Not friendly at all reminder that “you have to learn that not every person can be saved” is a garbage moral.

You, personally, are not obligated to save everyone you meet. But “some people just inherently cannot be saved, by you, themselves, or anyone” is garbage.

Can we please stop acting like pure evil irredeemable villains are novel or interesting. They’re not. They’re literally the norm, and they’re frequently absurd grotesque caricatures, often of mentally ill people and often of people who have experienced trauma.

I feel like I cannot make a post of any kind of even vaguely sympathetic read on any antagonistic character without at least one person jumping on the post like “but Clockie, can’t we just have someone with no morals, qualms, or sad backstory that we can just hate and watch the heroes demean and attack without any remorse?”

I really absolutely promise it is possible to feel bad for someone and want them to do better without justifying all of their behavior. It is actually completely possible to hold “you sure did kill that guy” and “you sure are coming from an awful place that hurt you a lot” at the same time without one devaluing the other. 

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i posted a picture of my dog earlier and about how much i love her and it got flagged as NFSW so i sort of understand what you mean. the new tumblr flagging system is dumb as hell.

It is, and that is ridiculous. 

I get that there are bugs in the system, but:

  1. tumblr should have done better testing to make sure its algorithm wasn’t so messed up before they did site-wide rollouts.
  2. I don’t believe that youtube and tumblr both “accidentally” included lgbtqia+ stuff in their sensitive-content blocker. I think they backpedaled once they got called on it.
  3. There’s so much gray area in what one might deem “sensitive content.” That needs to be the parentals’ responsibility, not some glitchy, arbitrary algorithm trying to babysit everyone under eighteen to keep the corporations happy.

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i think i've figured out why i'm still a bit wary of how stim/fidget things are being treated as a... "trend", i guess? from fidget kickstarters to spinner "jokes", it's because i feel like nd people take a backseat to literally all of it. we may be mentioned in the advertising as "good for people with adhd/autism" etc. amongst keywords to bring people to the page, but after that nobody really mentions us. is it reasonable for me to still be wary even though it makes things more accessable?

Anon, you don’t have to justify your feelings. Feelings don’t have to be reasonable. They’re feelings. We don’t have a lot of control over them most of the time (if at all), and while sometimes research and discussion can influence how we feel about something, sometimes all the thought in the world won’t change the fact that something makes us uncomfortable or unhappy. It doesn’t have to be rational or logical. It’s how you feel.

(Feeling something isn’t wrong. How we respond to those feelings can be, and what actions we take based on those feelings can also be wrong, but the simple act of feeling isn’t wrong. It just isn’t.)

Furthermore, this isn’t a simple situation. This isn’t a case where we should be all celebrating the newfound access to stim toys and showing the negatives down into some dark corner. This is a case where the positives (increased access) come with significant negatives that aren’t just the problem of mass-banning toys from classrooms. This is a case where those negatives need discussion, too, because this is a complicated situation that isn’t going away, and it’s going to provoke a lot of feeling.

(I only dislike the “I hate those NTs that use stim toys wrong and get them banned from the classroom” posts. Posts that ignore the real problem being the education system, posts that forget we ND folk can also be disruptive in how we stim, posts that forget some of those annoying NT folks are actually undiagnosed ND people. Posts that try to simplify a complex situation by giving us an easy villain to hate, something I know that alienates ND folks, especially people with anxiety, from stimming. I dislike those; I’d put them in the category of being a less-than-good response to feelings of valid frustration and anger. But your ask, anon, is not one of those posts.)

The sheer amount of new fidget toys now available is overwhelming. New toys are invented every week, or so it seems, and a day or two after that there’s knock-offs on eBay, Banggood and Wish. It’s hard to keep up with it all. I went from struggling to find anything here to going into my local dollar shop and seeing twenty different types of spinners, fidget cubes, fidget pads and fidget sticks. It’s dizzying.

Now, of course, there’s the articles flooding the internet. Spinners have become a meme, a talking point. There’s pages and videos about tricks made with toys. There’s jokes mocking this fad, as though spinners are an item of clothing that’s in fashion. Our tools, our needs and our culture have become a joke, and that’s not just alienating or erasing - that’s ableist. It’s not wrong to be wary about someone else’s ableism!

Anon, I agree with you. I don’t wish to police who stims or can use the language of stimming, but I still feel that our culture has been yanked from our hands. Objects that were for us and about us now give us that cursory mention, but the growing culture around them, save in ND-specific corners of the internet, excludes us. Part of the reason I personally don’t mind NT folk using the word “stim” is because I want them engaged with us. I want them to know who stim toys are for and why they’re important. I want them to use our words, to read our blogs, to respect our communities, to remember us in conversations on stim toys.

