New 8tracks playlist for tired eyes & busy minds 


  1. Terrible Love (The National) - Moda Spira
  2. Blood Bank - Bon Iver
  3. Without You - Oh Wonder
  4. The Breach - Dustin Tebbutt
  5. Running - James Bay
  6. Weathered - Jack Garratt
  7. For You - Tin Sparrow
  8. Moving On - Kodaline
  9. Shallows - Daughter
  10. Willow Tree March - The Paper Kites
  11. From the Wreckage Build a Home - The Wind and The Wave

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ANIMaster! is there anywhere i can watch Free! ??

Hahah omg did you just call me that x’33

There is Crunchyroll but I don’t really like it.. I mean its good buuuuuuut.. I don’t like the commerical breaks and it buffers A LOT!, or at least for me. Plus that you need to get premium for better quality and if you’re not premium you have to wait a week more to be able to watch the new episodes x’3 (there is a mobile version tho, which is really nice)

So I use Kissanime, extremely cheesy i know. But really good, and I think it has a lot more shows on it tbh and you do not have to sign up or anything. Just watch anything you want :3 

(The main difference between the two which is making my life extremely difficult is that the money from crunchyroll goes to the developers of the show and to the workers and I don’t think Kissanime do that.. but I might be wrong :3)


Perry Motor Lodge sign.  Perry, Florida.

Night swim with Rachel.  Perry, Florida.

Permanent Tourists.

I’ve grown obsessed with the dilapidated googie architectural of Perry’s old motels, places that were once prime spots for vacationing tourists in the 1950s and 60s.  This was Florida back before the mouse.  Folks drove down State Hwy 27 through tiny towns like Perry, Chiefland, Fanning Springs, and Homosassa.  Roadside attractions enticed tourists as they made their way through the wild and natural beauty of Florida.  I think a lot of times we forget why people came here.  It wasn’t for a resort–but to experience the sheer beauty of nature.  Most times tourists (I’m thinking of the tin can tourists here) camped out of their cars and roughed it a bit to see this awing little slice of heaven on earth.  The Perry Motor Lodge sign–along with so many others–stands as a testament to that moment in history.

Several years ago, I lived with a married couple.  While I was in D.C. for the 4th of July, the wife left the husband.  I came home to an awkward situation and wanted to stay clear of the fall-out.  As luck would have it, my good friend Rachel was staying with her family in Perry for a week or so and invited me to join her for several days.  I’d met Rachel in college at FSU, and though she’s from Perry, she had moved to Chicago then Ann Arbor, MI.  The few days I stayed with her at her parents’ house (who were out of town), we barely got out of the pool.  We drank beer, smoked cigarettes, and ate Little Debbie Snack Cakes.  It was like we were 12 again.  I was sporting a bleach blonde do at the time and being in the pool over-processed my hair.  After our visit, I had to cut all my hair off because I’d essentially “fried” it with chlorine.   

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Hi Melly! What dyou reckon bout Zayn's drawing? You probably think its manna from heavens above. :) This is right up your alley. It is so full of hidden messages and meaning you don't even know where to start. Leave to it Zayn to bring upon as his "art" where truly it is a cipher about himself. What a shady hoe. Anyway, what I'm gonna ask you about that drawing is the intriguing line that is connected to the letter Z on the right wall. Ppl are buzzing because of the G Z letters drawn on that (1)

i wan(2) But if you look closely (like really closely), the bottom horizontal line of the letter Z has a vertical line attached to it. If you look at the drawing upside down it reads L. So Z and L are sharing the same bottom horizontal line. What kind of ppl link their names like that? Lovers. SO. Cue JT’s Mirrors. And I remember when they were still fetuses they were answering Twitter questions during a am show appearance, Liam signed off a tweet with L&Z. (2)

So they have a history of linking their names like that. That L Z thing is really subtle, if i didn’t see it on a post I would probably have missed it. I felt the G is fanservice– its something to push the official narrative not unlike the “Perrie” tattoo he have. The L is not meant to be glaring and obvious but its there and is attached to the Z. Kinda like their relationship ain’t it? Well that’s my take on it.


tit* warms my tiny tin hatty little heart that you’d come to me to look at my tiny son’s twitter Rorschach (that is THE BEST LITTLE ELEPHANT ANY SMOL DREW WITH HIS OWN HANDS AND I DID NOT FIRST INTERPRET IT TO BE STYLIZED GRAFFITI DICKS AT ALL).

but let’s do this let’s look at his drawing together i’m ready i’m so pumped

so before we get to the real question you’re asking me, which is about the potentially hidden and potentially extremely clever “L” hidden underneath the “Z”), my dedication is to so complete  that i actually did some drawrings analyzing-y research to maybe see what we can find out about this tiny dippin’ dot’s personality.

because i’m all over the place with every aspect of my tumblring, here’s the laid out facts that i found:

-Drawing an animal (THE BEST ELEPHANT, MY FAVORITE ELEPHANT): Someone one who is sensitive to living creatures. Elephants are  powerful and dominant and can show inner strength that can overcome any obstacle. Those who draw elephants in any form are likely to be cheerful, a bit mischievous and fun to be around.

-Doodles of flowers (FLOWERS, HE DREW FLOWERS, MY SON): Doodles of flowers indicate a gentle nature

- The drawing is introspective to a degree, because it contains 15 references to Zayn’s tattooos (as evidenced in a completely scientific way by @realityruinedmylifeandstuff here

Intricate patterns (MY SON IS DETAIL AND GOAL ORIENTED AF; THE LIVING EMBODIENT OF OPRAH_RUNNING_ACROSS_COALS.GIF): Busy, highly-detailed doodles are often drawn by people with an obsessive nature, who simply will not let go of their ambitions or loved ones. This type of drawing is often a favourite with extreme introverts.

But because i’m ziam af, because my heart beats all the songs Liam ever danced to in chronological order, let’s talk about this: 

So i mean, real talk, no shade, that Z is wonky af. Zayn’s been forming the letters to his own name for roughly two decades now, so I would assume he’s got that shit on lock. Soooo, let’s just. Let’s talk about this. Because it’s absolutely not unreasonable to say that there’s an L connected to a Z there. And it’s absolutely not unreasonable to say that i’m in flames right now whatsoever about that. So. 


*i made that typo but decided to completely go with it because i am an HBO comedy special rated grownup.

Limothy’s Instagram activity this morning is dramatic af, why is he posting like he’s a faux dramatic art hoe in a WB Teen Drama?

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Any anime recommendations? I wanna watch more anime but I don't know which are good. Im currently watching Haikyuu!! (its so good omg :3)

Hahaha yeah sure!! :D, And Haikyuu is soooo good omfg i love all of them (its my fave tbh :3)

I loved One punch man which is probably one of my favorites! It is really funny and omfg it sooo good :3, 

Attack on titan is reeeaaaallllyyy good as well, and the second season will air soon which I’m v excited about :3

I also really enjoyed Ouran high school host club, but it was awhile ago I saw it so I don’t remeber it so much :3

Free! is good, if you like muscular guys without shirts x’3

Food wars is quite good, but mainly because I love to watch master chef etc, and food wars is sort of an anime version of any irl food program :3

Sword art online, Tokyo Ghoul, Death note, Osomatsu-san are also some that are quite good :3 I hope this might help :3 

The extreme public Extraness™ of Payneton has me really side eyeing things. He’s almost being introduced to the fandom the way beards have been in the past - all the pieces there, leading to one definitive ah ha moment in the fandom. Any time I’m being continually asked to notice someone or pay attention to something, I’m gonna sip my capri sun suspiciously.