Your Roleplay is Just Fine

I’ve met a lot of people in my time RPing, and I’ve met a lot of people who are very insecure over their roleplay and get a lot of hate for it. So!

  • Noble roleplayers, whether your house is an entirely original idea or inspired by something else
  • Roleplayers who use titles like “Highlord” or “Archmage” ICly
  • Roleplayers whose characters are “tropes” like the suave rogue woman or the honorable handsome knight
  • Those who roleplay controversial things, like Scarlets and criminals
  • Those who enjoy dark roleplay, in whatever flavor that comes in for you
  • Those who used to be really good at roleplaying, then something happened and you feel like you can’t hold a candle to how you used to be
  • Those who prefer to roleplay background characters like a blacksmith or a cook rather than an adventurer
  • Those who are new and still learning the ropes
  • Those who roleplay LGBTQ+ characters
  • Those who roleplay non-white characters and constantly have to defend as to if it’s “lore friendly,”
  • Those who roleplay having a personal relationship with a major lore character, or having an artifact ICly
  • Those who follow lore to a t
  • Those who stretch lore 
  • Those who disregard lore all together and write their own original stories within the game
  • Roleplayers who try to be as practical as possible when it comes to combat, weapons and armor
  • Roleplayers who prefer to take the more fantastical route, entering battle bare-legged and with a weapon as big as they are
  • One-liner RPers
  • Para RPers

All of you. Your roleplay is just fine. Roleplay what makes you happy, you’ll find people who are into the same stuff that you are.

Roleplayers who are not fine and need some juice and a time out:

  • Those who make anyone feel like they’re lesser or deserving of hate because of how they roleplay
Hey! Are you skilled with a drawing tablet? Read this!

I’m having a lil contest here! I’m in the process of renovating the blog theme/look/etc. and we obviously need a logo! Anyone can participate.

Don’t worry, it’s simple! Draw the funniest, most outrageous thing happening to a plumbob. A plumbob being set on fire, a plumbob in underwear, a disfigured one, it’s up to you!


  1. Must be a transparent background. No colored backgrounds!
  2. No smaller or bigger than 500x500.
  3. You can submit more than once until the deadline!
  4. Obviously, don’t steal anyone else’s work. If you’re using an image or drawing that isn’t yours I promise I’ll find out.
  5. If your drawing is clean cut, professional looking and neat you’ll have a better chance of winning!

Note: A plumbob is the sims logo, to those asking. 

First place: A shoutout (to 260k+) every two days for 2 weeks and permanent credit on our sidebar for using your image!
Second place: weekly shoutout for 2 weeks and of course, credit everytime we use your image.
Third place: A shoutout and credit everytime we use your image.

To win your drawing has to be original and of course, good! Don’t make it too complicated. It’s just a logo so I need something clean and simple, something that could be placed next to a title, used as a favicon, etc. Again, use a 500x500 canvas and coloring is up to you. Make sure your drawing is drawn on photoshop or with a tablet or something professional like that. Don’t draw it on paper and take a picture with your camera phone/camera, obviously.

I’ll end this on Tuesday as I’d like to get the renovations done this week but let me know if you need additional time!

Click here to submit your drawing.

TITLE: Everybody’s Rooftop Run

ARTIST: Kevin “Armageddon” Rudd

Again, another leftover that didn’t make the cut for April Fools. Mostly because I think it’s too good for a joke release.

This mashup is seriously just about every music meme wrapped into one. This has Quad City DJ’s, LMFAO, Nickelodeon, Beastie Boys, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, PSY and Terry Crews! Way too many things to tag, but feel free to identify every little element on your own. Almost makes you wonder why people love using Rooftop Run Day for this kind of stuff.

Downlaod it here.

-Samurai Echidna.

Made with SoundCloud

“They’re doing it again,” you whispered to Sam, nudging his arm with your elbow. He glanced up from his phone, giving you a knowing look when he saw Dean and Castiel gazing at each other.

“Ready to go? I’m hungry,” Dean said when he has finally quit staring at Cas.

You coughed, catching Sam’s eye again with a conspiratorial wink. “I don’t feel too good, you guys, I think I’m gonna stay in.”

“Yeah,” Sam added, catching on. “You look a little pale. You know what? I’ll stay with Y/N, you two go on without us. I’ve got some stuff I’ve been meaning to do anyways.”

“Y/N, I could try and heal you if you want,” Cas offered. 

