Fake belly

A year or so ago, I remember reading an online article on SH and an artist/sculptor she used to date. There were at least 2 pictures of her sitting on a swing (in a backyard/garden of sorts), wearing a dress and underneath what the article described as a ‘fake pregnancy belly’. It was a ‘normal’ party, not a costume party or anything of the sort. In the article/interview she also stated she had 'many things to do before starting a family’. I remember having a terrible feeling in my gut about this person. Like, who would, for no reason at all, wear a fake pregnancy belly to a party? It might be insulting to other people (who cannot have children for example), and to me it was just so so weird and creepy. I have looked for that article everywhere, and I can’t seem to find it. Do you know what article I’m referring to? What are your thoughts?


Oh, I totally remember that party and photo.  And what kind of person, indeed?