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okay so i don't know how long it has been but i was in the ari and dante tag and i saw that you've written a screenplay and... where the fuck is it i need it right now??

Well, it does exist! Not really sure what the heck to do with it though!

(here’s a couple excerpts, but I don’t feel comfortable posting the entire thing!)

and before he gets hit by that freaking car:

Admin’s Note

So there’s some things I’ve been wanting to write for a LONG time now but haven’t because I’ve been trying to get through all the requests.

Well now is finally that time!

Starting tomorrow will be prompts I’ve been wanting to write out or heard you guys talking about (that’s right… I stalk the L&O tags).

Most are going to be Soulmate/AU/AlphaBetaOmega/etc type fics so they’re not strictly general fic that I’ve been doing.

I hope you guys and gals like them because I’m having a great time writing these out!

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I've been a fan of Bleach for a long ass time and I used to be involved with the fandom but all this childish drama over ships just made me despise the fandom, I only read Bleach now. I don't go into the tags or anything, it's just not worth it. It's fictional and people shouldn't bully others for it; it's utterly pathetic. Sorry you're getting this shit because that's way over the line. Much love <3

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, this shit is ridiculous and the truth will come out, one of them will slip up…this shit is petty and disgusting. 

Can I just say how happy I am with the state of the fandom right now?

I didn’t want to admit it at the time, but there was definitely a bit of a quiet period for a while. But then I think things started getting rolling again when the Real Time Fandub shenanigans began and after months of no real new GF content, we finally had memes again and it felt fresh and new and it had been so long since we had something GF related to laugh at and AHHH SO GOOD (shout outs to all of y’all involved in that, you’re the real mvps but there’s a lot of you I’d have to list here so I’ll just be putting this in the cooldude618 tag I guess haha)

And now the freaking Cipherhunt, everyone’s loosing their minds and it’s inspiring all this fantastic creativity with fics and art and such. And yeah….a lot of us can’t really participate…*sits alone amidst my corn-dwelling brothers and sisters in Ohio* But I’m having a lot of fun vicariously through the people who can!

And the Journal’s coming out soon oh god the journal’s coming out soon. Funny story, I actually had a dream right before I woke up this morning that Alex Hirsch was giving me a copy. Ahhhh, that was cool….and probably the closest I’ll ever get to meeting him :’))))) ….Yeah, anyway, I have a feeling we’ll be buzzing about that for months.

Ahhh I’m just so happy with how active things have been lately :D

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Can you direct me to Uriah getting dragged? Because I feel like I'm missing out.

Check out his, Carmen Blanchard’s, and Amir’s social media lmao

Basically he posted something racist on instagram, Rowan immediately blocked him, Carmen dragged him in a long post, Sabrina unfollowed him, Amir made a long post about why #BlackLivesMatter is important, then posted a bar graph showing the percentage of unarmed black people killed vs other races and tagged Uriah in it (And I think Rowan and Corey liked it), and now everyone is freaking out and I’m following all of this as I’m literally reclining in my chair, eating chocolate covered strawberries and drinking wine. What a night. God Bless.


Geralt of Rivia - Sim + 4 Skin Variations

You are all spoiled, I tell you!

This is one of my most prized creations, probably. The amount of detail that CD PROJEKT RED put into Geralt’s textures is incredible!

This sim comes with mostly all basegame clothing, besides a top from I’m not sure where (It’ll autoreplace in game anyways!) Other than that, you’re free to do with Mr. Of Rivia as you wish!

Download Geralt and his skin(s) at SFS NOW!

This is something I would love to see around the community so please, pleeeaaase tag me at #modernmythics cc or just #modernmythics so I can see it! I spent quite a long time trying to get him to look Geralt-y, and I know there’s room for improvement. Use him as a base to make our perfect White Wolf!

Please read under the cut for vital information about the skins in this download!

