Not to be rude, and I’m a fan of Amy and everything, but just how piked does a FTDLO have to be to not receive credit? I mean I like that Amy is ambitious in the tumbles she goes for, but her FTDLO really isn’t laid out at all, and it never has been. I think the extra .3 she gets for the open pike position is a little unfair to be honest.


I’m watching this video by Supergymmie and I absolutely love how, alongside the amazing gymnastics, she’s (and I’m assuming Supergymmie is a girl because I don’t actually know for sure who’s behind the channel) captured such sweet moments from the Rio Games. I’m going to go ahead and list them all (in case you can’t/don’t have time to watch the video), because it’s just so beautiful. Truly the spirit of the Olympic Games.

- Sophie Scheder crying when she won bronze on bars (the music here really hammers it home and made me tear up)

- Simone waving to the crowd after her final routine of her Olympic Games

- Sophie smiling when Aliya kissed her gold medal

- Amy grinning at Simone showing the camera that she’s won four gold medals

- Simone beaming as Sanne kisses her gold medal

- Tears from Sophie on the podium and Amy after the floor scores were finalised; really shows how much these unexpected medals meant to these girls.

- Catalina giving Sanne a long hug after the beam final

- Marine Boyer being a cutie and waving either at a camera or someone in the audience

- Aly and Simone hugging/waving to the crowd after the AA

- Houry Gebeshian kissing the beam

- Aly in tears after her AA floor exercise (still crying over this)

- Houry Gebeshian kissing the bars

- Simone and Aimee crying when Simone won the AA

On another note; for some reason, this video really shows how incredible Simone was over everyone else BUT, also lets me marvel at the freaking HEIGHT Aly gets on her double pike Arabian!!


Amy Tinkler training pommel horse ;)


What an angelic voice.

No offense but Amy Tinkler has done nothing but surpass everyone’s expectations to become one of the most decorated British gymnasts of all time, which is more than you can say about any of her teammates, and yet she’s getting so much shit for deciding to pursue opportunities in her own best interest? Frags is on a tv show, the Downies have endorsement deals, but when Amy, who is more decorated than any of the aforementioned gymnasts and outperformed them all in Rio, wants to move to take advantage of similar opportunities it’s controversial? Her coaches don’t own her and she’s free to make her own decisions - and if that means training somewhere else to take advantage of the opportunities she’s earned, then I wish her the best.

Who would have won if qualifications scores counted

I decided to do a little digging this morning to see who would have won event finals at the 2016 Olympic Games if both qualifications AND finals scores counted. Here’s what I found:

Vault *Based on average from two vaults


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 16.050
2. Hong Un-jong (PRK)- 15.683
3. Giulia Steingruber (SUI)- 15.266


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 15.966
2. Maria Paseka (RUS)- 15.253
3. Giulia Steingruber (SUI)- 15. 216


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 32.016
2. Hong Un-jong (PRK)- 30.583
3. Giulia Steingruber (SUI)- 30.482

Uneven Bars


1. Madison Kocian (USA)- 15.866
2. Aliya Mustafina (RUS)- 15.833
3. Gabby Douglas (USA)- 15.766


1. Aliya Mustafina (RUS)- 15.900
2. Madison Kocian (USA)- 15.833
3. Sophie Scheder (GER)- 15.566


1. Aliya Mustafina (RUS)- 31.733
2. Madison Kocian (USA)- 31.699
3. Sophie Scheder (GER)- 30.999
3. Elisabeth Seitz (GER)- 30.999

Balance Beam


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 15.633
2. Laurie Hernandez (USA)- 15.366
3. Flavia Saraiva (BRA)- 15.133


1. Sanne Wevers (NED)- 15.466
2. Laurie Hernandez (USA)- 15.333
3. Simone Biles (USA)- 14.733


1. Laurie Hernandez (USA)- 30.699
2. Sanne Wevers (NED)- 30.532
3. Simone Biles (USA)- 30.366

Floor Exercise


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 15.733
2. Aly Raisman (USA)- 15.275
3. Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)- 14.866


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 15.966
2. Aly Raisman (USA)- 15.500
3. Amy Tinkler (GBR)- 14.933


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 31.699
2. Aly Raisman (USA)- 30.775
3. Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)- 29.632

Interesting to see how the podiums didn’t change all that much. Let me know if you’d be interested in me doing the same thing for MAG or previous Olympics!