The Thermals - Stay (Rihanna cover)

This is awesome. 

  1. bleeding heart by adam green
  2. peach by the front bottoms
  3. i called out your name by the thermals
  4. hold my hand by pangea
  5. lover by devandra banhart
  6. happy by best coast
  7. blue eyes by paul baribeau
  8. please, do me! by michael jordan touchdown pass
  9. to be close to you by julia brown
  10. in the dark by cute boy kissing booth
  11. u angel u by elvis depressedly
  12. paper thin by erica freas
  13. gimme your love by holy ghosts
  14. i’ll always be a child by slim twig
  15. this will be our year by the zombies

NEW TRACKS: The Thermals - “Thinking of You”

The Thermals have just released their third single, “Thinking of You,” off their seventh, upcoming album, We Disappear. “Thinking of You” is a direct, catchy, post-breakup anthem for anyone who loves indie rock, and The Thermals are most definitely channeling the great bands of garage rock. The straight-forward lyrics and music only make the song more relatable. At only about two minutes long, brevity is definitely a key factor in this song, but in this case, that is a good thing because it only allows you to listen to it on repeat faster. After a long career that started in 2002 and has already spanned six albums, this song could signal a change in The Thermals’ sound to more straight-forward, fast-paced, and fun music, which is exactly why you should check out We Disappear on March 25 2016.

-John Kos


The Thermals - Pillar of Salt


The Thermals - God and Country

i believe
i think
i don’t know