Science When the Sun Don’t Shine

About once a year, somewhere on Earth, the sun is blocked by the moon. This phenomenon – called a total solar eclipse – is one of the most beautiful natural events.

Blocking the light of the sun during a total solar eclipse reveals the sun’s relatively faint, feathery atmosphere, called the corona. The corona is one of the most interesting parts of the sun. We usually study it using an instrument called a coronagraph, which uses a solid disk to make an artificial eclipse by blocking the sun’s face.

To successfully block all of the sun’s bright light – which can bend around the sharp edges of a coronagraph disk – coronagraphs must block much more than just the face of the sun.  So total solar eclipses are a rare chance to study the lower part of the corona, close to the surface of the sun.   

We have sent a team of scientists to Indonesia, where they’re preparing for an experiment during the March 8, 2016, eclipse, visible from Southeast Asia.

The scientists are measuring a certain kind of light – called polarized light – scattered by electrons in the lower corona, which will help us understand the temperature and speed of these electrons.

The March 8 eclipse is a preview of the total solar eclipse that will be visible across the US in August 2017.

Remember, you should never look directly at the sun – even if the sun is partly obscured. This also applies during a total eclipse up until the time when the sun is completely and totally blocked. More on safety:

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i love joe trohman so much like i adore him like i wake up in the morning and the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and im like “somewhere…..out there……..somwhere joe trohman is out there…..” 

The city where I feel trapped
Often dream about getting away
Even though I hate to pack
Dubai is where I want to stay

Running through the sand in Peru
Or New York to see snow
Rushing on the road to get through
Grand Canyon is where I’m trying to go

Nice to see the sun shine somewhere else
Although my city can sometimes be fun
I’d like to enjoy a cool breeze by myself
Without feeling like I have to be on the run

Grand Canyon, New York, Peru, Dubai
Why are these plane ticket prices so high?

—  awkwards0ul 

After all this time, it’s finally raining right here.

In an attempt to get better at using drawpile, AND to also crawl out of this rut I’ve been in, I’ve been drawing many skeletons haha. 

Things have been sort of rough recently for me so I wanted to just draw happy skels and barf out a bunch of hearts everywhere for these precious babs so well… here it is LOL~ Enjoy an interested and amused Sans witnessing the rain for the first time on the outside! I kept listening to “It’s raining somewhere else” and how it’s pretty soft and sort of sad, and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe it was sort of like that because all the monsters were trapped underground.

They never got to see the sun, or the real stars or rain. It was always shining, twinkling, raining somewhere else. But now the monsters have been freed, and they’re finally in that place where it rains. 

Hope everyone is doing well and to take care of yourself c: Lots of love and hearts to you all! 

Haha, I bet you thought this post would include a picture of a laptop being irreparably doused with mustard, much to your disgust or amusement. However, that is not the case. There are no condiment-covered keyboards or sticky screens here. Zero electronics have been harmed in order to make this post. You are free this time, my friends. Life is wonderful and the sun is shining somewhere, have a wonderful day

Family Secrets Verse: Somewhere With You (Part 1)

This fic was inspired by the song Somewhere With You. It has a few parts because we kinda ended up going off on this fic lol. Also, this is another unfinished fic. The first few parts are finished but, at the end, it’s not completely done and will not be done at this juncture. Enjoy!

Taylor stretched her legs out on the sofa, her head slumped over the side of the armrest so it was nearly upside down. She couldn’t remember how long she’d been lying there, but if she had to guess, it had to be somewhere close to an hour. No matter what she tried to do to occupy her time before she could see Adam later that night, nothing seemed to satisfy her. Everything in the goddamn house was boring, and she longed to be able to walk along the beach while the sun was still shining, or to take a drive somewhere with no exact destination, but that wasn’t how her life worked. At least, not while she was under her parents’ roof.

For the past week or so, she’d been wanting to tell them about Adam more than ever before, if only just to get it out there, but that was an impossibility. She’d never be able to see him again and that wasn’t something she was ready for – wasn’t something she would ever be ready for. But she was so tired of hiding, of sneaking around, of having to wait days to see him, that her resentment towards her parents had only begun to fester and grow, threatening to boil past her limit at any moment. She knew she was wallowing, knew that she was pitying herself more and more with each passing day, but she couldn’t seem to pull herself out of the slump she’d allowed herself to fall into and now, here she lay, staring up absentmindedly at her phone as she dangled precariously off the arm of the couch, just waiting for him to text her back.

