Oswald knows something is wrong the moment Ed walks into the room. 
“What is it?”
Ed shakes his head, and Oswald takes his arm gently, leading him to sit down on the couch beside him. Ed puts his face in his hands, fingers pressing into his eyes. “He knows about us.”
“Jim knows too much. He’ll get me fired, send me to Blackgate-”
“He won’t. We’ll take care of him.”
“Ozzie, we’ll have to kill him. He must have seen us. He put it all together, figured out that I broke you out of the GCPD. He already told Bullock, they could be looking for me right now!” 
“Ed!” He shouts, taking his face into his hands. “I promise you, we will take care of this, do you understand? We will find James Gordon before he finds us, and we will kill him.”

written by @freckledandspectacled

5 things you like about yourself

i was tagged by @narrys-town. thank you, shirley! i think i need this right now. 💕

Rules: post 5 things you like about yourself and tag 10 friends afterwards to do the same

1. i’m very good at my job and i’ve been very good at every job i’ve had since i was 17. i’ve never not been hired for a job i applied for and i’ve never been fired.

2. i don’t really care what other people think of me that much. as long as people don’t think i’m mean, hurtful, rude, racist, homophobic, or any similar negative characteristic, i don’t really care. 

3. i’ve learnt to deal with social anxiety, depression, ptsd, epilepsy, chronic migraine disorder, and asperger’s syndrome and have grown stronger for all of it. i still have bad days but they’re what remind me that i can grow even stronger and braver.

4. i’ve been told i’m like a chameleon when it comes to my style– hair, clothes, makeup, etc. i can pull off almost any look i want, even the most ridiculous outfits or most outlandish hairstyles.

5. i love music and have a pretty good voice.

i’m going to tag @galeaya067, @missy14us, @undertheniall, @irish-n-curly, @zayntoxicateme, @stylingmrstyles, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @blrgingqueen, @comehitherniall, @justnarryaf and anyone else who wants to do it. you don’t have to but if you’re having a bad day like i am it might make you feel a little better to think about the things you like about yourself!

…I have no excuse for this. Well… okay, I do, it’s for doctorwho’s Adipose contest.  So yeah, mainly as an excuse to not only not work on my paper but also to just have a reason to draw one of these guys.  

A quick kind of experiment I think. :)