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Any idea on where she come from?

Torn was on edge about all these questions. Why were people so curious about his kid? Actually, that was probably it. She was his kid. Torn, the ice cold, stick-in-the-mud, asshole commander.

“Well…” he glanced at some papers in his hands, “Her parents were actually helpers of the Underground. They housed early fugitives. Risked everything for them… but the KG found’em out. Killed them both.”

He set the papers down, getting a distant look on his face. “But Terra… the kid was smart… she got out. She got away from them. Hid under some trash during the winter. Even my best men didn’t think to hide in the dark places.”

He stopped once he realized he was getting off topic. Though he did like to brag about his daughter.

“A-Anyways, that’s all I know about her past.”


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“everytime cis people make movies nd shit they only cast cis people in…”

that one on netflix boy meets girl was alright (girl meets boy? idk) and the trans girl was an actual trans girl

yeah i watched that and it was a really really good movie, and i know that there are some shows/movies that cast trans people but it’s usually stuff that isn’t that big or well known. about ray is a big budget movie that is going to be in theatres all over, susan sarandon is in it like a lot of people are going to see that. the stonewall movie casts the most legendary trans women as cis men. like the movies that cis ppl actual drag their dumb asses out to see are the ones that cater to them and don’t really tell trans stories. but i know what you mean