Business in the Front, Party in the Back  [Klance one-shot]

a couple days ago i asked the lovely @klanced for a few klance prompts, and one of them was “Lance straight up dying over Keith in a ponytail”.  So here we are.  My first Klance fic, so feedback would be greatly appreciated!

A03 link [warning for cussing]

The day Lance hit the wall was the day he stopped hating Keith’s mullet.

Honestly, what direction but downhill was there to go when a goddamn mullet - the 7th deadly sin - slowly but surely squeaked its way out of the rotation of focal points of Keith Insults?

Or, for that matter, when it became another addition to (terrifyingly) fast-growing pile of Keith assets, right next to those ridiculously tight pants?

Because, shit, those things did not leave much to the imagination. And that wasn’t to say the imagination didn’t work with what it had.

But Lance digressed. Back to the mullet, and corresponding shift of opinion that had been happening these days. To Lance’s utmost chagrin, he almost, almost - damn, it was hard to admit even in thought - almost enjoyed hanging out with the Red Paladin.

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Mid-morning at Bara Patisserie. Lapis is about to have her third eclair and become completely unmanageable, Jasper still has twenty pastry shells left to fill and not quite enough strawberries, and Peridot is avoiding spreadsheets. Sadie’s reminding Lapis that she will eventually have to pay for everything she’s eaten.

(This started as an ask which @cldrawsthings got excited about and then I got even more excited about it and HERE WE ARE)