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Prompt: Daryl admits he's never had a first kiss and carol gives him a memorable one❤❤

A/N: I’m back! Sorry about not posting for a while. Been crazy with moving and stuff. 

An AU prompt! Teen Caryl (age like 17/18?), I hope y’all like it.

They’d been best friends since…well since forever. So it surprised Carol when she’d found out Daryl had never had his first kiss. It seemed silly that she’d been surprised, the duo knew absolutely everything about one another, but it still caught her off guard as surprising. She’d presumed it had happened a long time ago, just like it had for her. 

She supposed she found it so surprising because it was no lie that Daryl was broodingly handsome. Yeah, he may have a cold exterior to most barring her, but it didn’t make him any less attractive. Puberty had hit him well and truly over the past few years, his lean frame becoming more bulked out and muscular. His dirty blonde hair grew out so it just covered his eyes, adding to his mysterious bad boy look that he’d grown so fond of. His facial features became more defined, a striking angular jaw, chiselled cheek bones and devastating blue eyes.

So maybe it was also no lie either that Carol may have found her friend particularly more handsome than she should have. But that was besides the point. 

“So you’re telling me that in all those years of those girls fawning over you at school, you never wanted to kiss even one of them?” Carol asked kicking off her shoes, jumping back on her bed, patting the space next to her for Daryl to join her.

Daryl let out scoff, huffing down on the bed next to her. “Hell naw, can’t be assed with the high school girl drama, all the god damn same.”

Carol pouted her lips a little bit at him. “I’m a high school girl.”

Daryl rolled his eyes at his best friend. “Yer different’ve course, ain’t got no drama with ya.” 

Carol grinned, lolling her head against his shoulder. “Is it just that? Or is it that you like guys? Because you know I’d always sup-”

“Naw!” Daryl grumbled out loudly, shoving her off his shoulder, no real malice behind his gentle push.

Carol giggled, holding her hands up in defence. “Alright alright! I just wanted to clarify.” 

“I ain’t gay,” he muttered with a frown.

“Okay,” Carol said, shimmying herself so she was sat next to his side again, sitting in content silence for a few moments.

“I could give you it.” 

Daryl’s gaze fell to her, not understanding what she was implying.

“Ya could give me what?”

“Your first kiss, if you want?” Carol asked, hoping she didn’t sound as eager as she felt.

“Don’t want no pity kiss.”

“It wouldn’t be,” Carol insisted, shuffling up onto her knees so she was facing him. “Just think of it as…a friend helping out a friend, you want to be ready for the next time you do kiss someone, I’d just be helping you out.”

Daryl raised a unconvinced brow at Carol. He knew there was more to this, always was with her. But he cared about her more than anyone in this entire world, he didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardise that.

“Ain’t gon’ change things between us?” The last thing he wanted was for things to be weird between them. In an ideal world she’d be his, but Carol had always been just his friend and when it came to her, he was happy to take anything he got.

Carol felt her heart deflate just a little at his words, he wanted to make sure that they’d still be just friends after this, but his friendship was something she wasn’t ever willing to give up. 

“Of course not Daryl, it’s just a kiss, it’s not like we’re going to-”

Daryl cut her off with a strangled noise. “Alright alright, point made.” 

Carol smiled at the blush on his cheeks, taking the opportunity to cup his face in her hands.

“So was that a yes?” 

Daryl looked up at her nervously through his bangs, it was now or never.

“Yeah,” he grunted, hands finding the dip of her waist, Carol’s skin burning at the contact.

Carol gave a small nod then, tongue flickering out to wet her pink lips before leaning forward, her nose brushing against Daryl’s.

One of her small hands slipped to his jaw, tilting upwards so she had better access to his mouth. 

Slowly, she pressed her lips softly against his, feeling him intake a sharp breath, moving her mouth against his, smiling when he began to kiss her back.

Their lips moulded together perfectly, Carol’s nails scraping across the stubble on Daryl’s jaw, gasping in surprise when Daryl let out a low rumble at the action.