“No!” you said a little too quickly, and the angel titled his head. “I mean, no thank you. I don’t want you to waste your mojo. Just go have a good time. I think I saw some good looking pies in the bakery on Main Street.”

(x) (x)

B.A.P Interview with MeRadio in Singapore

B.A.P were back in Singapore for their B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Singapore concert last Saturday (May 31) and we met the charming sextet for an exclusive 1-on-1 interview prior, where they shared about their favourite place on Earth as well as stepping up to the challenge to film a self-video.

Having once again titled their tour Live On Earth, we were curious as too which were the member’s favourite place on Earth. After jokingly saying that their favourite place on Earth was … “Earth”, the members shared that they like Busan because of the lovely beaches like Haeundae and Gwangalli Beach. Not to be missed is also the fresh raw seafood, which tastes really good.

Bang Yong Guk wants us to give him a call?

The group also previously revealed in our earlier email interview that they would considerforming new sub-units like Moon & Zelo. With their senior Hyosung from SECRET having just released her solo debut album, we asked the boy band if they would like to make their solo debuts as well.

As if to reassure fans that B.A.P is here to stay, leader Yongguk quickly responded saying, “Currently, six of us are working together as B.A.P and we want to focus more on that in terms of music and our performances.”

However, he did add that if the opportunity arose, they would definitely consider the possibilities of releasing solo materials as well as new sub-units. Well, given the band’s track record of constantly pushing out new material, most recently with their Unplugged album, we hardly thing there’s time for the sextet to work on their solo debuts.

Yongguk had also previously expressed his interest in collaborating with Pharrell Williams to create music that B.A.P has yet to try. We thus asked him if there were any Asian artistes or perhaps even Singaporean ones in which he’d like to work with.

The 24-year-old replied that there are too many talented artistes in Asia for him to pinpoint an individual singer he’d like to work with. “Everybody is talented and I want to gain more experience working with a lot of musicians,” he shared.

When further probed on possible genres he’d like to dabble in, Yong Guk said that B.A.P has tried many different styles of music so far and they don’t want to confine themselves to a specific genre. “I hope to try as many as possible so please give me a call when you’re interested,” he said, flashing the hand sign for calling and smiling sheepishly. (He flashed the hand sign again as the translator spoke to us, sending chuckles round the room.)

B.A.P joins in on the World Cup fever!

It’s just a week from the 2014 World Cup and the six-member band are definitely getting in on the World Cup fever. The members shared that they are definitely rooting for their home team South Korea and are sure that they would perform well in the upcoming games. The boy band also wanted to personally express their support towards the team’s current manager Hong Myung-Bo.

The boys were all excited when we asked about their favourite player with most of them staring at Himchan, before Daehyun pointed out that Himchan’s favourite player is Lee Keun-Ho and that he was a big fan.

Sensing that there might be some big fan-boying going on because of the members’ looks towards Himchan, we asked him if he had gotten an autograph with Kuen-Ho.

Smiling gleefully, Himchan replied that he would be very happy if he received an autograph and added, “There are a lot of young players and players that have been around for a long time [in the current team]. I support everybody and the future of football in Korea is looking very bright. Regardless of the score or outcome in the games, we will always pledge our support to the team.”

It’s all about the chilli crab

The craze over taking selfies has swept the Internet by storm and was recently re-fuelled by the Chainsmokers’ song ‘#SELFIE’. We upped the challenge for B.A.P and got them to take a self-video instead.

Not one to shy away from challenges, Youngjae quickly stepped up to the plate and took our phone, turning the camera towards them and signalled the count-off for their impromptu self-video.

(Youngjae might have cut himself out of the video but we’re sure the boys would perfect the self-vid taking skill in no time at all.)

B.A.P further showed their love for chilli crab during their interview with 987TV as well, where they randomly injected the “chilli crab dance” into the interview whenever they could.

© MeRadio
"Clueless in the Kitchen"

This book “Clueless in the Kitchen” is about 12$ and has a thorough rundown of almost every basic thing you need to know in the kitchen. It’s really really good if you get overwhelmed over cooking because it explains everything (even the things you’re too embarassed to ask about) and has really delicious, simple recipes.

Definitely not just for teens like the title suggests, anyone can get something from it!

