if we can have dozens of unnecessary “beautification” mods for DA characters

then can I at least have 1 freaking mod for Leliana that gives her human skin so I don’t have to look at her terrifying porcelain doll mask of a face every time I play DA:I?


Tom Cavanagh in A Killer Among Us (2012) [The gray t-shirt edition - attn: cramitwithwalnuts-ugly]

‘I’m just an ugly vampire’

okay so im not gonna lie this episode made me feel really sad about mika because i feel like its the first time they drew attention to how mika was dealing with things and his perspective, cause before we never really knew. i mean we knew things were hard for him but we need get to see it up close

When Ferid asked him where he belonged because he hated humans and he hated vampires, it really drew attention to how lonely and isolated mika was and how much he couldnt be with yuu… I had initially misunderstood and thought mika was respected in the vampire groups or at least feared due to him being krul’s favourite, however in the scene where Ferid grabbed mika by the throat and told him to stop playing around i was suddenly reminded of his childhood abuse and how he can never escape this constant physical and mental torture of not belonging and being hated by both groups - and how he can never be protected from anything. It’s all him for himself. Also i thought krul might like him or treat him well but she mainly treats him like a dog and the other vampires suggested that she only likes him due to his connection with yuu (since yuu is a powerful hybrid monster)… He also is always acting strong, (smiling with the other vampires, going along with their lifestyles), pretending to be something hes not, ignoring his struggles just so he has the power and energy to fight hard to see yuu.

He just wants to leave everything, to escape it all, to go back to yuu…Oh mika… I wish i could hug you or better yet that yuu could hug you and never let you go. you deserve it.

Me: *feels awful and horrible and ugly because no confidence*

Some piece-of-shit Villain: *is awful and horrible and ugly, but with a smile*

Me: “what an inspiration wow I like that piece of shit”

I stopped using my old phone because the power button wouldn’t register as being used. I did a little research, opened up the phone and pulled a bit on the button component inside, put it back together and now it works fine. I wish this had been something I did over two years ago, because I now have a frustrating windows phone. But now I know how to repair it if it happens again.