Good morning all! We’ve got pretty gloomy weather today, so I thought it would be apt to post a sea of blue books! I own too many blue books tbh. 😂💙💙💙 #seaofbooks tag tagged by @albumsbooksandfilm and #thebluechallenge tag tagged by @paperfury, thanks lovelies! 😊💙📚


Mads Mikkelsen: “I always steal something. From ‘Casino Royale’ I took the deck of cards with which I beat James Bond. From 'The Three Musketeers’ I took something childish - an eye patch, I think. The costumes were expensive, they would not be happy to part with something big. But why didn’t I think about sword, really? I got my bow from 'King Arthur’, and I am quite happy to have it.”

I don’t think that people appreciate how wonderfully extra everyone in The Three Musketeers is. Like d'Artagnan is just the epitome of a cringey child and in the scene where the actual three musketeers are introduced Porthos says that everyone knows Aramis is a ho so he should stop moralizing and then Aramis says “I say what I please and at this moment it pleases me to say you are annoying me.”

For Valentine’s Day I wanted to draw Milady with Athos but of course it will be awkward for Athos so Milady had to hug a mini plush Athos instead XD.. First time I ever draw Milady!! :D Im planning to do the other guys with their couples as well what do you think?

You can find more here:

I found this on ebay, it’s 50 years old this month, somebody please buy it and share the “all about him inside”? :D

I assume that it features a pull-out poster of JB. I remember those from when I read Tiger Beat and such.