This little girl discovered her first dragon fly today among the tiger lilies! Nestled in the safety of my sweater she made a significant discovery of the natural world. She was so mesmerized! She never tried to attack it, she just watched with delight ;) It’s a pleasure watching her discover the joys of the witches world! 


“Sweet suicide, release me / From all of this pain / Another night of torment / Never sunshine, always rain…”

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: Spooky Christmas vol 2 by witchyfashionmusic by witchyfashionmusic

2016’s spooky Christmas playlist

Nightmare Before Christmas - Making Christmas - English
Winter Trouble (Dark Christmas Song) - myuu
Batzz in the belfry - O Holy Night
Camille Saint - Saëns - Danse Macabre
The Tiger Lillies - Your Body Lies Frozen
Midnight Syndicate - Night of the Krampus

Lobotomy, lobotomy, the best thing you can have
You’ll never be depressed again you’ll never be sad
All your pain is cleansed, now let’s celebrate
I tell you how you’re gonna feel you’re gonna feel great
Lobotomy, lobotomy, you will have such fun

Then you’ll all be vegetables, you might smell a bit
But after your lobotomy you will not know it

Alfred Kubin’s art
The Tiger Lillies’ song lyrics


Karolina Czarnecka “Hera, koka, hasz, LSD”, crazy cover of The Tiger Lillies.


The Tiger Lillies are pretty much my everything, band-wise. And so is this music video. Welcome to my happy place.