(I believe this will also have downsides, though, and it might prove to be the wrong way to go entirely. It’s hard to know what the best solution might be, and chances are great that there are no perfect ones.)

Accessibility is great, but we can and should talk about how a consequence of that accessibility is our own absence in dialogue about stim toys and stimming. Even if we find no solutions, anon, we know we’re not alone in what we feel, and that is so important. We shouldn’t have to feel alone.

Anon, I am with you on this.

There’s nothing unreasonable about being wary of this situation. Nothing.

- Mod K.A.

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To the anon who said that they hate how Jamilton is portrayed as a hate ship, I have no problem with Jamilton it's not a bad ship it's just,,, if you actually look at the characters,,,, they DO hate eachother, so where would you ever get the idea that their relationship would be positive??? Like in the musical I'm pretty sure they're not nice to eachother even once. So how else would you expect the mass majority to portray it?


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I talk about why Northwest Mansion Mystery/Noir is a great episode.

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As a minor with the inability to turn off safe mode or show blocked posts, I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for making your blog and others accessible despite Tumblr's screw-ups. I know that must take a lot of your energy, and please don't feel obligated to do it if it's too tiring, but I really appreciate what you've done.

It’s incredibly kind for you to take the time to say so, but this isn’t something I can not do. I mean, I called Tumblr various unrepeatable words this morning, and I’m absolutely furious at the need to do it, but if there’s anything I can do that will make content that shouldn’t be restricted non-restricted or on the road to being so, I will. Unfortunately, it means there’s even fewer asks that will be answered today because of it, so everybody still loses out, but I’ll click that “nope” and send in those report requests.

To have content that neurodiverse and disabled people need to access restricted because Tumblr can’t design a proper safe mode is wrong. It’s not intentionally ableist, no, but the result is ableist just the same.

If you can’t or won’t give minors the chance to opt out, you need to get it right. This isn’t even close to right.

I would ask my adult followers who don’t have safe mode on, if it’s safe to do so and your disability doesn’t make enacting this too difficult, to please turn it on, even if you don’t need it. Even if it restricts access to posts on your own dashboard (which it will). Please, if you can, turn on safe mode.

This isn’t for my sake or this blog’s sake, but for every safe-but-randomly-restricted post that rolls across our dashboards - especially informative, community and positivity posts. This is about ensuring minors have full access to this content. Right now, there’s not a lot we can do about fixing this problem, but we can hit that “nope” button on posts that shouldn’t be blocked. We can click on the NSFW logo at the left-hand bottom of posts and submit a request that Tumblr investigate. We can show Tumblr just how many posts have been blocked that shouldn’t be. We can flood them with report requests until they fix the problem or repeal this cursed update.

I’ve already had to hit that “nope” button on a few utterly harmless LGBTQIA+ positivity posts on my dash this morning, and I’ll keep doing so until I stop seeing them blocked. Same goes for stim toy posts and anything else that should be accessible for everyone.

But truly, if there’s anything I can do to make sure that our content isn’t restricted, I’ll do it. I didn’t make this blog just so Tumblr could come in and arbitrarily decide that posts about edamame poppers are only suitable for adults!

- Mod K.A.

Some Personal Details About Me

I decided to do a basic bio because I realized that there was next to nothing on this blog. When I get to a computer I’ll add a link to this post in my description.

Name: Mads, Max & Mad are just a few of the things people call me on a regular basis. Yes people actually call me Mad. I have no preference to any of them but if you’re interested I can tell you the story behind some of them.

Age: 20! Born on the 23rd of April 1997 if anyone’s curious.

Where I Live/What I Do: I am currently at uni in Canberra, Australia about halfway through a bachelor of science. I’ve done a bit of math/physics/psychology and a metric fuckton of communication theory and prac. During my holidays I go to a remote island off the coast of Arnhem Land (in the Arafura Sea) and work full time at the school as a communications officer.

Pronouns/Sexuality: You may refer to me as him/they/her interchangeably. I honestly have no preference. Sexually I sort of identify as fluid as I go through phases of being attracted solely to boys, mostly to boys, completely bisexual, mostly attracted to girls, solely attracted to girls. I am just now coming out of about 3 years of being mostly/solely attracted to girls and I’m thinking it’s gonna settle on completely bisexual for a while.

