imagine if heather chandler, kurt, and ram all survived

would they rat jd out

would he threaten them into silence

what would veronica do

how would these kids even act when they got back from the hospital

would they have a secret support group for each other to try and deal with this

what would they do when they see the petition

would they even go back to school

how would they feel when jd died

would these kids ever be okay

anonymous asked:

Same on the Sweeney Todd situation tbh... Bc I was listening to The Bottom Line and at the line where he's like "Shaving is tricky, the razor should float. Shave me too close, and you may slit my throat." And like I just imagined him singing that while Sweeney Todd is shaving him and then he slits his throat and looks up like "No regrets"


I just imagine it gets really awkward and the music stops and Hannah and Seitz are just STARING AT HIM until someone hurriedly closes the curtain and the show ends.