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i was tagged by assface :)

rules:break all the rules

Nickname: dumbass
Star sign: gemini
Height: fuck you
Time right now: my time
Last thing I googled: g&l rampage guitars and alternate reality theorems
Favorite music artist: a lot honestly
Song stuck in your head: real thing by alice in chains
The last movie you watched: seed of chucky
What are you wearing right now: nothing
When did you create your blog: not that long ago
What kind of stuff do you post: shit i find interesting
Do you have other blogs: i didint even know you can have others
Do you get asks on a regular basis: nope
Why did you choose your URL: never ask me a question because chances are they are wrong or to right to be true lol

i tag my asshole

Some things in regards to Jon/Sansa shipping, especially now that our little corner is growing bigger every day because Kit is incapable of looking at Sophie like she’s his sister:

1. Ship and let ship goes for people who dislike ships too. Yes, it’s annoying when they post it in the tag. Yes, it’s annoying when they act like no one shipping them is aware that Jon and Sansa are siblings/cousins who were raised as siblings. But here’s the thing: if you’re going to own your ship, that means getting why other people might be bothered and not attacking them for it. People get to be uncomfortable with pairing Jon and Sansa. That’s fair, and as long as people aren’t being abusive and inflammatory towards us or obviously trolling, they’re entitled to say “Hey, this makes me uncomfortable.” And people are entitled to respond to that but there are few things more tedious than a tag with 15 posts of righteous anger over one post that’s anti or critical. Sure, it’d be nice if other people weren’t dicks about it, but let’s not be dicks about it either if we can help it. 

2. Corollary to item no. 1: Many people who now enthusiastically ship Jon and Sansa were probably at one point that person in the tag who was genuinely confused and questioning. If you decide to be hostile to those people in the tag now, you’re also being hostile to the people who once had the same reaction to the pairing. If you’re already here, you have already benefited from the welcoming environment, so it’s a really great thing to pay that forward.

3. I would say people who like Jon/Sansa solely as cousins are probably a majority, but there are plenty of us who also like to explore the pairing where the sibling relationship is an issue (either from blood relation or because of being raised together), and sometimes people ignore their canon relationship altogether and go completely AU, while some people do all of the above at different times. All are valid! All exist! None of them makes anyone a better or worse shipper!

4. Seriously, I mean that shit about it being tedious to visit the tag and find a dozen posts raging about hate with no hate in sight. People go to the tag for Jon/Sansa content, not for ship wars and wank. If you want good, positive things in the tag, then I would encourage you to BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD, post some fic or some fanart or some pictures that are super Jon/Sansa to you, etc. No ship is monolithic, but for the most part (particularly on tumblr), this has been a ship all about having fun and playing with our GoT Barbies for years (thus why we call ourselves the Tea Party). We shipped it before endgame was even a gleam in anyone’s eye, and we’ll ship it no matter what happens with Jon and Sansa in either book or show canon. We’re here for the longterm and we’re here to have fun, not convince other people that we’re right. If you DO want to do that, then great, write you some meta! But bear in mind that a) it’s not how the ship community started and b) a lot of us have no desire to be dragged into any shipping wars. Unlike the Jets, we are not all womb to tomb, sperm to worm when it comes to rumbles.

5. This ship has been around for almost a decade (possibly more). A very small number of people liked the pairing from the books, even before the show existed, and the ship has stayed fairly small until a few years ago. This means that if you’re new, you’re joining a party already in session. Look around and take the temperature of the room before you jump in with both feet. Those of us who have been in this corner for years tend to love both Jon and Sansa, to be very pro-lady, and to ship multiple pairings. Lots of us ship Jon/Dany, we have a sizeable SanSan contingent, Jon and Sansa get paired with other people or put in threesomes and group marriages. We are, to put it bluntly, polyshipping harlots for the most part, which is a big part of the fun and supportiveness of the ship. We’re lovers, not fighters! A large part of why you’re joining a ship with so much great fic already is because of that supportiveness and emphasis on fun, which has been drawing people to the ship for years now. And no one needs to reinvent the wheel: we have an established ship nomenclature and tag (Jon x Sansa), more meta than you can shake a stick at, and tons of fic of all different kinds. So please just keep that in mind and be cognizant of the already existing community you’re joining.

6. Consider using read mores for fics and long posts! Given how many reblogs a post can build up, and how many of us follow each other and will see the same thing many times on our dash, read mores can be VITAL.