My Likes: I like to read quite a lot. I like fantasy/sci fi but I will fight you if you get the two mixed up. I like TV shows and movies and I’ve just recently realized that no, cartoons are not just for kids (and have subsequently made all my adult friends look at me funny when I mention my love for cartoons). I also like really, really, really dark stuff, psychological theillers/horrors are my bread and butter, I love a good dark story with a villain protagonist and twisted romance. For some reason I have a particular fondness for works depicting cannibalism (rest assured I have never felt the urge to eat a person, the topic just fascinates me). This is probably the only time I’ll ever mention any of this stuff on this blog as I would prefer to keep this blog safe for minors. My love for darkness aside I love happy endings for good people and hate unhappy endings. I love heel face turns and stories about dragons, I love comics and fluffy romance. On the non-fiction side of things, I love documentaries (not American ones, they’re way too dramatic) about nature and history, I love to go fishing on the riverbank and at sea on a boat, I like bike riding and swimming.

What I Don’t Like: I don’t like bullies and I really don’t like people who judge others because of their race (I can and will go on rants about how my people have been fucked over and oppressed by the English for hundreds of years and how our entire culture was ripped from us but you don’t see me blaming random English people for their ancestors’ actions toward my ancestors). On a completely unrelated topic I HATE love triangles with the burning passion of 1000 fiery suns and I WILL stop reading/watching something if a particularly annoying on pops up. That being said my policy toward the less annoying ones is “threesomes solve everything”. I also really hate it when people make up random shit about real historical figures for a TV show or movie or book.

Random Shit: I tried to feed myself to a crocodile when I was two. I look after my 16 year old brother because our parents live out bush and he needs to finish school in town. My friend circle is made up of 99 per cent autistic people and we only realized this six months in a swear it wasn’t deliberate. I’ve never been out of Australia and don’t own a passport, mostly because I hate being a tourist and if I’m going to go somewhere I want to like there for a while. I don’t believe in censorship of any kind. I can understand bits of creole, murrinh patha and yulngu matha (Aboriginal languages). My dreaming is Eastern long neck turtle and whenever I used to go out fishing by freshwater rivers I would always catch at least one, even when no one else got anything. I have eaten crocodile, kangaroo, goanna, snake and horse. And that’s all I can think of right now. If you have any questions you’d like me to answer and add to this let me know.

anonymous asked:

I am the anon that posted about the amount written. I just wanted to apologise. I didn't realize that it was part of your disability, and the ask was careless. It was selfish of me, and I honestly do feel bad, especially after reading you have been given shit before about it. I truly just wasn't thinking and I really didn't mean it that way. Sometimes I have a hard time interacting with others and come off rude. Regardless I am sorry.

Anon, I hope that one day I can deliver an apology with your consideration, and I take this as a lesson. I have all the respect for people who have the kindness and the courage to do so! That you’ve taken the time to do so is amazing, and I very much hope you know that. All the props to you.

I don’t believe that I gave you the best response in the world, either. It was the response of an annoyed blogger who’d been hit once too often on that particular bruise, and it was absolutely less understanding than I could have been. I apologise, truly, for not taking longer between receiving your words and hitting that dreaded “publish” button, because I should have. The post I wrote yesterday morning isn’t the post I’d have written yesterday afternoon. I take that as a lesson, too.

(One day, I hope that lesson will stay learnt. It hasn’t happened yet!)

I think one of the challenges of this community is that we’ve all got communication and interaction difficulties and disabilities. It’s going to make it hard for us in various ways, and sometimes we’re going to clash in ways that aren’t mere differences in opinion. Sometimes it’s going to be hard to get our words across. Sometimes we don’t understand why the other does what they do. I hope that we can all try to be patient with each other. I know it’s something I need to continually work on to do a better job of this blog.

Anon, I do want to have a conversation about seeing if there’s a way that lets me talk how is natural to me but is more comprehensible to folks who dislike epics on their dashboard. (And that is a valid want.) Can you have a think for me? I’ll put up a post at some point seeing what folks can suggest, and I’d very much like your input on this.

But, in the meantime, anon, you have all the respect and gratitude from me.

- Mod K.A.

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then chose ten additional friends.

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My library has more than 1000 tracks, so it can never be representative of what I actually currently listen to. But it’s fun seeing songs pop up that I forgot I had.

1. Tokio Hotel – Mädchen aus dem All

2. Katy Perry – Circle the Drain

3. Arashi – Right back to you

4. Jordan Knight – Inside

5. Joey McIntyre – I love you came too late

6. 30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane

7. Chenyue – Fairy Footsteps in Greenland

8. Walk off the Earth – Gang of Rhythm

9. The Black Eyed Peas – Alive

10. Jake Shimabukuro – Rolling in the Deep


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