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So we first saw Stan’s brother (name unknown) in “The Time Traveler’s Pig”, though at the time most people assumed it was a younger Grunkle Stan. But as the series progressed, fans began to notice the differences between the two men in Grunkle Stan’s flashbacks, the most important being the frames of their glasses. So here was the logical theory: Stan has a brother, or some kind of relative. This was further proven in “Dreamscapers”, when one of Stan’s flashbacks revealed a kid, who looks very similar to young Stan, reading a book covering his face on the side. Okay, so this kid grew up to be the man shown in “The Time Traveler’s Pig”. Still don’t believe me? Remember that abandoned room in “Carpet Diem”? When Stan first walks into the room, he notices a pair of glasses sitting on a table and immediately shoves them into his vest, and he is later shown staring at them. Notice the exact similarity between the glasses Stan grabs and the glasses on the man in “The Time Traveler’s Pig”. Weird right? Now listen to this. In “Carpet Diem”, the carpet in the abandoned room has a tag on it that says “Experiment #78”. Where have we seen something similar to this recently? Oh yeah. In “Into the Bunker”, Wendy, Soos, Dipper and Mabel are chased by “Experiment #210: The Shapeshifter”. How could get it get any weirder?? Look at the calendar with the owl. There’s a date circled on it: July 4th. Now any American knows that this is the Fourth of July, and Gravity Falls is in Oregon, so the date is probably just a reminder, right? Or is it something more? Notice the year on the calendar: 1982. Now look at the map in the author’s bunker (shown in the picture with Dipper and Soos). The date on the bottom right-hand corner of the map? 1982. So something big happened in 1982, as that was the year both the room AND the bunker were abandoned. Hmm, when was 1982, like 30 years ago? Wait a minute. Haven’t we heard that before? That’s right. In “Scaryoke”, when Stan pulls the lever for what looks like some sort of portal, he says “30 long years and it’s all led up to this”. Agent Powers, who seems to be keeping a watch over Gravity Falls, notices the reactions and says “We haven’t seen readings like this in 30 years”. The Shape Shifter even tells Dipper, “You’ll never find the author! That six-fingered nerd hasn’t been himself in 30 years.” Oh wait, that’s right, the author has to have six fingers, so it can’t be Stan’s brother. But hold on, we never actually see his hands! Is it all adding up?? Think about it, and thank you for reading!


Okay so I know that Wendy is the prime candidate for the ice bag on the Cipher Wheel but has anyone considered that it could represent Blendin instead?

Blendin has so far only had two major appearances, having shown up in The Time Traveler’s Pig and being set to appear in the upcoming Blendin’s Game, but I think that he has potential to become an important character later on. A time traveler in the main cast could create some interesting situations when the purpose of the Cipher Wheel is finally revealed.

There’s also the major factor of Blendin’s boss, the Time Baby. In Dipper and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery Bill Cipher has his own page where he gives us some clues and reveals some of the world’s greatest conspiracies. On his page he mentions that there’s something extremely powerful frozen in a glacier that will one day be freed.

Turns out that the being trapped is actually the Time Baby as confirmed all the way back in Irrational Treasure. In the document that proves that Quentin Trembley was the real founder of the town you can see a line that mentions that the Time Baby is frozen in a glacier. Unfortunately for whoever wrote the document they couldn’t predict global warming.

Taking these facts into account Blendin has more to do with ice than Wendy or any other potential suspects do. I think you could make a solid case for him being the ice bag.

'Course this does mean that Wendy needs another symbol. I've thought about it for a bit and I think that Wendy represents the llama instead.

We don’t have that many options for who the llama symbol could be yet but one possibly I’ve seen is Manly Dan, Wendy’s dad, because of a line in Headhunters where Wax Larry King said that they are nature’s greatest warriors. Well I think you could make an argument that Wendy fits that description. She has inherited some of her father’s strength and she’s shown to be able to handle herself pretty well in Into the Bunker.

Not to mention her fight with the Shapeshifter, where she successfully keeps Journal 3 out of its’ grasp even though it should be stronger than an average person.

It’s safe to say that she has an aptitude towards combat and physical activities that only a couple of other people can match. Plus the girl got her dad’s ability to work an impressive moustache. (Gif taken from vveavile)

With all of this in mind I think she can work out as the llama pretty well. Of course since the season isn’t finished yet there’s always room for error in this theory and for later information to contradict what I have here.

But anyway that’s my take on it. I’m looking forward to the answers we’ll get in the future on this. If anyone has any additions to this theory feel free to add them.


One of my favorite things about Dipper is just how much he loves and supports his sister. I love how Dipper is willing to do anything to keep Mabel happy and safe from all the Gravity Falls weirdness. To Dipper, protecting Mabel is almost second nature to him, he doesn’t even have to think about it. Dipper really is a great brother and Mabel is lucky to have someone like him there by her side.

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"Wendy, I just wanted to say that, well I just wanted say that people makes mistakes. And when they do, you should forgive them. And also that tight pants are overrated."
"Dude, you lost me." 
"I know.  One ball, please."
"You only get one chance."