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Hello! c: raspberry sorbet, tiramisu, and apple crisp?

Hi, dear! *Waves* Thanks for sending these in! :D

⭐️ raspberry sorbet: favorite clothing stores?

Unfortunately, anything I can afford. owo" Though, call me a hipster or whatever, but I’d love to make my own clothes and mod things I find at thrift stores!

⭐️ tiramisu: are you daring when it comes to makeup & clothing or do you like to play it safe?

OOOOH I love to experiment with my makeup sometimes when I’m alone at night, lmao.
I usually have confidence issues though cos I grew up being told “this looks ugly on you” or “don’t wear that because it’s not proper or professional” to anything I liked, so yeah. Lots of body/appearance issues.
I’m slowly getting more liberal with what I enjoy, though- I wear the red lipsticks I like now, for example! I’ll prolly always stick with my dark eyeliner though, har har.

⭐️ apple crisp: how do you relax?

Sometimes I like to do puzzle games, other times I draw or write. Basically, something I can let my brain chew on while I think about other things.
Also good is nice, or the occasional drink. Really fond of ciders. c:

Here in th Philippines, we don’t celebrate Halloween AS MUCH AS other countries does (like in the USA) and it’s such a bummer because it’s really fun dressing up a clever/crazy/funny/scary costume for one day, there are so many to choose from - characters from books, movies, series, cartoons to inanimate objects such a hotdog, water bottle, chair and so much more, just imagine the endless possibilities.

And since I find so many great, unusual stuff in the thrift store that I can’t use on a daily basis, I made this post to somehow show them off and also might help in case there is anyone need of ideas for halloween. I really made an effort on this so I hope you check em out!! There are a lot of surprises below! 

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maybe one of the best things about styling the films I make is that I have an excuse to take all the things I find at thrift stores and love even if they don’t fit me

I love that this is adult sized! (except it’s just not my size lol)

Every once in a while while I’m out shopping I’ll find things that would be perfect for Lolita and I want to share them with my followers but I feel like it looks ugly putting them all into a tumblr photo post so what I decided to do was create an Instagram for Lolita Tips where I can share these things. I’m thinking I’ll use it for things that I find while shopping, Lolita related things at conventions I go to, maybe Lolita inspired recipes, that sort of thing. So my question is, for the things that I find while I’m shopping, should I just do things you can find in regular stores or should I also do things that I find in thrift stores and antique stores? They’re not going to be things you could necessarily go out and buy right away since these stores always have different things but it could help give people some ideas like the message I have in my inbox right now from someone wondering about what kind of blouses they should look for if they can’t buy online.

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I bet you don't even play sports, fake sportergirl for sporting guys attention

Yes the reason I like to wear adidas and Nike things I find at the thrift store is to Please The Sporty Males™. You got me! Caught me red handed! Me, a person who very obviously does not play a sport, pretending to play a sport by dressing a certain way. U nailed it