This is about Will the new Grim Reaper observing life stories of all sorts in the world regardless of good or bad. He just observes the soon-to-die souls discreetly. It is this Will who fell in love with a human girl, but this girl didn’t have long to live. The girl was also in love with Will. Torn between love and the principles of Grim Reaper, he chose love in the end. He wanted to save the girl despite breaking the rules. Will’s friend who helped them was the kind, redheaded Grim Reaper - Grell. Will and Grell’s effort were in vain. The girl died in the end. Will told the God of Underworld that he’s willing to disappear and offer his soul in place of the girl that he love and so, the girl was saved. But there was one condition, that is that all of Will would be wiped out of the girl’s memory. Even so, it did not matter. Despite the memory loss, there must still be some evidence of love within the deepest part of a soul and no one could take that away. Will was gone but the girl was revived and continued on with her life. She fell in love as expected, bore a child as expected, and named that child Will.

Oh, I nearly forgot to upload this >_>

That was my entry for the Fanart-Competition at the Aninite-Convention, Grell and William in “Little Red Riding Hood” ^-^ I didn’t win anything, unfortunately, but it was still fun to do and I’m actually really satisfied with how the picture turned out c:
Except…the handwriting…I tried but it still doesn’t look as good as I wanted it to v_v aaaaah nevermind 

Done with watercolours, black ink and gel pens