There’s a moment when Rust comes and mows Martin’s lawn, and even that is seen as a calculated chess move, when it could’ve been and should’ve been an olive branch.

Matthew McConaughey: That’s all it was meant to be!

Woody Harrelson: No, I think that actually is one of the ultimate nice things that his character does. At that point, he’s really doing a nice thing, and it just goes to show you, no good deed goes unpunished.

Matthew McConaughey: But that was Cohle’s olive branch. That was hard for Cohle to even put himself out like that, to say that would be a nice thing to do. Believe me, Cohle, offscreen, had a long time spent with himself where he went over it all. Should he go do that? And he’s like, “Come on man, you’re trying to be part of civilization, this guy’s been trying to reach out, that would be a neighborly, nice thing to do for your partner.” And he goes and does it, completely pure of heart. And then Hart comes home, and he’s been dipping his wick outside his house … but mine was staying in my pants, man! I don’t want nothing to do with that! [Laughs.] And you come and ask me, “You mowing my lawn?”



I was unfortunate enough to have words with this man earlier today. First he hit on me and after I told him I had a boyfriend this is what happened.

I hope that i handled it the right way… I’m truly disgusted with the things he said and I thought I would share this with you.

He works at best buy and attends the art institute here in Houston. Do your worst, he deserves it.


You spend all season wondering what exactly an Intergalactic Rebel Queen Goddess Superhero saw in Greg Universe other than the fact he’s kind of a sweet goof and then “Story for Steven” happens and you then seriously consider throwing your panties or hotel room key at a cartoon character.

About the whole Joss Whedon leaving twitter thing....

Something important to keep in mind is that Joss Whedon suffers from anxiety and depression. 

As someone who also has an anxiety disorder, some days social media can just be crippling. I have absolutely had days or weeks where I’ve opted out and I’m shit at returning emails.   I have never joined twitter because it seems like it is a fast paced world of people being really hard on each other. It’s like the worst thing you could give someone with anxiety. I’d be willing to bet given other things Whedon has said lately indicating his anxiety is off-the-charts-high, that his decision to leave Twitter has more to do with his own mental health than anything else.  

The man was being tagged in THOUSANDS of tweets. With emotions and opinions running high about Age of Ultron, I think that is an anxiety disorder nightmare.  Every notification would be like a gut punch of worry, even the ones that turned out to be good.  Add some death threats, legitimate criticism, and the usual misogynist nerd whining that “you ruuuuuined my favorite characterrrr” and fuck, even thinking about that makes me nervous.  

It’s not a sign of weakness for someone with mental health issues to leave a difficult thing like twitter.  It’s not a sign that he can’t take criticism.  It’s always ok for any of us with mental health issues to put ourselves first and to remove ourselves from situations that exacerbate our disorders.  

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Hey! Do you know if that graphic "I like punk rock and skateboarding" "wrong and wrong" tshirt is still being sold by VANS? I've been going to every mall to find it 'cause it's rad haha.

TUESDAY, MAY 5th, 2015

Oh man, that thing came out like two years ago.  So you’re S.O.L. cuz all the thousands of unsold units of that shirt would’ve been buried in the desert LOOOOONG ago.  Sorry, dude.  Cheer yourself up by buying a Way Bad shirt from the Way Bad Webstore!

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Don't beat yourself up, man. You were mind-controlled, it's not your fault. And I have a feeling that, if it had really come down to it, you would never have killed Leo. If he could bring you back with anger, then there was a part of you that was awake, and that part loves your bros too much to really do them harm, freaky mind-control worm or not. I'm sure Leo would never blame you, so don't blame yourself.

Don’t you think I know that!? I still can’t help thinking things…Like what If I did? or whatever?  It’s just still fresh on my mind I guess…

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You must be fucked up in the head. Why would you let a man beat you?

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you knew my life story, or the reasoning behind why I like being smacked around.

Did you stop to think that some of us. Including myself, aren’t closed minded fucking prudes, and enjoy pressing our limits?

Yes, I like to be abused and used, and no. That doesn’t make me fucked in the head, it makes me strong. And you wanna know why? Because I’m not afraid to do the things that turn me on. Like most of you fucks, that hide behind a screen and judge people on what you think you know.

This is a good time for a race discussion. There are definitely places in time where a black man from Baltimore could feel… a little more comfortable than others. I could go visit Great Zimbabwe! Hey let’s go hang out in Songhai! Africa, The Middle East, Southern Europe. Those are my choices. That’s a lot of space to visit!

But like, you’re time traveling with your white friend who means well, and you know you’re going into some bad shit. “Hey, let’s visit the antebellum south!” Why would we do that. “I always wanted to visit one of those nice plantations.” *Unfriended. 

Man, that guy would bring you to like, the Battle of Trautenau, and be like “Isn’t this sick?” and I’d be like “No this is terrifying!” and get our ass captured by Prussians. Next thing you know I’m stuck in the 19th century, conscripted and being yelled at by Adolf von Bonin. “This is just great, Jared.” I’d say as I’m loading a cannon.

No, I mean things are tough in 2015, but at least I’m not stuck in the 1860′s finding out what the Prussian word for Little Black Boy who Pisses His Pants during a gunfight, but sure likes to drink.” It’s german, so you know they have one.

