Request: “I’m going on a 4 hour road trip with my crush, so a long travel playlist?” I’m really jealous of you - If you want more songs, let me know.

Listen Here - Spotify: Along This Road.


One For The Road // Arctic Monkeys

Afterglow // The Crookes

Someday // The Strokes

Help Me! // The Sweet Serenades

Every Day // The Magic Man

Rollercoaster // Bleachers

Suburbia // I Heart Sharks

The Heinrich Maneuver // Interpol

We Move Like The Ocean // Bad Suns

River // Akron/Family

Moondust // Jaymes Young

San Francisco // The Mowgli's 

My Body // Young The Giant

Reckless Serenade // Arctic Monkeys


Down By The Water // The Drums

Sunset // The xx

Late Night // Foals

Sun // Two Door Cinema Club

Do Me A Favour // Arctic Monkeys 


i think we can safely assume that oikawa sings in the shower, but i’d like to think that whenever they shower together, he gets exceptionally into it, and while it starts out as a sweet serenade for iwaizumi, it quickly turns into him belting the song at the top of his lungs (and it usually ends in either a whack on the back of the head or a totally awesome make out session)

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Chris Brown performing Sweet Serenade with Pusha T last night 

'spittin off the dock of the bay, wastin time.'

whiskey filled serenades.
sweet, distilled, sugary defeat.
your breath smells like you’re disappointed in me again.
li(v)e your life away, stagnant and stale.
my soul wanders and it troubles me still.
sleepwalking my days into weeks and then some.
unaware of where the truth ends and my li(f)e begins.
i’ll be just fine my dear.
let my wrists and i figure this one out on our own.
i’m gonna get some sleep tonight, even if it kills me.

-2013 frnkiero

Heart on fire

Harry Villiers

Rejection, guilt, surprise, fluff

Fandom: The Riot Club

Request: “ Can you do a Riot Club imagine, where Harry asks the reader to be his girlfriend but she turns him down because of his reputation. But eventually the reader says yes because the rest of the club helps Harry to do something cool to ask the reader to go out with him and it’s really fluffy”

Word count: 666 (well ok..)

A/N: The song: x

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