Andrea turned the corner, seeing Taylor on the couch, and smiled, sadly. She could tell that Taylor was beginning to feel more and more lonely. She couldn’t blame her. She hadn’t seen Abigail in a few days as she’d taken a trip back home and all of her other friends were still away at school. Sure, she had Ella but Ella was still going to school, too, which left Taylor alone for most of the day. Taylor’s entire face lit up when her phone buzzed in her hand and small smile crossed her face as she typed out a message before she slumped back down once it was sent.

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for the fic meme: bucky and V?

V. An abandoned or empty place.

The Soldier has no place to go.

He was never supposed to live out this mission. He understands that now, even as he doesn’t understand it. But why, he thinks, tearful like a child, and sets his jaw.

No asset is indispensable.

He has no place to go and no direction and no mission. No handlers. No home.

The jacket is heavy with river water. Chafing. Dry your equipment where possible. The circuitry is susceptible to damp. He walks until he finds somewhere quiet on the riverbank. The sun is shining and he can strip his jacket, lay it out to dry. Prods at his right shoulder experimentally. Dislocated, not broken. The man on the bridge did not want to break him.

He was already broken, he thinks. They broke him years ago.

He resets his shoulder into the socket, a bright buzz of pain that makes him bite his tongue bloody. It floods his mouth, iron-salty. Makes him aware of his thirst. River water is not safe, even for an asset. Licks his dry lips, and ignores it.

The sun is warm on his skin and when he looks down at himself he is pale like a mushroom, like something that has grown furtive in the dark for years and years. Skin over muscle over bone. If he stripped it clean, he thinks, how deep would the breaking go.

There is a smudge on his hip that he thinks is blood or dirt or both. Brushes his thumb over it. Looks closer. Ink, not blood, numbers small and precise. They marked him and wiped him clean. Return to sender.

He follows the coordinates and his mouth tastes like metal and everything is too sharp in his head. He knows this place even as he doesn’t know it. It feels like rubber tastes, like the noise of a metal door swinging closed, like the bruise of a handler’s baton. Like ice. Like seeing Pierce’s hair, golden in the light.

The man on the bridge had hair just the same shade.

The handlers are gone. Guards abandoning their posts. This is no place to go. No home. The only home he knows. They left the chair behind. He curls up in it, sobs again like an idiot child. Overtired, breath hitching. Perhaps someone will cradle him. Stroke his hair back from his forehead in a touch so gentle it could be loving.

The man with blond hair touched him that way. He doesn’t remember which one of them it might have been.

Wipe him, he thinks, and leans back in the chair, falls asleep.

Wanting to be Saved

Pairing: Natalie x Lucifer/Satan

Rating: The dawning realization that Natalie is going to hell

Title: Wanting to be Saved

I figured why not take things into my own hands- enjoy ;)


They had been relaxing at the beach- Lucifer trying his hardest to ignore the tourists and the drooling of the other women, and Natalie was goofing off in the water by herself. Lucifer sighed, relaxing on the towel as he let the sun shine down on his body. Some girls somewhere giggled, and Lucifer cringed. Man did he hate the beach.

“Hey Stan!” Natalie cried out, running out of the water and running up to him, dripping water on the sand beside him. He tried very hard to not notice the men that were staring at her.Why should he care who did and didn’t stare at her.

“Yes?” He asked dully, closing his eyes and looking back up at the sky. She crouched on his towel and leaned down by his ear.

“I noticed the girls staring at you- how about we make them jealous?” She asked, pulling away. Lucifer opened his eyes and stared at her smirking face, feeling proud.

“Well lookie here, seems like someone knows how to misbehave.” She let out a small chuckle, looking at him expectantly.

“Well?” She asked, and Lucifer looked to one of the guys staring at her- casting him the glare of the life time. May he rot in Hell. Lucifer looked back to Natalie- smirking.

“Sure, maybe it’ll get the guys to stop staring at you.” She blinked at that- looking around her. Her mouth made a small ‘o’ and her eyes widened slightly.

“Holy cow! So many guys are staring at me.” She said softly, and Lucifer sat up- holding out her- clean- towel for her. She took it and wrapped it around her body, sitting down next to Lucifer on his towel.

“Aw, you’re getting my towel wet.” He said, pouting slightly. She giggled and when she rested her head on his shoulder he didn’t pull away- adjusting how he was sitting so that she could be a little more comfortable. Most of the males looked away- but the girls were quite determined.

“Say- did you hear that?” She asked, and he looked down at her- raising an eyebrow in curiosity. All he heard was the sound of the ocean lapping up against shore, the seagulls who screeched nonstop, and the little kids squealing. Sounds you usually heard on a beach- what new noise was there to hear?

