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what's your favorite kind of gun

I look forward to impressing girls with my bare hands fucking best friend We like sunflower seeds krumph-krumph-krumph My ham-hams Dexter, Boss, Pashmina, Jingle Hamtaro Little hamsters, big adventures Laura’s gone to cry BEAT EM UP.

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&. FACE.


NAME. fox william mulder. (finds “fox” boyish, has most address him as mulder.)
AGE. 31-55. verse dependent.
GENDER. cis-male.
NATIONALITY. american.
BIRTHPLACE. chilmark, martha’s vineyard, MA.
BIRTHDAY. october 13, 1961.
SUN SIGN. libra.
RESIDENCE. apartment 42, 2630 hegal place, alexandria, VA.
MARITAL STATUS. single / married to dana scully / separated. verse dependent.
ALIGNMENT. lawful good.


DRINK. iced, sweet tea & lemonade.
FOOD. sunflower seeds. usually carries a bag with him.
DAY/NIGHT. night, if he had to pick.
SNACKS. sunflower seeds.
SONG. a day in the life by the beatles is really nostalgic for him, but it’s melancholy. he also has a soft spot for paint it black by the rolling stones. there are home videos of him dancing to it at age five or six.
QUOTE. “i want to believe.” what, did you think it was going o be something different?
HISTORICAL FIGURES. at 11 months, his first words were “JFK.”
PET. he likes fish.
BOOK. 1984, george orwell.
COLOR. blue.
FLOWER. he has no earthly idea.
SEXUALITY. biromantic, bisexual. preference for women.


BODY TYPE. mesomorphic.
EYE COLOR. green.
HAIR COLOR. brown.
lean, but strong; healthy. one, two.

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Title: Hometime
Author: @alloutforthewar
Timeline: post MASMTWM
Rating: G
Summary: “That were-lizard guy told me he slept with you.” 

Mulder was sitting on her motel bed as she finished typing up their report, one hand in a bag of sunflower seeds and the other rapidly flicking through channels on the television. She glanced at him several times over the top of her screen, affection and exasperation mixed together. It was déjà vu, really, the two of them here in a dusty motel room, case files and Chinese takeout on the table before her. 

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Start your own Bird Seed Garden

I would love to establish more bird seed producing plants in my garden this spring! I’ve been brushing up on my bird IDs, and having bird feeders around the farm has certainly helped. But lugging giant bags of bird food got me thinking: I could grow that. So, if you’re like me and are trying to get all your spring garden seed orders in before planting time, here’s a few more plants to consider for your feathered garden friends. 

Sunflower Seeds

Of course! But black oil sunflower seeds in particular, are a big bird favorite. All types of sunflower seed can be used bird seed, though. You might not even get any off the head to make a mix before the birds eat it all. I have a pair of goldfinches that usually strip my sunflowers clean as soon as they go to seed.


A common cover crop in small farm rotations, millet seed is easy to come by in bulk. And chickens love it, so birds should too! Great for large areas that you don’t know what to plant, or places that could use a season of lying fallow to accumulate nutrients. 


Commonly used for it’s seed’s oil, safflower is an awesome thistle-like plant to grow in arid climates. It has a long taproot to help it in these dry conditions. Cardinals love it and it is used in most common bird feeds. 

Niger Seed

This inauspicious little plant comes with a colorful backstory. Originally cultivated in Ethiopia, the seeds are commonly labelled as “thistle seed” and are a favorite of goldfinches. They are just now being cultivated and sold in America! If you’re an American gardener, check out The American Niger Seed Company

Black-Eyed Susan

A common staple in most gardens. This easy to grow cut flower also makes great bird seed. It’s a favorite of finches. 

Wheat, Corn, Grass and Grains

Birds love cracked corn, as well as most types of grass seed, that probably grow like weeds in our gardens. Wheat, rye and other grains are also part of most wild bird’s diet. If your trying your hand at cultivating these grains or grasses you may have to fight off your bird friends. Or just plant enough for the both of you. 

Fruits and Berries

Every other year or so, when the mulberry tree goes to fruit, we have to fight off squirrels and birds to get any berries for ourselves. Birds love most fruits and the leftovers can be dried to add to a bird seed mix. Most commercial feed brands include dried cherries, cranberries and raisins. 

This is only the most common seeds that are featured in commercial bird feed. The best thing to do is plant things and see what interests the birds. Then you can save the leftover seed to add to a mix or just remember to grow that plant next year. Here’s a helpful website with more plant ideas as well as links to buy seed. 

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super easy vegan caesar dressing;

2 heaping tablespoons of just mayo,
1 flax egg,
1 large dill pickle,
2 pitted kalamata olives,
1 large clove of garlic,
6 tablespoons nutritional yeast,
1 tablespoon mustard,
the juice of 1 lime,
1 tablespoon olive oil, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar,
¾ cups plant based milk,
1 tablespoon dried parsley (optional),
½ teaspoon cayenne pepper,
½ teaspoon ground black pepper,
1 tablespoon (or more) sea-salt,

put all of your ingredients into a blender or food processor until smooth, pour over your salad & enjoy! my go to caesar salad recipe is beyond meat chicken, large slices of sweet onion, cucumber pieces, sliced kalamata olives, sunflower seeds & whole wheat croutons over mixed greens, romain & red leaf lettuce.

There’s a Little Surprise Before Supper

I randomly realized I could add Large Baguettes to my Tonys party menu which got me thinking about three of my favorite things: puns, food, and Hamilton. So I arranged the menu (the venue, the seating) for a full spread of Ham food and drink. Someone have this dinner party immediately and don’t invite Aaron Burr.

Angelica Tried to Take a Bite of Me (Main Courses)

  • #ham4hamburgers
  • Meat Me Inside
  • (Waiting in the) Wings for You with I Hope That You Burn Sauce
  • Chick-a-Plao
  • A. Ham
  • Breakfast for Dinner: Off Getting High with the French Toast, Aaron Burr Sir-up, How the Sausage Gets Made, And (P)Eggy

Washington on Your Sides

  • America’s Favorite Fighting French Bread
  • Guns & Chips
  • History Has Its Fries on You
  • Farmer Refruited
  • Thomas Kale and One Last Thyme Salad topped with The Sunflower Seeds of Hamilton’s Misdeeds and At Least They Know I Know Where France Is Dressing

My Sweet, Submissive Subject (Desserts)

  • Talk Less, Smile S’mores
  • Take a Break Kit Kat Bars
  • A Selection of Pies: I’m So Blueberry, Peach Fuzz, Negotiate a Piece, The Pieces That Are Sacrificed, They Will Tear Each Other into Pieces
  • Grammy Crackers

Raise a Glass to Freedom (Drinks)

  • My Shots
  • If You Talk, You’re Gonna Get Shots
  • Two Pints o’ Sam Adams
  • Tax-Free Whisky
  • Hurricanes
  • Rum and All the Things He Can’t Afford
  • Tea (to Hurl in the Sea)

Ten Duel Condiments

  • Relish Being a Poor Man’s Wife
  • The Other 51 Flavors
  • Groffsauce

But yo, if you eat all that you’re gonna have to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckle.