This is Scottasaurus, not my childhood stuffed animal but my ace friend got him for me this year. The trio of us are *noncommittal wiggly hand movement*

Anon said: Plushie story! Okay so when I was 6 or so, I got this brown cat plushie. Truly adorable. Never decided on it’s gender. Today Kitty is a she, tomorrow he is a very happy Kitty, and sometimes Kitty is just Kitty and doesn’t care what they are. (Bonus: now my sister has a black cat plushie and it’s either Pudding the girl kitty or Jess the boy kitty depending on the day)

Anon said: as a kid, I definitely thought my stuffed animals (and blankets haha) were guys. I referred to them as he/him, etc. but my parents and other kids my age thought it was weird, since I was a girl, after all. even to the point where the other kids wouldn’t let their animals play with mine. too bad I was a Total Rebel and preferred to play by myself anyways so I guess it all worked out

Mod Rose: Hey some people do gender blankets after all. Also wow your toys were just too punk lol

Anon said: That stuffed animal ask though. I never thought of mine (which I still have today at the age of 27 ahaha) as being either male or female. It was neither, and I always called it ‘it’ when I had to define it’s gender, although I thought that seemed a bit impersonal. But other people’s stuffed animals always seemed to have a gender, and I felt like mine just didn’t have or need one (and still feel that way today).

Rose: I have mine too at 27 and my dads. I can’t just get rid of them.

Lisasaegyo said: I have a a plushie in form of fox, he is dress like a sheep lmao he even have a hood with the sheep little ears you can put and take off. I always struggle with his pronouns, right now I see him as a he but… sometimes I call him she and it feels totally fine and right to call him that way. Like… I know it’s odd but to me it totally normal. Also his name is White Fox and I can’t sleep without him

Rose: Cutee

Anon: I have a stuffed animal dog that used to change genders whenever I felt necessary. I could never decide which so it just changed randomly.

R: Tbh I bet this would be a good way to practice pronouns if you needed

Starshipcaptainjojo: My mother used to be quite alarmed that my Giraffe is male (I’m female.) She was shocked I wanted a male stuffed animal. As if I made that choice, amirite??? He just happens to be a dude. Like my car is a dude too. Just the other day she expressed surprise when I referred to Giraffe as 'him’. I’m 28 years old. He’s still male. So… guess I’m sleeping with a man every night :D

R: Oh my god lol that’s great

Anon said: If we’re still talking about stuffed animals, I had a huge dragon toy that I never gave a gender to because I didn’t like how I felt when I tried to call it either. I would always switch between pronouns because I didn’t know what else to call it.

Anon: this is sort of related to the gender/childhood toys discussion? when i was little i loved princess and romance movies, so most of the time when i played with barbies (often) i would make up romantic stories (which, uh, Messed Me Up when i realized i was aroace tbh). except i didnt have any “ken” dolls, so i would designate certain barbies to be boys, and just say that their boobs were “bruises on their chests”. it was only recently i realized id made them trans boys

R: I’m torn between hell yeah trans men and how we gender things is really interesting

Anon: I had a stuffed brontosaurus named Steve, and when my mom said “Oh, so he’s a boy dinosaur” I told her “Nope, Steve’s a dinosaur, they aren’t girls or boys”, and looking back I don’t know how tf I didn’t know I was agender. I also had a stuffed lion named Roary who was a girl, but king of the jungle

Anon: I have s stuffed tiger named Tiggy (pronounced tag-Ee). I am a girl, but I knew this stuffed tiger was a boy the first time I saw him. I don’t know why. When I was younger he was my best friend. I often imagined he was real. Everytime someone was mean to me he could yell, swear, and do other unladylike things. In a big way he was an extension of myself. He held my anger and rage. I don’t know how much gender played into that but it is interesting to think about.

R: this could be a kids book

Tiggi the tiger 

Doodles adds: Awwwwwww cute!!!! Let’s give him a backstory shall we? Once upon a time, in the rainforest, a small tiger lived with his family. They were all pretty normal until the catastrophy happened. One unfortunate day the rain turned into black sludge. It rained down upon the earth, making it filthy. Tiggi however, got lucky. A single golden drop fell upon his head. The sludge around him formed into floating black squares. He was blessed with the power to cleanse the earth of this awful sludge. Although he was given this responsibility to help, he is still a party animal at heart! (PS, I wasn’t sure about Tiggi’s gender… My gut went with boy and that’s what I wrote. I apologise if I got it wrong.) Tiggi belongs to @safaripig