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May i ask why you believe in J2?


Well there are lots of reasons but i’ll just give you five bc i dont want to make this too long and I suggest you read this when you have the time or ask me some more specific questions but here are a few reasons (that i had before i read that)

1. The way they look at each other. Yeah, yeah, may seem boring and a stupid reason, but Jensen honestly looks at Jared like he hung the moon and Jared looks at Jensen the exact same way. My parents have been married for 15 years and they don’t even look at each other like this

and there’s more! (jensen looking at jared) (jared looking at jensen)

2. The way they are each other’s support. I think the one that always gets me is how when Jared and Sandy broke up, Jensen sent his entire family down to Dallas Con to comfort Jared since Jensen himself couldnt be there. And when Jared struggled with depression it was Jensen right by his side. If one bad word about Jared is spoke then it’s Jensen who jumps to his defense without taking explanations.  (Vegas Con 2013 is a good example) And I guess you could add onto this the way they take care of each other. Jensen having a towel with on set so he can wipe Jared’s sweat?? Jensen buying Jared dinner when Jared’s down?? Idk just seems a little past friends to me…. And closing number 2 out with a quote from Jensen”  “He and i have taken care of each other… pretty much all the time.” 

3. The touches. So much uneeded touches. I don’t think Jensen and Jared can go five minutes without touching each other. I think it’s to ground themselves. They’re each other’s base, you know? Like here’s my tag for Jensen touching Jared’s shoulders (i started it like a week ago shhh) and how often the two hug (like “its for the fangirls!!!”) but I remember at Dallas Con 2014 where Jared hugged Jensen like 3 times in a row and one hug probably would have sufficed. Just touching touching touching all the time. (Take that drunk video of Jared and Jensen and how Jensen kept touching Jared as an example and how their shoulders were pressed together the entire time) (also look at the lack of personal space j2 always have (these are only two images))

(jared hugging jensen) (jensen hugging jared COMING SOON!)

4. This one might get me some hate but why the heck not, you know? J2 seem more comfortable around each other than anyone else. Like the quote said about Jensen (I cant remember the exact quote) saying how he really opens up when he’s with Jared. Jared relaxes him. On stage they play off each other so well, not even having to say anything to each other and constantly mirroring each other. And the way they look comfortable with each other. Here’s a picture of Jensen and Danneel holding hands vs. him and Jared jokingly holding hands. Jensen shows more PDA with Jared then with Danni. (and this isnt danneel hate. i love danneel)

5. Like I said, there are LOTS of reasons but I guess I’ll close out with how they talk about each other and how others talk about them together. Remember how I said Jensen and Jared look at each other like they hung the moon? they talk about each other like they are the moon. Jared when a fan told him what she liked about the season 2 gag reel said “You know what the best part about that was? Jensen’s laugh. He’s got he best laugh.” And the praise Jensen spoke when Jared couldn’t be there at A14. The way Jensen talks about how they were perfect working alongside each other. The praise Jensen always gives Jared and how Jared gives it back. And some of the things people have said about J2. Genenvieve: “I think both of them love each other.” and a guest star: “If you want to know if Jensen is a good kisser…. Ask Jared!” 

And I’ll leave it at that :) Like I said, lots and lots more reasons and I know I’m gonna smack myself later when I read this and see what I’ve missed. 

Here’s a few other wonderful things about J2 that could mess with your mind a bit :)

And also there’s a lot of other things that add up that I haven’t had time to make tags for (take that night when Jensen didn’t livetweet while Jared and Misha did as an example. Genevieve was in Texas. Who took this photo of Jared?) And when they went to Colorado for New Years. I don’t believe we saw a picture of Danneel and Gen, hm? (of course I could be remembering wrong) But we got plenty of J2.

“I would jump in front of a bullet for him any day and never think twice.” -jensen about jared

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why don't j2 just come out? i know everyone would be shocked at first but everyone would get over it and then they wouldn't have to have secrets and stuff anymore?

i think theyve still got a contract to uphold. i think they know most their fans support them but they probably have to wait for the show to end bc the show might be afraid theyd lose viewers once j2 came out.