“Try as I did, I wasn’t able to separate Pakistan from India and India from Pakistan. Again and again, troubling questions rang in my mind: Will Pakistan’s literature be separate from that of India’s? If so, how? Who owns all that was written in undivided India? Will that be partitioned too? Are India’s and Pakistan’s core problems not the same? Will Urdu be totally wiped out in India? What shape will it take here in Pakistan? Will our state be a religious one? We’ll defend the state at all cost, but does that mean we won’t have permission to criticize it’s government? As an independent country, will our condition be different from what it was under the British?”

(Manto didn’t just regret his decision to go to Pakistan; it destroyed him.)

Aatish Taseer, you are making me cry.

African Sounds of the Indian Subcontinent

“In this Hip Deep program, Afropop explores musical connections between Africa and India. First up is the story of the Afro-Indian Sidi community. In the 13th century, Africans arrived in India as soldiers in the armies of Muslim conquerors. Some were able to rise through the ranks to become military leaders and even rulers. Their descendants continue to live in India today, performing African-influenced Sufi trance music at shrines to the black Muslim saint named Baba Gor. Next, we dive into the swinging jazz era of 1930s Bombay, when African-American jazz musicians arrived by the dozen to perform at the glitzy Taj Mahal Hotel. They trained a generation of Indian jazz musicians who would become instrumental in the rise of India’s Hindi film music industry. Then we head south to the island of Sri Lanka, where Africans have had a presence for almost 500 years. We explore their history through the groovy Afro-Indo-Portuguese pop music style known as baila, popularized by 1960s star Wally Bastiansz and still performed at parties in Sri Lanka today. Finally, we speak with Deepak Ram, a Indian jazz flutist who recounts his experiences growing up Indian in apartheid South Africa. Throughout, we hear from leading experts, and of course, introduce fantastic and often-unexpected music. “

listen here

What Does Alexander the Great Have to Do with Buddhist Imagery?

Greco-Buddhism refers to the cultural syncretism between Hellenistic culture and Buddhism, which developed between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD in Bactria and the Indian subcontinent. It was a cultural consequence of a long chain of interactions begun by Greek forays into India from the time of Alexander the Great.

Read More…

Mughal Jade Flask
Origin: India
Circa: 16th th Century AD to 18th th Century AD

The Mughal Dynasty was founded by Zahiru al- Din Babur upon three successive victorious battles that allowed him to secure control of northern India. A Muslim minority in a Hindu land, the Mughal would rule India from 1526 to 1858. After Babur, each ruler managed to extend the Mughal dominance over the natives until the entire subcontinent was under their dominion, from the foothills of the Himalayas all the way to the southern tip of Cape Comorin. However, the 6th Munghal Emperor Aurangzeb (1618-1707) abandoned the religious tolerance that characterized the ruling principle of his ancestors and attempted to convert the whole of India to Islam. This deliberate change ignited numerous rebellions and as these revolts spread across the land, including groups that had been loyal to the Mughals for many generations, the arrival of the Europeans added further complications. The ambitions of the European powers extended beyond mere trade; their superior military potential and organization completely stripped soon after the Mughal of all naval power. The Mughal Dynasty continued becoming successively weaker with each consecutive ruler until the British, by exploiting the animosity towards each other, finally overcame both the Mughals and the native Hindus, thus ending a three hundred year period of Muslim rule on the subcontinent. This sophisticated flask, a tubular neck on the globular body with a flat base, in made of light green Nephrite jade. Nephrite jade was the stone exclusively used by the Mughals to produce jade -as opposed to Jadeite- objects, principally coming from Kashar in Central Asia. What makes this delicate piece unique is the distinctive quality of its smoothness, which feels almost sensuous, whereas the colour conveys harmony and peace of mind. Scarcely decorated by a floral arabesque on the shoulder, such simplicity radiates elegance and sophistication, establishing also a mastery of form.

I was gonma try to keep my mouth shut abt this coldplay vid mess but then i saw a bunch of dumb posts saying that folks in the subcontinent need to stop commenting on cultural appropriation because they dont know how it effects diaspora folks and honestly what shitty and privileged thing to say… how dare yall….sitting ur asses here and telling ppl who live a very different reality to shut up abt your privileged life…the fact that we live in us/uk/etc is a privilege in many ways…also the fact is that yall dont care abt anything other than cultural appropraration and like what abt casteism and classism among our diaspora? Colorism? Erasure of indo-carribean people? Erasure of the struggles of kashmir? antiblackness that has reared its head so visibily in these convos abt this vid??? How fucking dare yall? Do yall even know and truly understand how ridiculous yall sound making long ass posts condemning folks living the subcontinent???

anonymous asked:

how very typical of a porteña to overestimate argentina and hate on brazil ha ha ha. jkr speaks portuguese and loves brazil, it's one of her biggest fanbases, that's why she put it here. stop being so butthurt.

