The Signs When Drunk

Aries: bad jokes and loud singing

Taurus: what are words?

Gemini: weird dancing, probably on the floor

Cancer: crying over crush

Leo: quiet but giggly

Virgo: probably flirting

Libra: “I’m not drunk ok” falls on you

Scorpio: still drinking..

Sagittarius: fuckin blabber mouth

Capricorn: sick is everywhere

Aquarius: party on… and on…

Pisces: sleepy mess basically…

how to show the signs you care:

Aries: always stay by their side, they need to be sure you care enough to stay and enjoy being with them, otherwise they will literally tear themselves apart if you act uninterested in them, when they are in you

Taurus: give them your heart, tell them all of your feelings, & let them know you depend on them, they love feeling trusted

Gemini: make sure they always feel included, otherwise they might think your trying to get rid of them and that will truly shatter them to the core

Cancer: be willing to talk about their feelings with them, not many people are because they think their “overly emotional”, but they really need someone they can express themselves to

Leo: let them know they don’t always have to be the strong confident one, show them that you will always stand by them, their really defensive and if you prove to them that you care enough to be defensive for them, they’ll feel safe and comfortable and will always stay loyal to you

Virgo: try hard to make conversation with them, especially when their shy, most people think their not worth talking to just because they can be quiet at times and not know what to say, but they can tell when you try to make an effort to talk to them and it makes their heart flutter with happiness

Libra: prove to them that their important, listen to their ideas, make sure they don’t feel left out otherwise they’ll close u out too, and if they tell u not to do something DONT DO IT OKAY

Scorpio: remind them all the time about how you feel, they don’t have time to play games with you and you have to be straight forward or they’ll think you don’t care and they’ll try to forget you

Sagittarius: talk to them about whatever their thinking or feeling, be accepting of what they say and do and let them know that you won’t judge them no matter what

Capricorn: do things for them, anything wether it’s taking them out to dinner or getting them a little gift anything to remind them that their not forgotten

Aquarius: always reassure them about how you feel, try not to be shy when it comes to this, because they’ll naturally think you don’t care about them which will only bring their wall up farther and they’ll try to move on to avoid heart break

Pisces: be cuddly and give them compliments, they tend to think very little of themselves and therefore think other people think the same, show them you know their amazing and teach them to love themselves just as you love them

The Signs On a Roadtrip

Aries: keeper of the alcohols

Taurus: brings pillows and vodka

Gemini: wants selfies with everyone

Cancer: are we there yet?!

Leo: photographer

Virgo: keeper of the kitty

Libra: designated driver

Scorpio: headphones on, do not disturb

Sagittarius: sleeps most of the way

Capricorn: needs to stop for the toilet

Aquarius: head of music

Pisces: brings all the really good food



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The Signs in Awkward Situations

Aries: talks and talks to distract from the situation

Taurus: ends up embarrassing self accidentally..

Gemini: tries to make a joke out of the situation.. fails…

Cancer: starts talking about self/ makes things worse

Leo: laughs a bit and quickly changes subject

Virgo: whAT THE FUCK DO I DO ? !

Libra: leaves

Scorpio: goes on phone

Sagittarius: subtly brings up another situation similar to this one

Capricorn: awkwardly laughs and waits for someone to start talking

Aquarius: sits silently and pretends to be doing something else

Pisces: smiles and tries to ignore the awkwardness


“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

“The Sun Will Rise, when you’ve lost your lights, the sun will rise. It’ll be alright.”

“Maybe no one told you, there is strength in your tears…”

“Picked all my weeds, but kept the flowers.”

“I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly. I’ll do what it takes ‘til I touch the sky. And I’ll make a wish. Take a chance. Make a change. And breakaway..”

“I walk out of this darkness with no sense of regret.”