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anonymous asked:

Are any of your housewives taller than her husband? I know it's kind of silly, but since I'm taller than most men and currently seeing someone several inches shorter than me, I get a lot of negative comments from my friends. I don't know, it would just be nice for me to see a statuesque lady with the love of her life's eye line below hers.

Sylvia is taller than her husband Carl, even in flats. Right now, we have Sylvia being about 5′11″, but we might make her even taller than that as the production continues (depending on how Carl’s design comes out). Sylvia’s height is a parallel to her intelligence, where it intimidates most people she encounters, but Carl is not intimidated by either and that’s a big component to their relationship.

Height is a really strange frontier of sexism, where both tall women and short men are made to feel as if they have something to make up for or to apologize for (and they shouldn’t). I had a friend on college who was 6′3″ and she had incredibly bad posture from trying to make herself seem shorter (subconsciously or otherwise). And her dating life was limited to guys who were between the heights of 6′2″ and 6′5″ because she felt awkward dating someone shorter than her, but she didn’t want to be “that super tall couple” either. And it was because people’s reactions (even from her friends) made her self-conscious. Anyone who tried to set her up filtered potential men by a single criteria: height. (Hey, you’re both freakishly tall, you should date!) And that’s generally not the foundational feature of lasting relationships.

“The man has to be taller” is along the exact same line as “The man has to smarter, the man has to be stronger, the man has to earn more money, etc.,” and it’s crap. So while none of the marriages in Aberford are “ideal” under the surface, we thought it would beneficial to show at least one where a tall woman had married a shorter man and the world had not ended.

Except it’s a zombie apocalypse game and the world actually does end. Crap. I did not think this through.