Long ass Dipper/Mabel chitchat

I’ve been reading @pinesonfire ‘s responses to stuff about Dipper and just wanted to talk a bit about him and Mabel myself. It’s no secret that in the fandom, Dipper is the favourite twin. Mabel gets SO MUCH SHIT for doing things. And we all know why that is, right? Because she’s a GIRL. Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re basically told to root for the male characters in everything. We’re too aware that girl characters have been portrayed incredibly poorly for a very long time so we have a tendency to highlight girls’ behaviours and scrutinise it much much more than we do boys’ behaviour. There are so many male villains who are very morally bad about a lot of things but we still love them and find ways to explain their behaviour to make them redeemable. I do it too (especially with a certain Marvel Norse God), but if we took a moment to picture the character doing the EXACT SAME THINGS as a woman, we cast them aside as being evil and irredeemable and horrible characters with no depth. It doesn’t help that they show a lot of boob. Basically, if Dipper and Mabel’s genders were swapped, the fandom would almost definitely be on Male-Bel’s side moreso than Dip-Girl’s.

An episode I see highlighted A LOT is Sock Opera. Dipper wants to find the password to access the laptop and Mabel says she’ll help. Mabel sees a boy and instantly gets a crush and wants to impress him and make him her boyfriend. She chooses to do that, after panicking in a conversation with him and making stuff up to impress him. She tries to make good on those white lies because she CAN. She decides to do this over helping Dipper with the laptop.

But the thing is, she doesn’t say she won’t help him anymore. She says she’ll help him as soon as her puppet show is done. The puppet show has a small window of time, the laptop doesn’t. Dipper goes ahead and tries to do it by himself anyway, even though he could wait a couple of days. He could have helped Mabel and got the puppet show prepped sooner and they could have started with the laptop sooner.

If you’re reading this you might still be thinking that Mabel is selfish for doing the puppet show over helping Dipper. But the thing is…having an epic summer romance is Mabel’s WHOLE goal. Way before Dipper wants to solve the mystery of the author of the journals; in the first episode Mabel tells us that, and we see that she has tried a handful of times already. She’s already working on her goal whilst Dipper whinges about having to work in the gift shop. If it hadn’t of been for his whining (which I can only assume is the real reason Stan picked him over Mabel to go into the woods), he wouldn’t have even found the journal. For all he knows until ATOTS, the author is long dead. He’s just an interesting puzzle to solve over the summer, which can be resumed next summer. Meanwhile, Mabel’s summer romance is easier to reach and already in motion. That was her idea of a good summer. If you think about it, Dipper’s sudden author chase (and Wendy chasing) has sabotaged Mabel’s ESR quite a bit.

People also bring up the Time Traveller’s Pig as well. Whilst Mabel’s goal in that episode (getting Waddles) was new, it was still on a timer. And she ACHIEVED it. Dipper made a mistake and Wendy and Robbie happened to get together. When a solution arises, Mabel is only too happy to help him out because she wants him to be as happy as she is. But when Dipper achieving his goal can only happen in a version of events where Mabel doesn’t get Waddles, he refuses to give it up. Waddles would undoubtedly be a friend to Mabel and make her happy. She got what she wanted and tried to help her brother. Dipper tried very hard to resume his uncertain casual friendship with Wendy. There was no saying that she’d suddenly want to go out with him just because he didn’t accidentally hit her in the face. And we saw that she didn’t. Dipper was incredibly selfish in this episode because he was willing to sacrifice his sister’s certain happiness with his uncertain happiness. He only gives in after seeing just how upset Mabel is, and she appreciates it!

I love both twins equally and I identify with them both SO MUCH. They’re just a couple of kids in a bizarre situation, which means that typical kid selfishness is harder to get away with. But they’re learning quicker, which is good. And they really love each other a lot, which I, as an older sister, am so pleased to see on a show. Because it’s REALISTIC and sibling love is AMAZING. I’d be lost without my brothers, and Dipper and Mabel would be lost without each other.



What if this is what happened after he put himself back together and needed something to let off some steam?

Maybe that’s even when he took over the world. Seeing how it’s a thousand years from now, in 3012, the mailbox’s prophecy would also come true.

So, Time Baby taking over the world as a result of his bad mood caused by Bill is a huge, huge time paradox. I don’t know about you, but I can feel a headache coming up.


Clips from the episode The Time Traveller’s Pig from the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.

anonymous asked:

did you notice Blendin in "Gideon Rises" when Stan pulled up to expose Gideon, bc i just did

wonder what he was doing there, cause as far as I remember Mabel and Dipper never traveled to Gideon Rises in The Time Traveler’s Pig

better yet, I wonder if that was Blendin there or Bill possessing Blendin

Rewatch: Time Traveler’s Pig

hmm remember when Dipper tried to to convince Mabel she’ll forget all about Waddles in a a week…in a month? Do you remember? Good. So what I’m getting at is when Dipper fast forwards to a month and Soos is doing the tours, Did Stan activate the portal and get his brother back? (honestly can’t remember if this episode was in the beginning of the summer or close to the end. What the heck even is the time frame of all these events anyway!?) or does that not work because Dipper weren’t there…also if Dipper disappeared for a month…Does Stan think he died or is he out looking for him? 

*insert “These are ligament questions” thingy* 

Okay, so I’m re-watching the scene in Sock Opera where Bill talks about how Dipper is always sacrificing stuff for Mabel, and she never returns the favour.

This has probably already been pointed out, but I think it’s worth mentioning again. Sock Opera specifically focused on Mabel’s flaws, and used by many against her.

Bill displays scenes from Tourist Trapped, The Time Traveler’s Pig, and The Deep End.

Tourist Trapped - Dipper did not sacrifice anything in here. All he did was look out for Mabel, which she initially brushed off, but then apologized for later on. Dipper says that Mabel saved them (“You saved our butts back there.”), and she helped to figure out the gnomes weakness.

The Time Traveler’s Pig - What was Dipper going after this episode? Wendy. He was trying to prevent Wendy and Robbie from getting together. Mabel is willing to help him, until the one time he manages to stop the two prevents Mabel from winning Waddles. We’ve seen Mabel’s attachment with Waddles, and who knows what would’ve happened to him if he stayed with Pacifica. He might’ve gotten eaten? I’m not sure, but you get the gist.

The Deep End - Mabel finds a new crush, turns out new crush is a merman who has been separated from his family and longs to return. Mabel decides to help him return to his home. Dipper has to give up a lifeguarding job he got just so he could spend more time with Wendy (who he sees every day) in order for Mermando to return home. Pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think?

What am I trying to say with all this? Bill is not a trustworthy source, so stop using him to fuel your Mabel hate.

Sock Opera was an important episode because it highlighted Mabel’s flaws, but she realized them in the end and grew as a person. She apologized and made it clear that she cares about her brother.

So yes, she acted selfishly in this episode. No one’s denying that. But it always seems like she is made out to be a horrible person, when in actuality, she’s not.