#rey never once reacts to kylo with anything other than fear anger or disgust #in all three (3!) of the scenes they have together she’s shown to be visibly upset by his actions #there is not one single moment she is happy or comfortable in his presence #this is not the face of a woman even slightly in love or remotely romantically interested

Thrawn & Companion

I wanted to doodle the new appearance of both Thrawn and ysalamiri (based on the stylised statues of them in his promo images). We won’t be getting ysalamiri in Star Wars Rebels - but I really, really want the fandom to continue using them. If Hux can get a ginger cat accepted as a collective headcanon, I really don’t see why Thrawn can’t keep his chubby lizard pals!

They’re based on this image here, because I feel realistic ysalamiri should look like adorable red tegu lizards.