“Hear what?” He asked, and when she smiled up at him he swore for a second his heart stopped.

“Exactly.” She said softly- and it dawned on him much like the sun rose and fell from the sky. She was right. The reason why she was currently on the coast was because of him, and because she used her contract. For him. Natalie was waiting for his reaction- and his face broke out in a giant smile, joy sweeping through his heart like a hurricane. He kissed the top of her head and carefully stood- pulling her up to her feet. He didn’t know he had truly felt this happy about something.

“Come on, let’s go swim.” He said, and she giggled- removing her towel and letting him drag her to the ocean- hand in hand. The tattoo on his back shifted with his muscles and he swore to god some girls literally fainted. They entered the water and Natalie dived in, popping back up and splashing water at him. He retaliated and very quickly they were in a water fight.

Natalie and Lucifer kept trying to dunk each other- of course Lucifer let Natalie win more often than not. They kept coming out of the water with laughter and coughs. Lucifer let Natalie dunk him once more and then decided to pick her up and toss her in the water. She went in squealing and came out laughter and hiccups- spitting out a bunch of water from her mouth as she adjusted her hair slightly, along with her bathing suit.

She popped up and looked at him- her eyes gleaming. Her orange hair had been pulled back into a ponytail but was now falling out of it. Strands clumped together and stuck to her face or neck- and very few actually hanging free. Light pants came from her mouth as she stared at him- her polka dotted bikini looking old and worn out- but still covering the parts she needed it to cover. It seemed almost as if her baby fat had disappeared, leaving behind someone the humans would call a woman.

“What’s up Stan?” She asked- wading forward through the water to get to him. He rested a little closer to shore than she did, though not much closer. The water was lapping halfway up his chest- right below Natalie’s own chest. She stopped in front of him- looking up at him with such innocent curiosity he felt his own heart burn terribly. He looked down at her, and he realized why it had burned. He reached down- suddenly pulling her into a hug. One arm went around her waist and the other went under her arms- his left hand cupping the back of her head as he hugged her tightly. She hugged back- surprised.

“Lucy… What’s up?” She whispered as he hugged her- his eyes closed tightly as he felt his thoughts swirl in a whirl storm of anger. How stupid could he had been? How absolutely blind and clueless? She had used her contract on him- and it was because of her he had some silence for a while, and for what cost? Her soul. She gave up her goddamn soul for him.

“I’m sorry.” He choked out, and Natalie pulled back to look at him- still being held up by him. His forehead rested on her shoulder and she looked thoughtful- bringing up a hand and running it through his hair. He was such an idiot. Why had he let her use his contract? Why hadn’t he stopped her?

“Hey- big guy.” She whispered- tugging on his hair lightly to get his attention. He looked over at her slightly- not removing his head from her shoulder. She watched the tears on his cheeks- and her heart squeezed tightly. She had never imagined seeing him like this- and doing so made her feel broken. She wiped a tear away- letting it rest on her thumb as she stared at it. After a moment she tugged a little more and he finally pulled away from her shoulder- staring at her.

“It’s okay!” She whispered, and he looked at her a little closer. She looked away from her thumb, looking at him, smiling warmly. “It really is okay!” She chirped- her eyes sparkling. Before Lucifer could say anything she kissed him sweetly- leaving him dumbstruck. She pulled away with a small giggle- brushing some hair out of his face. “You’re content, you’re happy, and that’s all that matters.” She said, hugging him tightly- nearly choking herself with his shoulder in the process. His eyes were wide- the tears drying up on his face as he let out a soft chuckle, the smile not reaching his eyes as he hugged her tightly. His heart still felt dead, shriveled up, and cold, but he’d try for her. He wouldn’t let her know how much pain he truly was in. When he set her down she giggled- flicking some water at his chest.

“Come on big man- I think I’ve had my fill of the coast for now.” She said- and she walked past him- throwing a giant splash at the back of his head- effectively soaking him once more. He turned and watched her walk onto the shore- his own features soft and saddened. Someone so pure didn’t deserve to ever be contracted with him. Her soul was now destined for damnation, and it was all his fault. She made it to the sand and grabbed her towel- looking back at him.

He wanted to do so many things- and he couldn’t tell what they were. He believed he wanted her soul and now his heart was threatening to crush him at the very thought, to take away his life without a second thought, just like how he had taken her soul without a second thought, without trying to stop her. He wanted to undo the contract- make it so that whatever had happened never did happen, so that she could’ve kept living a normal life- and man, oh man did he want to do something so unlike him. So very, unlike him.Or- maybe something that had been like him once, but wasn’t like him anymore.  

He wanted to save her.