Gravity Falls Rewatch Relization

OKAY so I haven’t seen anyone point this out yet. but i was rewatching the series with a friend of mine who hasn’t watched it yet and on epsiode 9 of season one when the kids are time traveling the last spot they appear before the time machine tape kinda breaks is here

look familiar? when i first watched the show i recognized the familiar building as none other than our beloved mystery shack probably just in the winter right?

okay sure but then after they disappear and the door opens to reveal who of course in my first watch through i figured was stan, or a relative of grunkle stan due to the heavy similarity in the face

of course later on after watching carpet diem (episode 16) and seeing the same glasses  as seen below i began to think this man in fact was not stan  due to the fact they were in a completely sealed off room

then in the FOLLOWING episode we see another flashback of stan and then a few episodes after that ANOTHER with no cleft chin of course making a lot of viewers realize stan must have a brother or another very close relative who once lived there because these two stans were evidently not the same as the man who appeared out of the shack SO

of course you have all heard this before BUT now going back i had forgotten about this scene and 

of course it was stanford as we now know. but now this is a complete confirmation. not a stanley flashback but a time presumably even before the portal was built due to how young ford looks. anyway there you have it. even more confirmation that the theory was valid nearly from the start. even before carpet Diem when most people realized. 

okay thats all for now 

The Importance of Time Travel in Gravity Falls

We get some bits of time travel here and there in the show. First we got those little background “easter eggs” in the first three episodes of the series, then in Time Traveler’s Pig we discover Blendin time traveled to clean anomalies. In that same episode, we get a peak at what I assume is a distant future?

(It looks like a rather futuristic city that’s in ruins and futuristic weapon wielders run by in the scene, so I’m not 100% sure how it could be the near future or apocalypse like some have theorized? Is there more evidence to back either? Also, those two moons for this “future of earth” are strange. I wrote about that before.)

Could it also be an alternate timeline? Who knows?

For a while, it seemed we weren’t getting more time travel shinanigans yet. Then Blendin is spotted in Gideon Rises, and makes a non-background reappearance in Blendin’s Game: an episode that was heavily focused on the distant future that Time Baby reigns. We also see “Blendin was here” written on some wood boards that little Stanley punched through in AToTS.

Speaking of Time Baby, he’s worried about Bill. Why could that be?

While time travel thus far has been rather subtle and minimally presented compared to other scenes and themes of the show, I believe it’ll be of less subtle importance very soon in this season. How?

Well… First I want to get into some time travel that’s seen in the Gravity Falls book: Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun.

What I read there before didn’t make much sense. I couldn’t stop thinking and wondering about it since then! However, tonight I gave the pages another read. Looking into it, I think I’ve got some interpretations on it!

What even happened here? All I know is that Blendin sure is kept busy with his job.

Sooo… Let’s look back at the first two pages before this, shall we? And consider some timeline stuff which hopefully won’t confuse me and give me a headache later. (Or do the same to you guys…)

Examination and analysis time! One paragraph at a time.

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Clips from the episode The Time Traveller’s Pig from the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.