I’m watching this video by Supergymmie and I absolutely love how, alongside the amazing gymnastics, she’s (and I’m assuming Supergymmie is a girl because I don’t actually know for sure who’s behind the channel) captured such sweet moments from the Rio Games. I’m going to go ahead and list them all (in case you can’t/don’t have time to watch the video), because it’s just so beautiful. Truly the spirit of the Olympic Games.

- Sophie Scheder crying when she won bronze on bars (the music here really hammers it home and made me tear up)

- Simone waving to the crowd after her final routine of her Olympic Games

- Sophie smiling when Aliya kissed her gold medal

- Amy grinning at Simone showing the camera that she’s won four gold medals

- Simone beaming as Sanne kisses her gold medal

- Tears from Sophie on the podium and Amy after the floor scores were finalised; really shows how much these unexpected medals meant to these girls.

- Catalina giving Sanne a long hug after the beam final

- Marine Boyer being a cutie and waving either at a camera or someone in the audience

- Aly and Simone hugging/waving to the crowd after the AA

- Houry Gebeshian kissing the beam

- Aly in tears after her AA floor exercise (still crying over this)

- Houry Gebeshian kissing the bars

- Simone and Aimee crying when Simone won the AA

On another note; for some reason, this video really shows how incredible Simone was over everyone else BUT, also lets me marvel at the freaking HEIGHT Aly gets on her double pike Arabian!!


icymi: Amy Tinkler’s GREAT beam routine from Rio with all her upgrades, she scored a 14.5 with a 6.2 difficulty and was second reserve for the final


British Gymnastics’ mannequin challenge

No offense but Amy Tinkler has done nothing but surpass everyone’s expectations to become one of the most decorated British gymnasts of all time, which is more than you can say about any of her teammates, and yet she’s getting so much shit for deciding to pursue opportunities in her own best interest? Frags is on a tv show, the Downies have endorsement deals, but when Amy, who is more decorated than any of the aforementioned gymnasts and outperformed them all in Rio, wants to move to take advantage of similar opportunities it’s controversial? Her coaches don’t own her and she’s free to make her own decisions - and if that means training somewhere else to take advantage of the opportunities she’s earned, then I wish her the best.


What an angelic voice.

This knife sheath has been attributed to the Sioux in what is today Minnesota and is made of raw hide sewn together with sinew and decorated with quillwork, copper alloy tinklers, textile, and suede. It is a beautiful example of quillwork, a uniquely North American form of decoration that indigenous groups have been using to decorate a wide variety of objects since at least the 6th century.  Quills are taken from porcupines and sometimes birds.  They can be shaped, split, and dyed and sewn together to form intricate and beautiful decoration as can be seen on this object.  

Prior to its display, it is assessed for stability in the conservation lab.  Organic materials are vulnerable to pests, temperature and humidity, high light levels, and improper handling.  Therefore, conservators and curators work together to ensure the object is handled as little as possible and displayed safely so it can be enjoyed by future generations.

The knife sheath will be featured in the American Galleries, which are an important reminder of the great diversity of art forms and people unique to this country.

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So this was Rio 2016

So many feeling, so many great struff

  • Simone Biles 4x Olympic Champion
  • Team USA won Team gold by a huge margin
  • Aliya Mustafina defended her Olympic title
  • Eythora’s floor routine
  • Aly Raisman fulfilled her dream of getting an Olympic AA medal
  • Sanne Wevers is Beam Olympic Champion
  • Shang Chunsong’s great AA performance
  • Switzerland (Giulia Steingruber), Germany (Sophie Scheder), Netherlands (Sanne Wevers) and Great Britain (Amy Tinkler) all won Olympic medals
  • Rebeca Andrade’s Amanar and floor routine
  • Maria Paseka improved her 2012 performance, to get vault Olympic silver
  • Laurie Hernandez got her individual olympic medal
  • Wang Yan hitting all her routines

Feel free to add, I’m so hyped up, I’m sure i’m forgeting 100 more things


Triple Double from Amy 😱😱😱