What started off as slow and cautious quickly began to unravel. For someone who’d never kissed anyone before Daryl seemed to know exactly what he was doing, his fingers curling into the small of her back. 

Carol’s bravery grew, her tongue darting out to trace his open lips, a unexpected moan escaping her when Daryl’s own tongue came out to caress hers. He consumed all of her senses, their tongues dancing together like they’d been doing it for years. 

Carol couldn’t help herself when she pushed him back onto her bed, leaning herself over him, her breasts pressed against his chest, feeling his heart beating just as hard as hers. She nipped on his lip, grinning when he growled against her mouth, returning the gesture, tugging at her lower lip with his teeth. 

A breathy moan left her, hands running up into his hair the same time she felt his fall to swell of her hips, pulling her in closer to him.

They needed to stop. It was going too far. Her head was screaming at her to stop, her body having other ideas. 

He was drinking her in like she was his glass of water in a desert, he was a man parched, insatiable. 

Her hands left his hair, sliding down to his neck, his pulse thrumming under her fingertips. She was desperate for air, but not as desperate she was for him. Eventually that burning in her lungs gave out though, sucking softly on his bottom lip before finally drawing back enough so his face was in focus.

His lips were swollen and parted, his breath coming out in small pants, eyes almost black with lust, large hands still enveloping her hips.

Carol pursed her lips in a small line, her body still hovering over him.

She opened her mouth to speak but she couldn’t find the words. 

She’d been wrong. Something had changed.


hEY i redesigned Darcy ‘cause she Needed One™

NAME: Darcia Vito; mostly just called Darcy

AGE: Young teen


SPECIES: Humanoid Cat-person

Darcy was found as an orphan by a villain working for an underground mafia. She was raised and told how to fight and show her strength, and is sent to the Plaza to do beginner’s missions for her family.

CHARACTER BIO: Darcy just wants to live a quiet life; she often remains calm and emotionless, but when she’s given a mission, she won’t hesitate to strike down any heroes in her path!

ATTACKS: Her destructive punches; “V-Bombs” (purple-pink bombs that blind those she attacks)

WEAKNESSES: She can only really fight anyone around her age/height; anyone taller or older could easily take her down.

FUN FACT: When it comes to taking down anyone-whether it be a hero, another villain, or an ally-she shows no mercy!

Hello people of internet 👽
I’m chrysoúla and I am from Greece .I am 13 and i am going to 8th grade ( so i like most teens close to my age … 13-16 )
I’m in love with alien thing and paranormal stuff .
I’m not a sporty person .
I love drawing .
I love memes .
I am a basic teen .

I have nothing about sexuality and stuff . If you are not a bad person ✖

Also my fave emojis are ; ✖👽🔪✝😻 and i am using them a lot ( fun fact )

Contact me on insta ( bcs I am more active lol ) 👽
IG; _spatoula
(Pls tell me you are from here 😻 so I can know )

Kisses , Chrysoúla 👽

dumb things I want for TS4
  1. the ability to name cowplants
  2. the ability to bulldoze lots from map view
  3. child support
  4. inheritance
  5. laundry
  6. the ability to change the opacity on makeup
  8. better, more plain, swatches on base game beds
  9. real garage doors
  10. cars (they don’t even have to work, I just need the aesthetic for houses)
  11. graveyards
  12. sims 3 traits (the really dumb ones): coward, brooding, diva, technophobe, hates the outdoors, neurotic, etc.
  13. really just more traits (I miss the more personality based ones)
  14. a nice, simple, bathroom sink to put in counters (they’re all for kitchens)
  15. more planter boxes for gardens
  16. green wall colors that aren’t ugly
  17. better kitchen cabinet sets (don’t even get me started on this)
  18. the ability to paint portraits
  19. actual group photos
  20. swing sets for my kiddos (and adults too)
  21. really just more playground equipment
  22. more of these new semi-interactive City Living type careers
  23. graduation ceremony for teens when they age up (a rabbit hole even)

We all know that 17 year old Rowan wouldn’t know what to do with a 17 year old Aelin/Celeana, right?

