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There's a button for that omf. Sassy cat is my third favorite cat, only beaten by Sage fangirl cat in position 2 and drunk cat in first. ((;P))

Omfg. 1 and 2 kind of blend together sometimes actually, not gonna lie…

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McGonall is my favorite teacher at Hogwarts outside Remus for third year DADA ofc, my favorite spell is the Patronus charm, and my favorite object would be a 3 way split between the Marauders Map, the Invisibility Cloak, and Sirius's motorbike.

I ship you with seamus finnigan

seriously guys, no more 

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nicomaki and nozoeli raising their daughter

So I’m pretty sure you meant each couple separately raising a child, but I first thought you meant all four of them raising one child together so that’s what I wrote about.

  • They all have their specific duties in the morning. Nozomi wakes up first and starts breakfast, then wakes the other three. Nico makes lunch for everyone. Eli wakes their daughter up, and Maki helps her get ready for school.
  • Nozomi plays with their daughter the most. They get into all sorts of trouble together, usually only stopped when Eli or Maki see them. Nozomi is also very good at offering advice, and is always ready to listen to problems.
  • Nico can always cheer their daughter up. She makes sure their daughter is always able to smile, and knows the value of not giving up.
  • Eli and Maki are similar in that they’re more disciplined and like to keep to schedules. Eli is more playful though, and will often sneak their daughter chocolate when she’s not supposed to. Maki teaches their daughter music.
  • All of them sing and dance together, with Maki on the piano. Their daughter loves joining in, and they all have a great time.
  • Sometimes their child just sits back and watches the huge messes her moms get into, especially when she’s older. She always has fun stories to tell her friends.

tfw you get to third season opener of Leverage and Detective Bonano says “This is my favorite part.” and you realize that he’s well aware that the Leverage crew not only goes after bad guys but also sets things up in a way where they really can’t do much but sputter as things fall apart around them. And that he really enjoys getting to see the latter happen.  

  • Keep track of the amount of time you spend online so ou can accurately assess whether it is too much
  • Insert planned Internet time into your daily schedule and see if you can stick to it.
  • Make a list of problems in your life that may have occurred because of your time spent online
  • If you do not feel able to change your behavior on your own, seek the help of a counselor or therapist. 

Just playing around with some dramatic shaders, lol. I finished covering the mountain in a less dense forest with smaller pine trees, and I have to say I actually like it better than the other one. 

My favorite picture is the third one down for some reason. Just the lamps shining bright in a gloomy, gray and dreary surrounding is really nice.

The amazing bashcat99 has helped me decorate some of the insides of the shops in the square, and we’ve started a tented market on the opposite side. I feel really hopeful about this build and I know it’s gunna turn out spectacular in the end.