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hi thereee!! gotta say i LOVE your stuff omg! heres a prompt: in college everyone thinking beca is this hardass bitch that is really mean and doesn't know how chloe can be with her but behind closed doors only with chloe she is the sweetest and goofiest and softest person ever?!

Is Highschool okay instead of college? Thanks Anon! Mad love ❤️

Love was the way that Beca looked at Chloe. Like she was in charge of lighting the stars in the sky every night and telling the sun to rise every morning.

Peace was the way that Chloe felt, unclothed and tangled up in a heap of and equally unclothed Beca and her cotton bed sheets.

Joy was the way that Beca would laugh so hard that no actual sound came out whenever she found something particularly funny, which made Chloe laugh so they would just be laughing together uncontrollably for minutes on end.

Bliss was when they would walk hand in hand around a park during the early hours of the morning, watching the sun rise and revelling in the presence of one another.

Hope was what the pair had for the future. They could leave high school and the Atlanta, build a home and a family together.

Trust was one of the most important aspects of their relationship. And it’s the very reason why Chloe didn’t believe any of the rumours staring that her girlfriend “sleeps with every queer girl she comes across”.

But that didn’t stop them from bothering Chloe. And one day it all go too much. She could hear Aubrey Posen and Jesse Swanson sniggering about it behind her. So Chloe got up and left, dashing down the deserted hallway and into the first bathroom that she found.

Chloe leaned against the sink, looking into the mirror to find red eyes rimmed with smudged mascara and eyeliner. Cursing herself for causing such a scene, Chloe reached into her back pocket and pulled out her phone to text her girlfriend in hopes that she would have her usual “I don’t give a fuck attitude” and be on her phone during her math class.

Not even three minutes later, Beca was bursting into the bathroom and flinging her arms around Chloe’s neck, pulling her into a tight embrace.

Chloe felt her body relax into Beca’s petite frame, finally feeling a sense of relief in the gentle hold.

“Chlo. Running out of class? I’m a bad influence on you.” Beca jokes softly. Chloe felt a kiss press into her cheek.

“They were saying such shitty things and I just wanted to see you.” Chloe sobbed into Beca’s shoulder.

“Well I’m here now. I’m always here.”

Chloe pulled even tighter and the two teenagers just stood there, cuddling for a while.

hey every1 how is my chart is it sexi or disgosting: scorpio sun capricorn moon sagittarius rising libra venus capricorn mars scorpio mercury 

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libra sun, taurus moon, cancer rising, sag venus&mars👀😘

Ngl this ask activated my flight or fight response

   open to: females. /   girlfriend, fiance, fwb, (step)sister, anything basically !!

      hunter couldn’t help himself. she was such a sight for sore eyes, especially when his eyes hadn’t really woken up yet and the rising sun’s beams streamed in through the blinds over the window. he’d been watching her for almost an hour, actually contemplating to get up and make some breakfast for both of them but he just hadn’t really felt like it. not when he’d rather lay there, looking at her while gently playing with her soft strands of hair — until he could sense that she was waking up. her eyes moved a little underneath her lids and she made those soft sounds underneath her breath that grew less heavy. ❛ hey… ❜ he said softly, a small grin slowly spreading across his features.

My life now is a thin, icy blue.

I wake up and expect snow to fall into my hair, into my eyelashes. I go to sleep and dream of flying over my hometown, feathers craving the taste of flight. Blue is sadness, yet white is hope. Mixed together they feel like something warm in my chest that threatens to thaw my achingly frozen ribcage.

Maybe I’m in the dawn of my life, still waiting in the chilly cold for the sun to rise. But it will rise.