!!!!!!! the new audi lineup is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! totally doesn’t look exactly the same as the previous 3 generations and all the cars totally don’t look EXACTLY the same as each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!