Starish high-fiving Haru-chan

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Starish teaming-up before going on stage

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Maji Love 1000% being played once more in the end

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(This time, with QUARTET NIGHT)

Those little cute scenes they had during the instrumental part

Some traditions need to keep going on

the most recent in a series of 8tracks playlists of orchestral covers i’ve made


cool kids / echosmith // shut up and dance / walk the moon // halo / beyoncé // bang bang / jessie j, ariana grande, nicki minaj // immortals / fall out boy // see you again / wiz khalifa ft. charlie puth // uptown funk / mark ronson ft. bruno mars // bad blood / taylor swift // photograph / ed sheeran


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“I Name you, Echthroi. I Name you Meg.
I Name you Calvin. I Name you Mr. Jenkins.
I Name you Proginoskes.
I fill you with Naming.
Be, butterfly and behemoth,
be galaxy and grasshopper,
star and sparrow,
you matter,
you are,
Be caterpillar and comet,
be porcupine and planet,
sea sand and solar system,
sing with us,
dance with us,
rejoice with us,
for the glory of creation,
sea gulls and seraphim,
angle worms and angel host,
chrysanthemum and cherubim
(O cherubim)
Sing for the glory
of the living and the loving
the flaming of creation
sing with us
dance with us
be with us

They were not her words only.
They were the words of Senex,
of the Deepening Sporos,
of all the singing farae,
the laughter of the greening farandolae,
Yadah itself,
all the mitochondria,
all the human hosts,
the earth,
the sun,
the dance of the star whose birthing she had seen,
the galaxies,
the cherubim and seraphim,
wind and fire,
the words of the Glory.”

-Madeleine L'Engle, A Wind in the Door

Mrs. Whatsit [A Wrinkle In Time]

because i felt like drawing Mrs. Whatsit true form. wearing a fez because as some of you know i have a headcanon that the Doctor chills with Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which quite often.

i have a silly sketch of her in her rags and stuff but i’m not as pleased with that one so =3=

also i clearly don’t know shit about horse anatomy. or bird anatomy. i imagine at the end of her wings are like. talon things that i see people draw Davesprite with now and then.

Just finished rereading An Acceptable Time. Wow… I don’t remember what I specifically disliked about it the first time I read it, which was more than ten years ago, but my god I didn’t like it any better now. 

Brief thoughts: 

Tav is a brainless jock and he and Polly have no chemistry (I didn’t even remember him from the first reading), I hate his and Polly’s forced little romance, he could be cut from the book and it would read better

Polly and Anaral’s friendship has so much more potential, if only it had been developed

Really the one relationship that even gets half as developed as it deserved was Zachary’s friendship with Polly. It could be played/written as something so meaningful, which makes the ending (Zachary’s redemption vs. their friendship is now over) so bittersweet. The meaning is there, it just requires some conjecture.

It’s a hurriedly written, slapdash-at-the-end redemption arc that relies on one of those idiotic “But didn’t you know? The convenient way to solve the plot was RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! Too bad your friend done screwed up everything!” twists, but Zachary’s redemption is actually my favorite thing about the book.


"With you,

“In this fateful hour
All Heaven with its power
The sun with its brightness
The snow with its whiteness
The fire with all the strength it hath
The lightning with its rapid wrath
The winds with their swiftness along their path
The sea with its deepness
The rocks with their steepness
The earth with its starkness
All these I place
By God’s almighty help and grace
Between myself and the powers of darkness”

-Madeleine L'Engle, A Swiftly Tilting Planet

30 Day Drawing Challenge – number 14 (Anachronistically!) It’s “Favorite Character from a Book.”

Now, asking me my favorite book character is an even more futile endeavor than asking my favorite food. There are SO MANY CHARACTERS. Even narrowing it down – Harry Potter? His Dark Materials? The Old Kingdom? 19th century novels? I CANNOT CHOOSE

So instead I did something a bit experimental. I drew two of my favorite characters from one of my favorite series – the Time Quartet, by Madeleine L'Engle – in the style of Gravity Falls. This is Meg Murry, with her partner, the cherubim Proginoskes, having a fight. Those glowering helium symbols around him are supposed to be eyeballs. ‘Supernatural’ fans, check this guy out.

Incidentally, I like how Meg came out. She would do really really well in Gravity Falls, I think.

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I felt it too. The one moment I sobbed in the episode was when STARISH bowed to their senpais in respect, and as a “thank you” for the teaching and caring. And when I saw the senpais smiling at their former juniors - and now rivals - I felt like I couldn’t cry more. My teacher once said to me that a teacher’s biggest joy is when their students surpass them, because it means you lit up that fire and teached them right. I feel like, even if QN wants to be the best and stand on the top, they also feel like this - “My job here is done. They are prepared for this. I believe in them”. It’s even funnier when you realize QN only started/evolved because of their juniors. I really liked this part.

I see so many repeating themes in Barbershop Quartet fanart, but one of the weirdest ones is that Sam is always carrying Natasha on his back, like??? I can count the number of times I’ve seen that on two hands and like??? #whatdoesitmean

Sunday To-Do List:

  • Wash, fold, put away all laundry
  • Vacuum rugs
  • Spray the new pee-stain seventeen times with Febreeze
  • Destroy the sanctity of marriage
  • Clean wood floors
  • Cook fava beans*, moong beans, barley, brown basmati, and a mélange of five greens
  • Divide said ingredients into a variety of lunches for the week
  • Bring down God’s wrath on the Greatest Nation on Earth
  • Walk the dogs four times
  • Cut toenails and sand callouses
  • Endlessly mock Sarah Palin’s second illegitimate grandchild
  • Repeatedly scroll Tumblr to see if beerburritowhiskey has posted anything new/else
  • Tell Ernie, “Put the lotion in the fucking basket!” until he moves to the other room
  • Listen to Britten’s Phantasy Quartet** three times consecutively
  • Think about other hairy butts
  • Make to-do lists for the week
  • Write the rent check

Who’s not going to be able to stay awake to get caught up on Hannibal tonight? 

*Doing them the Iraqi breakfast way with dill and rice rather than my standard fūl medames.

**I prefer the François Leleux recording, but the one by Gernot Schmalfuß is good, too.

Milwaukee’s Light Music brings a delicious blend of scuzzy, fuzzy rock and psychedelic pop on their endearing new single Petrichor, a superb taste off debut album Ocean’s Daughter, out August 21st via The Record Machine. At times on Petrichor, the quartet reminds me of a more kaleidoscopic, breezier, and woozier Death Cab, infused with smatterings of The Drums and Wild Nothing. Turns out, acclaimed producer and engineer Beau Sorenson (Death Cab For Cutie, Bob Mould) recorded and mixed their album. Petrichor is a charming, powerful rock song.