Description and original discovery of a similar book from this post - I googled it, and this book seems to have been inspired heavily by that one, so it seems to be almost identical. This book is posted online for free by the California Department of Public Health, so read/use this pdf with a clean conscience! :)

Tabimatsu: Miyagi Story #1

I’m trying my hand at translating one of these tabimatsu skits for @tabimatsu-skits! I just got this one and thought it was too good not to share!

title: ウィスキーダウトッ!! (Whiskey Doubt!!)

alternate title: the one where osomatsu gets absolutely plastered while working with choromatsu in a whiskey factory and proceeds to terrorize him

(feel free to correct me on any translation mistakes! a few parts are definitely iffy here since osomatsu uses some weird gratuitous english while drunk)

CHOROMATSU: I’ve finally managed to land a job… and working at a famous whiskey factory like this, no less…

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(Closed Rp with zeldamaniac23)

“You all are quite persistent! Just,” Samantha jumped over a fallen tree just in time to miss an arrow to her leg. “Leave me alone!” She finished. This group of Hunters were starting to get annoying. They were too determined about catching her. The hybrid would have attacked if she had enough energy to use her powers and her weapons would just slow her down. She decided it would be best to run and fight another day.

While continuing to try and outrun the current Hunters after her, Samantha noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She looked to see what looked like… Another pack of Hunters?! “This is not good.” She said. “Fighting might be what it’s boiling down to here…”


Also for my creative ppl out there i just want to toss up this choice-ass name generator:


I use name generators a lot as kind of jumping-off points when I have trouble coming up with a name or title for a thing. Those of y’all who use generators like the ones from the good ppl at seventh sanctum know that generated names tend to be a little too cheesy to use off-the-rack but can help you figure out how you want a name or title to flow, give you a little inspiration if you want to do a quick writing exercise or something, or give you some fresh ideas. 

The one I linked up top though spits out some just primo sounding stuff! i clicked the “netrunner handle” option in its cyberpunk name generator, and the very first one it gave me inspired not only a new character but a whole new organization/concept that i’m super excited to add to my story! 

so yeah enjoy :)

Love Welcome to Nightvale? Does a certain rebel/dad/PTA member have a special place in your heart? Want to cry over the martyr of the fandom? The Official Steve Carlsberg Defense Squad is here!

This is basically like any of those other nets you’ve seen around on tumblr, for any fan of WTNV (but preferably those of us that love Cecil’s nerd of a brother in law). I’m looking to keep it to somewhere around ten members initially, but don’t let that discourage you from applying - if there’s just too many cool people, I’m always willing to add more space. I also want to say that, no, it’s not only about Steve Carlsberg. It’s open to anyone, with any opinions, so as long as you like the prestigious title of the net, you’re good to go! The goal is not to attack others who might not agree on things, but to instead share the love.


  • follow the president (anotherdearlistener ; Sam),
  • fill out this survey
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count, but feel free to like it as a bookmark)
  • be kind to everyone and approach people’s ideas with an open mind
  • ‘ideas’ does not extend to things that invalidate or harm others, which won’t be fun for anyone to deal with.


  • new friends (always swell)
  • games and maybe some giveaways (we’ll see?)
  • selfie reblogs (if that’s a thing you do)
  • a tag for crying over steve carlsberg
  • a tag for discussing ideas and theories about the show with those new, swell friends
  • a nifty bio on my blog to officially name you a member

If You Get Chosen

  • follow all the other members
  • be considerate - a lot of people in this fandom are minors, queer, trans, mentally ill, amongst other things, and we have needs and things that need to be respected
  • track the tag #OSCDS (crying over steve carlsberg and general net things)
  • track the tag #OSCDStalks (discussions on the show/theories)
  • be neat!
  • disrespect the secret police
  • look for lights in the sky
  • avoid reeducation

applications end on May 1st and members will be picked May 3rd.

Thank you for reblogging and good luck!!!

intro post based on this net’s post

6.8.16, 15:53 // days 41-44 out of 100 days of productivity

today I bought the first two HP books for £7 altogether at sainsbury’s (which I’ve never read guys so !!!!) n I bought the new one last Sunday. I also bought these sharpies yesterday but I didn’t know if I regretted t or not lmao but oh well I’ve bought them now!

I’ve also done some history coursework research and research for my EPQ at some libraries.

I’ll be testing the sharpies soon but I’m not too sure how I’ll be using them - probs just for titles n stuff in my notes n maybe some things in my bujo.

