For Valentine’s Day I wanted to draw Milady with Athos but of course it will be awkward for Athos so Milady had to hug a mini plush Athos instead XD.. First time I ever draw Milady!! :D Im planning to do the other guys with their couples as well what do you think?

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I don’t think that people appreciate how wonderfully extra everyone in The Three Musketeers is. Like d'Artagnan is just the epitome of a cringey child and in the scene where the actual three musketeers are introduced Porthos says that everyone knows Aramis is a ho so he should stop moralizing and then Aramis says “I say what I please and at this moment it pleases me to say you are annoying me.”

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*curtsies* i'm reading the three musketeers because of you, and it's So Goooooood!!! i was wondering which of the three musketeers you'd most want to go out partying with, and what drink you'd buy them?

*Curtsies* Probably Aramis, because Porthos is an idiot and Athos is an alcoholic. What would I buy him? Well, probably wine because we’d be in France in the 1600s and that’s what would be readily available. P. S. Glad you’re loving it! You should def read Monte Cristo if this is up your alley.

Good morning bookstagram! Okay okay so I’m a little more than halfway through with The Night Circus already and OMG things are getting really intense now, I LOVE IT. ❤️❤️❤️ So anyway! Here’s the #blackandblue tag tagged by @signourney, thank you! I really like how this photo turned out. 💙💙💙