Hey howdy friends! Mod Clive here to talk about the new FEH channel vid. So much stuff appeared so Ill be doing it one at a time obviously. Imho the least exciting was the whole “Bound Hero Battle” with Lilina and Cecilia. Basic things, free orbs, hard battle ect. Nothing to big with that. Next I’ll talk about the newest announced GHB… Valter! So Valter was one of the cruelest characters in the Sacred Stones game BUT ut means more in that they are finally doing more with Sacred Stones. I wouldnt be surprised to see a banner for it. He had a signature weapon (dont ask me why) called the Cursed Lance. Atk and Spd +2 special cooldown -1 and takes 4 damage after combat. They could easily make it inheritable but I digress. Next up we find the next Tempast Trial where we find my namesake! Clive! He most likely wont be to impressive but my mod character will finally be obtainable, so I am happy. The biggest change to Tempest Trial is tge 3x bonus imo. This means if you win the 1st 2 games if the day on the hardest difficulty you can get 1000+ points. Finally I might get some of the higher rewards! Also with another new change, any bonus unit will be EXTREMELY viable. +10 hp and +4 every other stat. This means sub par units such as Berkut now become HIGHLY useful for the Tempest Trial (only the Tempast Trial itself mind you but still) gaining a whopping total stat coverage of 53 38 (52 with his lance) 26 35 24. BEFORE calvary buffs. This will for sure change the Tempest Trial meta. Arena Assault will be another welcome addition. Requiring no stamina OR arena crests means a free time waster. Catalogue of Heroes update will let you see more of your favorite heroes. If I understand it right youd be able to see summon videos too. The new banner that is currently out has great unit potential also which I’ll talk about later in a seperate post. The new Voting Gauntlet could mean we have another chance at the Ylissean summer units so thats nice. The return of the hero fest will also be nice. The speculated heroes are Ike, Genny, Julia, and Ninian. Don’t get your hopes up to much in case the units are not these. More free orbs and FINALLY… Summon changes! The rate swap is amazingly grand. Many 4star+ exclusive units will be MUCH easier to get. 3star heroes will be semi comman still meaning you still have a higher chance of getting one of them I believe? And the free 1st summons startimg August 7th will be amazing. Many F2P people, including myself, will love this. And… thats it to my knowlege. Hope this helped somehow!

-Mod Clive