Now I’m thinking: how would a 17 year old Rhysand react to a 17 year old Feyre?

I’m thinking about it because they keep saying in the books that around their teen ages, all the Illyrians wanted was to fight and fuck… so I’m curious… anyone else?

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Do you know fics where Yuuri beats Viktor at competitions?

*screams* Anons, thank you so much for this request! This is one of my favourite AUs!! Get ready for a wild ride, because I have a lot of great fics to share! Hope you like these!

Yuuri Beats Victor at Competitions/Rivals AU

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 127k
Pretty sure everyone’s read this one… but if you haven’t, do! Rivals AU where Yuuri’s main goal, ever since he was a child, is to beat Victor and win the GPF. SO MUCH ANGST (like, so much) and deliciously hot, hot, hot! You might die from reading this… it’s that good. Thumbs up!

Stay Close To Me by jazthegr8, Teen, 18k
Viktor looked scrolled through the various tweets already calling his Grand Prix Finals loss the ‘upset of the century,’ as if he didn’t know that already. He was a five-time Grand Prix gold medalist, three of those had been consecutive. Viktor was painstakingly aware of how shocking and upsetting it was that he’d fallen to an embarrassing last place to finish this year’s finals. Role reversal where Yuuri beats Victor at the GPF and becomes Victor’s coach

Make It Good, Make It Better by Jack_R, Not Rated, 27k
It’s 2008 and it’s supposed to be Victor’s year. His short program is incredible and this year, the Grand Prix is going to be his. That’s what he thought, until Yuuri beat him. Great rivals AU!

Husband vs. Husband: Figure Skating World Championship by heartsdesire456, Teen, 13k
Friendly rivalry between husbands Victor and Yuuri! The big question on everybody’s mind is, “Who will win gold, Victor Nikiforov or Katsuki Yuuri?” Very sweet!

Never Enough by ireallyloveicecream, Mature, 35k
All Katsuki Yuuri wanted was skate on the same ice as rising star Viktor Nikforov. But when his dream comes true and they meet, his awe for him mutates into a cut-throat motivation for retaliation, sending the two of them into a rivalry that should’ve burned into the history of figure skating. Intense rivals AU!

Bear Your Soul on the Ice by SassySalchow (diedraechin), Teen, 54k
At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan’s next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. AU where young!Yuuri and young!Victor skate against each other in a friendly rivalry. LOVE!

Bedroom Warfare by RedishBlueRose Explicit, 2.1k
Victor and Yuuri’s rivalry isn’t just on the ice, it’s also in the bedroom. Quick, HOT rival AU. Yummy!

On My Love by RikoJasmine, Teen, 48k
Time travel AU where Yuuri and Victor are happy aged and married, but an accident occurs and suddenly Yuuri wakes up back in Detroit, in a time before he had even met Victor. Yuuri competes against him again, a completely different skater this time. Amazing fic!

Reaching for the Stars by LainLikesSweets, Gen, 744 words
It is time for the Grand Prix again, but will Yuuri be able to keep his calm this time and show the world his true skating? With Victor as a competitor does he even have a chance to win gold?

i know my madness by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 14k
It’s hardly a secret that Victor Nikiforov is a massive player. JUST READ THIS… you can thank me later!


In 2 years we got 4 amazing seasons, each with their own values and message. In a series about love, friendship, kindness and so much more. A series about normal teenager and their problems. A series not only for teens but for every age. A series not only Norwegians could relate to but the whole world could. A series that thought us so much. A series that helped so many with their problems. A series that made us feel like we’re not alone. A series that changed our lives forever.

Thank you so much SKAM for all of this!

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DAI companions and advisers GIF react to Teen inquisitor accidentally calling Cassandra Mom (like in passing without knowing they did, i.e "thanks, mom" X3)


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  • Middle aged male presenting at the TCAs: [dabs] heyyooo what's chill!!!!????? Are you ready to grab your tablets, your iPods- uhhh haha ...It's about to get ....lit!!!
  • Audience: [physical cringing evident]
  • Middle aged male: WOOO