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I am going to put it out here again, because I really don't like the suggestions anons make behind it: if Sam decides to refer to Cait as his on-screen wife (which she is) he is just referring to THAT: the fact Cait is his on-screen wife. He is not leading people on (regardless of what he means by it) and he doesn't need Graham as his wing-man so we won't have to doubt his character (whoever made that one up, pfft). He is stating a FACT and nothing more. I wish the silly speculation would stop.

Oh please, Sam enjoys the speculation. He knows exactly what he’s doing when he says things like that. If there wasn’t something going on, he wouldn’t lead people to believe there was. 

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Talk to me about Calle's different types of smiling. :D

why would u do this to me

WELL idk man does his laughter count as a type of smiling? I’ll say it does.

His laughing smile, when it’s genuine, is a really kind smile if I had to describe it. Like it makes you want to smile and laugh too  it’s like 10/10 cute

Then they’re this smile that’s not all that genuine but come on now, do it for the comedy Calle  this is like 6/10 cute

and then there’s his genuine full on smile that makes me want to die inside tbh  this is the highest level of cute it’s at least 11/10 cute

I can’t find any gifs of his genuine smile but it’s the best thing to exist pls

There is nothing more beautiful, amazing, and inspiring than being around women who have something awaken within them - a journey, a calling, an adventure. I’ve been pretty lucky to spend a lot of time with strong women - even raised by two who I would do anything for - who have their own dreams and despite all of the things they are fed mentally by our society, strive anyways. Above all, women act as moment by moment integrity checkers for men, oracles even, and if you can surround yourself with a group of strong women, you will grow beyond belief, have your head lovingly cut off when you aren’t being the best man you could be, and you will experience life itself and its vast array of experiences. Like the ocean they change and shift by the second, let that help you find your solidity. Seek them out - don’t be intimidated, women can move mountains. They are to be cherished.

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I've never really bought into the idea of breasts as sexual objects, though I admit this might be a slightly european thing. I think topless (and breast feeding) women should be acceptable anywhere a shirtless man would be; i.e., not most places.

So do I, for the most part.  That doesn’t change the fact that nipples are sexual in women, more so than men, and people really shouldn’t ignore that.  While I like the idea of gender neutral toplessness, I understand the arguments against it.

Also, if memory serves (and I could be wrong), bare (or nearly bare) breasts still trigger something in the human brain when seen.  They draw attention in a sexual way, even in cultures with no taboo against them.  

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Hello not so sure if you'd know this but so I have a question as to wonder I'm pre-t trans 23 how should I or am I supposed to go about dating and asking out straight girls.. How am I supposed to explain myself when they find out I'm not really a man yet

Hey, I don’t have any personal advise, but would definitely tell them before things get physical and/or serious. How you do this is up to you. 

> Yeah, you aren’t feeling too great anymore and at this point you’re doing more than your fair share of dwelling in the past. You realize this whole conversation was probably just bullshit but it still got you thinking about things you really didn’t need to. Man, you need to hurry up and get over him already. It’s over, been over for almost a sweep, you need to recognize that. You aren’t sure what you want, but for now at the very least you don’t think you want to be alone and you glance over at the company you’re sharing.

“AA, would it be weird if I asked to stay the night? I’ll leave tomorrow or something but…”

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But what we really need is a 2UT theory. Everything would be the same, just Undertaker would have a double to do spooky scary things with💀

theundertakersfinebooty YES. The 2UTT (lol see, even the abbreviation looks like a butt).

What do you mean “would”? After seeing this ask, I realized that there really are 2 Undertakers. How else would you explain a derpy old man and suave badass being the same guy? Why want to save Ciel’s soul one moment and choke him by the collar the next? Characters cannot have more than 1 personality trait.

There have been 2 Undertakers all along! UT has been doing spoopy things with his double- his twin- his twin who he has a deep psychological bond with (who gets his jokes and booty calls)- all along.

sweetface1802 said: Has he made it clear or has he been TOLD to make it clear? We have no idea what he truly wants. All his life he has been told to support his brother, NOT strive to be better then William. He is not SUPPOSED to want to be King. He supposed to support.

Well we can’t read his mind so no we can’t be 100% sure. But we can never be 100% sure of anything anyone ever says. The only thing you can ever be certain of is what’s going on in your own mind. Everything else is educated guesswork. But the video below kind of sums up the whole attitude to me. I’ve never seen a man happier to hear he’s being pushed further down the line!! It’s in the last few seconds. Ultimately, if Harry was king he couldn’t do things like the Invictus Games. When William is King, Harry was still be free to do that. Why would the man we know- the charitable, free spirited, innovative man who founded a charity and spearheaded an initiative like the Invictus Games- want to give that up for a life of ratifying bills and handing out knighthoods? Do I think Harry would be a good king? Yes. Do I think he would take on that responsibility willingly if he had to? Yes. But does he actively want to be king? Everything he says and everything I know about him tells me no. 

Oh, man. I am so knackered … who the fuck thought waking up before ten was a good thing? Thank god for caffeinated tea.