“The friends I meet have changed after having a child. It’s because my interests have drastically changed. We live with similar schedules, such as the times our kids go to daycare and come home… And when we meet up around 2:00, they understand even if I have to leave right away to pick up my kids from daycare. But friends who don’t have children look a little upset when that happens. They want to chat more, but I have to go home for my children.”

“아이가 생기고 나서 만나는 친구들이 조금 달라졌어요. 관심사가 확 달라지니까요. 저희는 생활하는 시간이 비슷하잖아요. 아이들 등원시간 하원시간… 그리고 2시 즈음 만났다 아이 하원시간이라 바로 헤어지더라도 이해해줘요. 근데 아이가 없는 친구들은 약간 서운한 기색이에요. 오랜만에 만나서 얘기 더 하고 싶은데, 전 아이들 때문에 집에 가야하니까.”

Do you ever have those shonen protagonist moments of love and inspiration where you’re like wow I’m alive and a human and I have the power to do good and inspire people but what’s more is I can do these things just by existing!! Even the smallest gesture of good will toward a fellow human gives me purpose on this tumultuous world.

Like I’m on the interstate and someone’s signaling to get over and I slow down to let them into my lane and they wave their thanks at me and I get??? So overcome. With emotions. I’m like “that was a true show of camaraderie and good-faith among two members of the human race. Truly, if we act like that all the time, we can achieve peace and happiness in our lives.”

Like??? Me @ myself: you’re crying over a lane-change PLEASE pull urself together Edward Elric.

why do poc let white people write their stories?

we don’t need white ppl to speak for us.

it takes time, years even, for poc to get the courage to talk about our lives.

a white person writing about what they don’t know is so disrespectful. let us speak. let us talk about us.

Event 03 || The Boy-Who-Lived….to Party

It’s time for our third event! This time, we’re celebrating the birthday of Harry Potter - and the release of The Cursed Child book on the same day. 

And what better way to celebrate his birthday by celebrating it with a muggle-style carnival located in Wizarding London.

The tag for this event will be garp: hp bday

For this event, you’ll be free to do whatever you want with your character! You can use the following for reference in your threads:

Muggle Rides & Games

  • Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Bumper Cars, Haunted House, House of Glass, Drop Tower, Giant Slide, Bounce House, Roller Coaster, Tunnel of Love, Swings, Spinning Teacups
  • Ring Toss, Balloon Dart Pop, Carnival Shooting Range

  • carnival-style food will be provided by The Three Broomsticks

Special Note:

In addition to the celebration - By request of the Muggle Studies class, Professor McGonagall has allowed students to have access to electronics in the form of cellphones.

Students enrolled in Muggle Studies are encouraged to use their phones over the course of this weekend and the next few weeks to learn how the wizarding world can better integrate muggle living.

We’ll begin this event today, July 29th. Happy threading x