Tsukiuta. Twitter Drama Translation 1/8/2015

You: I picked up a penguin

Yoru: Eeeeeeeh~!?

Iku: Yoru-san, I understand your feelings but calm down.

Kai: Ah, It’s a watermelon

You: That is Adelie, that one is Magellan. Okay, your name is Magellanda.

Iku: Not only detailed but he even decided a name for it.

Rui: Do you want to eat a fish?


#You and the Penguings summer vacation diary

If you let details bother you so do you lose. August’s limited mypaced diary is starting ☆

Magellanda: Kuee~!

Shun: Such an energic child~

Yoru: Everyone, your adaptability is too high…

You and Penguin’s summer vacation diary = YouPen Diary

#YouPen Diary

I thought I should translate this since a new family memeber joins Procellarum. I bet You will take care of Magellanda~

there are two types of fandoms on the internet. there’s the huge ones that everyone knows about that have giant never-ending tumblr tags and a bunch of blogs dedicated to them and an unlimited supply of well-written fan fiction, and then there’s the fandoms that nobody really talks about or pays attention to because they have a total of 4 members and if they have a tumblr tag it’s just different variations of the same three posts and there’s like one fan fic that doesn’t suck but it’s posted on an obscure website that doesn’t even show up in google search results

and honestly i can’t decide which type is more painful 

Let’s drive to the middle of nowhere. To some field, an abandoned rooftop, an empty swimming pool, anywhere. And we’ll stargaze. You’ll fall in love with the universe, and I’ll fall in love with you.
—  #2 // our summer bucket list

She tells me with sparks in her eyes about all the adventures they’re going to do together. Skydiving, backpacking through Europe, snorkeling, dreaming under the Northern Lights. Honestly, they’re all so beautiful and exciting and lovely, that I can only smile at her when she speaks of their future. But she’s barely 15, and he’s just a boy she just met months ago.

I want to tell her that promises aren’t promises. I want to tell her that the butterflies will eventually fly away and make someone else happy. I want to tell her that she hasn’t seen him angry and upset that he’s screaming at the night sky. She hasn’t seen him with tears in his eyes when you tell him the truth. I want to tell her that if they don’t work out, she’s going to be left with broken promises and tears and bitterness towards the Northern Lights and the unexplored depths of the oceans.

But I smile at her when she smiles because his name just lit up her phone. I want to tell her everything, but I know that smile, I have that smile because of you.

We’re on our own adventure into the unknown and unpredictable future.

So I let her have her own.

—  I’ll be with you always, but for now you have him.

Nina Dobrev takes a backward dive down a water slide and now that’s all we want to do!