Thank you and happy shipping!

make you proud || a.i.

a/n: so when this pic of ashton was uploaded, @queeenofpunk told me to write something with it. after many months, here’s the result of that.
word count: 1,253

Ashton can’t sleep. No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t get his mind to shut off and his body to fully relax. He’s counted enough sheep to fit in two barns, come up with enough imaginary scenarios to write an entire novel, and has tossed and turned for so long now that it’s a miracle that he hasn’t woken you up at this obscene hour of the night. “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” Ashton finally mumbles to himself, rubbing a hand over his face before opening his eyes.

With a sigh, he rolls to the side of the bed and lets his feet hit the hardwood floors, the cold wood causing goosebumps to appear on his body. He makes his way towards the living room and flicks the light switch, sighing when they don’t turn on and resorting to lighting some candles before grabbing his beaten up guitar and his notebook. Ashton stares at the wall, running his fingers along the strings as he glances down at the page of half-finished lyrics that he had hastily scrawled when inspiration had struck him during his shift at work.

He begins to play a song that’s been stuck in his head for a while now, hoping that the music would help get his mind in the creative state that he needs it to be in when writing a song. He goes at it like this for a while, strumming some chords and switching between songs he knows and his own lyrics, just to see if he could come up with the next line.

He feels hands land softly on his shoulders, making him jump slightly and open his eyes before he turns around and sees you standing behind him. There are lines on your face from the sheets and your hair is messy and his shirt is definitely too big on you but Ashton doesn’t think that you’ve ever looked more beautiful than you do now.

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I get kfans know. What you mentioned of them talking about kaisoo in private. I get it now. My friend and I discuss kaisoo in private and we have so much fun coming with theories and stuff by ourselves. Doing in tumblr and the kaisoo tag just became too poisonous for both, KD fans and antis. We also comment a lot your posts, you're our last hope since everyone else started arguing each other.

Hey anon,

I was also wondering as well why they keep everything private and under the surface but after a while, I understand when they told me their situation. It’s more convenient and comfortable to talk about KD in a private group or chat because no one can tell you otherwise. It’s an enviroment that filled with people of mutual interest.

However, I like posting and voicing up my thoughts publicly/openly because I’m actually an extrovert person (referring to my personality test). lol. And I don’t like when someone restrict me from doing something that I like. It actually fueled me up to do it even more!

Just keep in mind that whenever you go, haters or someone that dislikes you will always be there. There’ll be always be one person that don’t like you for who you are, what you do. Even famous figures have haters too. But don’t let them discourage you just because you’re doing something that makes you happy.

I always support the minority especially when it comes to their happiness because the minority are the people that everyone should really look up too. These people have something that the majority don’t have - faith. And there’s a small part of the majority is actually hiding behind them, who moves along with the big group just because they’re afraid of being ‘wrong’. But that’s just how it is. Remember that people are afraid of things that they do no understand :)

I believe they’re people out there that have the same view as I am. They’re KD shippers out there that are like us too and I will always remain where I stand.

Take care anon!

Welcomed Rain (2090 words) by otokopus
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Junkrat/Roadhog, Roadrat
Characters: Jamison Fawkes (Junkrat), Mako Rutledge (Roadhog)
Additional Tags: trans junkrat, crying junkrat, some angst, hurt/comfort, coming out fic, junkrat crushing on roadhog, forgetful junkrat

(I’ll upload the fic to Ao3 when I get the chance– for now you can find it under the cut. Enjoy!) 

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So I was tagged by @maastrash and @sarahviehmann to answer some questions for you guys to get to know a little bit more about me :D

Name, Gender, Age: Lauren, female, 17

Height: 5 feet and 1 inch

Nickname(s): Smol Bean^3 (the eighteen), Little bit (friends)

Starsign: Scorpio

Favorite Color: Black or Blue (I can’t decide)

Average Hour of Sleep: What even is sleep? About 4-5 hours…sometimes 6

Last Thing I Googled: Blood Spatters (Don’t ask)

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: Sheet and cotton blanket, sooo 2

Favorite Fictional Characters: (this one might take a while…)

  • Amani Al’Hiza, Jin, and Shazad from Rebels of the Sands
  • Adelina Amouteru (who doesn’t like a badass protagonist?) and Enzo Valenciano from The Young Elite series
  • Shahrzad al-Khayzuran (another badass woman who can handle herself), Khalid Ibn al-Rashid, and Jalal from The Wrath and the Dawn 
  • Kaz, Inej, Nina, Wylan, and Jesper from Six of Crows
  • Of course, I can’t forget Feyre, Rhys, Mor, Amren, Azriel, and Cassian (my smol babies) from the ACOTAR series