I’m going to China soon (on Monday) so I may or may not post for the next month since I don’t come back til September. so if this is the last time I post until then, hope all of you have good holidays/start of school!!!

oh and also, I forget to tell you this the last time I posted (I found out the morning of that day) but I was accepted as a volunteer for ChildLine and now I have to go through training!!!!!!!! I’m so happy about it 😁

happy studying and productive days! XXX


                    [    ]         “I almost lost you.” The statement alone said what
                       Babylon thought of all the ‘trouble’ they’d gone through. Thumbs
                       brushed softly over Ruby’s hips, holding her Queen close. “I’m
                       just glad we could get it done before too many Seals had been
                       opened. Convincing the Winchesters to kill Lilith for us was
                       easier than I’d thought.” Crowns on their heads, now rulers of
                       Hell, Babylon decided Ruby was safe – for now. “Alastair still
                       holds his position – I see no reason to take it from him, he’s been
                       so good to us. Crowley maintains his silly title as King of the
                       Crossroads. And I now never have to leave your side,” she
                        murmured, brushing hair out of Ruby’s face.

     💔         “I would never let that happen.” She kissed Babylon’s sweet lips and sighed happily. They could rule and keep the order that would truly turn Hell around. Once Lilith was out of the way it became fairly easy to get demons on their side. It was everything that Ruby could hope for and it was a true reward to be able to spend it with the one she loved. “We can let them stay as they wish, and we have the means to put them back in their place if the chose to…misbehave.”

Luis Enrique: “Our next few games are difficult but I think we are well prepared and we will give our best to win all these games.”

Luis Enrique: “Pedro? I would like to count on all the players for the whole season. We’ll know soon, as the transfer market ends soon.”

Luis Enrique: “We look at each competition as a challenge. We will see what we can do out on the field”

Luis Enrique: “Injuries are part of football, Sevilla have got problems too but we don’t worry about such things.”

Luis Enrique: “We come into the game in good shape to win a trophy.”

Luis Enrique: “Suarez is very important for us. He had a spectacular first season here, he adapted very well.”

Luis Enrique: “Arda has integrated quickly. We have a group of great persons and he’s an easy-going guy. Just a pity he can’t play yet.”

Luis Enrique: “The more titles you win, the better. Several players could set new records and we have potential to make history”

.  .  .

Not quite sure what to think of the Nintendo Switch, even if ARCSys is 3rd party support.

As much as I liked my PSP back in the day, Fighting games and Button Mashing typically wreck Handhelds unless there’s an external way to use the controls.

Also luring back Square Enix back to Nintendo would be a monumental task, to say nothing of the Graphics/RAM memory limits the Switch will have.

I used to have high hopes that games like Gundam Breaker, Armored Core, and Zone of the Enders would make it to Nintendo, but I guess that was wishful thinking.

It also bugs me that Monster Hunter has mostly been Nintendo exclusive up to now, despite the fact Capcom released SFV cross platform.

Seriously, when will the day come when Gamecorps consolidate their best works on ONE platform?  And no, Steam doesn’t come close to that yet.  There’s good iOS titles now too.

Well, for now let’s just stick with ARC’s plans for Sony.


Saturday, October 15th is the sixth annual International Independent Video Store Day, and also local treasure, Scarecrow Video’s 2nd Anniversary as a non-profit! They’re having an all-day celebration and you’re invited!

There’ll be a 50% OFF sale on all titles from The Criterion Collection, as well as half off used movies (that sale is good on Sunday the 16th too), and Scarecrow Members at the $50 level and above will get an hour’s head start on the sale. Plus prizes and awesome free stuff from MPI Media Group, Kino Lorber, MVD Home Entertainment Distributor, Mondo and Arrow Video!

They’ll have a video booth for you to share your favorite Scarecrow memories. Music from Monster Planet and Rats in the Grass! Flapjacks from Just Jacks Food Truck! Beer from Naked City Brewery & Taphouse! It’s their biggest day of the year, and they can’t wait to share it with all of us!

Behold! A list of fanfics!

See title. Title’s are linked   ____ x ____ (Shipping Name, Series) comment. Bolded fanfics are the BOBs (Best of Bests.) and (M) if M rated (not too many of these, but just to be sure.)
Sometimes I’ll recount my feelings (if I remember them) for the fanfic in brackets right after
There’s a lot, so sorry mobile users! If there are tumblr users on here, please let me know so I can link them!

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meganrosesims  asked:

Hey, so for some reason the font and colour you use for the title your cc previews reminds me of Shrek haha...just thought I would share that with you and also to tell you I love all your cc!! Have a good one!!

aaaah i thought I was the only one who saw this too. auehuaeuhae I love Shrek *—-*

thank you very much for the coment ♥♥♥♥ =3

sorry for the late, no internet yet TT_TT