haggar is literally so interesting like her magic is so powerful and yet she still stays loyal to zarkon and lotor when she could idk??? fucking control the empire herself????? also with the bomb drop that shes altean it makes her past and connection to altea and her origin story so fucking interesting….. why do we even have prince snortor when the real powerhouse is literally right next to him……… when lotor drops dead quick i can’t wait for haggar to be the main villain……….. shes to powerful to not be it at one point……….

the 100 s04e13

but what if Bellamy eventually moved on. cause i mean i would totally understand it. this guy doesn’t deserve to be unhappy for 6 years and stuff. (neither does clarke btw but what choice does she have…) but with whom. Raven? Echo? and he lands on earth and Clarke is waiting for him because she still HAS hope. (which he doesnt really have, which i do get too.) and than he is holding hands with someone else and sees Clarke and all hell will break loose. and this will be the next season, again so much angst, and it will take until the next finale to get the two knuckleheads to kiss. and i think i can’t take this WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. 

but maybe there will be a cute Memori baby so i’m soooo up for this! 

i am…shocked and appalled at the amount of times jensen’s eyes go to misha’s ass when they’re telling that virgil story

i’ve seen so much criticism of thirteen reasons why and i’ve also seen so many glowing five-star reviews praising it for its narrative maturity so i was like, okay, i should give it a try and form my own opinion, and i made it eight boring-ass minutes in before the lead boy used the words “han solo” in a sentence and the lead girl replied, “woooooooooow, you’re a real nerd aren’t you? :) i like it” and i just. have never smacked the back arrow so fast in my life.

amillioncryingporcupines  asked:

viktor's motivational board still makes me wheeze. (also you and keilattes??? incredible. i never knew i needed this in my life. you're both just so ... good ... i )

ahh thank you!!! I’m glad you liked the random collab thing hahah
and I agree??? @keilattes​ is great??? you can put any of kei’s yuuri’s on the motivational board and it’ll be 100/10. look at this masterpiece


“It is you.” | Rey Kenobi

Kylo’s version: [ + ]


Aku Infected Jack

~11 of these are just redrawn poses from the episode. Still had to tweak them though (fix tangents, make clear silhouettes, change expression etc)

Nonetheless, I had fun making these. That last image of complete Aku!Jack is my fave of them all qwq