(This list isn’t even half started *help*)

  • My queens and kings Aelin, Rowan, Dorian, Aedion, Lysandra, and Nesryn (maybe she will smack some sense into Chaol…), and Sam (*sobs*)  from the Throne of Glass series
  • Katsa and Po from Graceling
  • Fire, Archer, Brocker (for his still and quiet understanding), Brigan, Nash, Clara, Garan, and Hanna from Fire
  • Bitterblue, Raffin, and Saf from Bitterblue

And I could go on and on for hours and hours but you get the idea

Favorite Celebrities: Robbie Williams (tears), Alan Rickman (sobbing), and Adam Young

Favorite Books: (o dear here we go again)

The ACOTAR series, Rebels of the Sands, The Wrath and the Dawn, Six of Crows, Throne of Glass series, Magonia, Graceling, The Book Thief, Harry Potter series, and the Messenger (I could still go on and on but let’s continue)

What I’m Currently Wearing: Nike Spandex and Sports bra…(they are matching…)

What I’m Currently Reading: Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi

Now you must tag 20 other followers to get to know them, so I tag: @czernyisnthere @fireheart-cursebreaker @a-court-of-rhysand-and-feyre  @amrenofvelaris @her-misplaced-wings @theinkedprincess @the-high-lady-of-the-night-court @the-self-entitled-bitch @hazy-paws @aelinxshryver @fleckedwithstardust @rhysandsboner @rhysand-you-smooth-fucker @amren @firebreathingillyrian @firebreathingbitchqueenx @samxbirch @elenalanstova-morozova @daedric-bunny @highfaelucien

Thank you <3

This is basically a list of some peeps I admire/are my friends/want to get to know more
This is a VERY LONG list so I have it under a read below, This includes icons and tags, it is very long o-o”

I want to thank everyone though:
I started on here thinking I would get 10 follows max…

I have nearly 300

I could never imagine getting a TENTH of that number of people to even THINK about following me!! >/////<

Thank you to you all for sticking around and being there when I needed you all and saying such nice about me and my art!!!! ^w^

now for the list (there are also a few comments in the list too):
hhhhhhhh I am really nervous about posting this

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alright, time to get sappy.

so coming from both this and this blog, i just am so astounded. like here i am, it’ll be a year next month, just feeling totally accepted and relaxed??? i never thought writing would be a passion of mine, and i know i still can’t write novels or anything like that, i just can’t focus for that long lmao but i love how much i’ve improved. i love that when i now look at characters i immediately start deducting, and thinking about their development or their story, the little things they do. i love analyzing yukino and sting, and i love writing out my ideas too.

but more importantly, i love spending time with you guys. like i know how super cliche that sounds, but seriously. i’ve cried with some people, and screamed with some people. i’ve plotted, and laughed, and i know i’m not the best person to talk to because i just don’t respond. believe me, i don’t know why, the act of speaking to someone directly scares the shit out of me. but im SO glad for the people who still continue to message me and interact with me. and that’s really what i ever wanted in life????? just people who accept me, who i can just be myself around and they won’t mind. 

so here i am, on july 7th, crying over how the dragons did their little stunt and about how this cheap mehndi turned bright ass orange and i can’t remember if that’s normal or not, getting ready to reflect on my past sixteen years of life tomorrow. as if i actually put all that time to good use lmao. i haven’t studied at all for my permit test tomorrow, but then again, i don’t study for anything ( let’s see how far that gets me in life ) but yolo, right?

and so, i thank each and everyone of you for keeping up with my lazy, crazy ass. words cannot describe how much every single like, IM, ask, thread, mutual means to me. keep being cool guys, and never stop reaching for the stars. <33

also, i’ve got to give quick, special shoutout to @shadowveiined, @moongleams, and @koseilucy for just being super chill?????? like i said before, y’all just tolerate my shit and actually like me somehow. and you’ve all helped me one way or another, and i will always love you guys for it. all the love to you amazing people. <33

and now on to the actual list!!!

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