When you totally use your birthday power to make people do what you want… because, come on, it’s your birthday!

There’s something very reliable about a biscuit tin.

A good biscuit tin will see you through many years. It can be thrown in the back of a press, or used as a paperweight, or to keep a stack of books off a weight desk. It might be dented, with the paint coming off at the edges and a lid that sticks when you try to open it from one particular side, but it still keeps your biscuits fresh, and that’s what matters.

Some friendships are the same.

Minerva McGonnagall is a ginger nut woman. A ginger nut is a practical biscuit - spicy, so that you don’t want too many, filling, to keep you going between classes, and firm, so they don’t break when you dunk them in a cup of tea. She keeps a tin of ginger nuts - a practical, red tartan tin, that’s always just nicely full - on her desk, beside her tin of teabags. It’s a useful weapon to wield against a crying first-year, especially one who doesn’t expect even so much as her brusque brand of affection so far from home.

She never offers the red-and-green tin of jammy dodgers to her students. Even on special occasions, when the lozenge-shaped tin of Ginger Newts comes out, the tin of jammy dodgers stays in the very bottom drawer of her desk, with the decanter of brandy.

She can’t abide jammy dodgers, and thinks brandy is a waste of good money, but friendship means sacrifices must be made.

Horace Slughorn has always appreciated a good jammy dodger. There’s something immensely satisfying in the squish and crunch of a homemade shortbread-and-strawberry jam dodger, a satisfaction that sometimes encourages an otherwise quiet student to open up - because contrary to popular opinion, his office is open to more than just the Slug Club, and the overflowing green paisley biscuit tin on his desk is always open, too. 

Of course, he has a tin of Jammy Bludgers for special occasions. He has a bright red tartan tin hidden behind his spare cauldron, too, with a bottle of good Highland whiskey.

Ginger nuts are a sin against biscuits, and whiskey is just brandy that couldn’t cut the mustard, but he keeps them all the same.

There are evenings when the red tartan tin emerges from behind the spare cauldron, and late nights when the red-and-green tin is brought out of the bottom drawer. The paint is scraped off the edges of the red-and-green tin, and the tartan tin’s lid sticks if you try lifting it from the short side, but they’re just marks of character.

There’s something very reliable about a biscuit tin, after all.

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Max Frisch’s long-out-of-print MONTAUK has developed something of a cult following here in the states, and as kool-aid drinking members of said cult, we can’t wait to publish a new edition next year. We’ve had a lot of fun finding the right cover, and we’ve got it narrowed down to the final four, but we need some input. Which one screams “Painfully honest, affecting, autobiographical novel by one of Europe’s most highly regarded postwar writers?”

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You didn't like the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof premiere outfit?

Honey, the outfit wasn’t my problem. LOL

And I swear I tried to edit this as kindly as possible. He has serious crazy eyes in these pics, and it was during a phase when he was apparently seeing how high he could get his hair.

These pics scare me.

(And I thought I told you not to ask about them!!?!? >.< lol)


Bowie and his guitars [5/10]

Gibson L4 custom 

Used by David Bowie in the studio, on stage and while on tour with Tin Machine, accompanied by a Sound + Vision tour program. It can be seen in videos for the Tin Machine 1 album, in Music News reports and was used heavily in the studio for the recording of Tin Machine II.


Patrick Dempsey lists his one-of-a-kind crib in Malibu

Patrick Dempsey, whose “Grey’s Anatomy” character was killed off last week, is ready to part with the ocean view from his estate in Malibu for $14.5 million.

The Frank Gehry-designed Tin House sits behind wooden gates on 3.2 mountainside acres with such amenities as a rock-climbing wall, a lawn suitable for soccer practice, animal coops and hutches and a four-stall barn.

The two-story Modern-style residence, created for renowned abstract painter Ron Davis and built in 1972, is constructed of corrugated metal.

Inside, high ceilings, skylights and expanses of angular walls of windows bring light into the great room. Wood floors and massive exposed wood beams bring a warm ambience to the interiors.

A second-story family room, an office, three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms are within the 5,547 square feet of living space.Wood decking surrounds the swimming pool with detached spa.

There are multiple outdoor seating areas, patios and a brick-floored open-air kitchen. A vintage Airstream on the site has been used as a guesthouse.

Olive and fruit trees, pastureland, vegetable gardens, flower beds complete the grounds.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I’m going to be making a couple Altoids kits in BLUE (spearmint) and MAROON (cinnamon) for the same price as the original red tins, at just $13 before shipping! If you would like to set up a purchase before I put them up on Etsy, feel free to message me. Here is the listing for what they look like inside

Since these two are a bit special I’ll throw in TWO BLACK BIRTHDAY CANDLES as well as everything you see there, for free (: Only one tin of each colour so snatch them up quick!

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I saw the new Tin Can Bros' video and the part where Brian licks Joey's ear and I thougt, "yep, definitely gonna see a gif of that on Cottognapple's blog later." I was right.

y’all can count on me! ;)

*wipes tear* gif maker goals. thank you, anon.