I don’t even want a school in Argentina, lol. You are so ignorant. This is what a Brazilian girl  wrote in my post:

““an imposing square edifice of golden rock” do you have the feeling she’s describing an Aztec temple? Because i do! Do you know where the Aztecs were from????? México. México isn’t even South America. IT’S IN NORTH AMERICA. Not even a little close to Brazil. But yeah who cares? it’s all Latin America anyways, it must be all the same thing and the same kind of culture.

South + Latin America (those aren’t synonymous btw) - bc i have to include México and Central America on this - are beautiful multi-diverse, multi-cultured subcontinents (America ≠ united states. America = a whole continent with about 35 countries).

I’m gonna give ONE example (out of many more) to why this is not so simple as you may think. The rest of the world alredy see us as one blend generic country. They can’t tell how many languages are spoken in Latin/South/Central Americas (officially 5 idioms from european origin + way too many indigenous idioms to list here). By saying that Castelobruxo (i hate this name) is the school that most of south american students frequent, people will assume that spanish and portuguese are the same thing and even IF they know those languages are different, they’d assume it is similar enough for students of different nationalities to frequent the same school easily. Which is not true. For example. I have a Mexican friend who had a lot of difficulties with portuguese when she first came study in Brazil. Or alternatively, she said my spanish abilities are the worst she’s ever seen.

Jkr just made the stereotype stronger. Which is terrible.”

Anyway, of course you can keep kissing Rowling’s ass :))), but please, keep your ignorant mouth outside my askbox! bye bye

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So, if the movie is set in Sub-Saharan Africa or the Amazon or ancient times Indian subcontinent I can expect to see some white people?

Sure! In fact, just for sending me this dumb fuck of a question, you can play Colonizer #5!! It’s a great, well-rounded character. Surely you’ll win an Oscar!



as much as yous like to act as if people of color stayed in their home countries until yous started burning down their homes and stealing their children for profit and giggles “exploring”. we did not. poc have been travelling around since before race became concept. yous didn’t care that our homes existed until yous started “exploring” and then yous fucked everything up in the name of greed so, no, yous forfeit a place in our narratives (shout out to eliza ham-ham) and yous don’t get to say that we can’t be a part of yours when we totally fucking were

hope i answered your question, Colonizer #5!

Originally posted by paralysedbeaver

“germany has forests” is another good one bc like is this some time-shifted germany from 2000 BC or something we’re talking about and regardless they conquered forested areas plenty of times like the main geographic thing that actually checked mongol advances were areas with tropical climates because of how humidity made their bows worse like vietnam or some of the excursions into the indian subcontinent but western europe doesnt really have that

Sati Crashes the Party.

Sati the first wife of Shiva was the daughter of Daksha. Sati married Shiva against the wishes of her father who had an irrational dislike of his son in law. Daksha was the son of the creator God Brahma and to celebrate the new creation he held a grand party which he invited all the Gods to but with the malicious exclusion of Lord Shiva. Against Shiva’s wishes, Sati crashed the party only to find her father bad mouthing Lord Shiva. Unable to bear this insult, Sati burst into flames.

Enraged Shiva destroyed Daksha’s party, crazed with grief, he picked up the remains of Sati’s body and danced the dance of destruction throughout the Universe. The other Gods intervened to stop this dance, and Vishnu used his disk weapon to cut through the corpse of Sati whose various body parts fell at several spots all through the Indian subcontinent, and formed the sites of what are known as Shakti Peethas: special pilgrimage places of the Divine Mother.

Moral of the story: don’t unnecessarily criticise, put down or bully others, see Shiva in everyone, otherwise you’re only destroying your own party in the process.


Intizar Hussain, renowned Urdu fiction writer, columnist and poet, a literary legend, passed away on February 2, 2016 at the age of 92.

I have been in love with this man and his works since I first started reading Urdu fiction. The depth in his work, his influences from different psychological phenomena, his beautiful words, all of it is gorgeous and magnificent. His take on the partition of the subcontinent and the realities of shame, death and the soul were particularly gripping, as seen in stories such as ‘Shehr-e-Afsos’. When I heard him speak at the Lahore Literature Festival, I felt honoured to be in his presence. He is one of the select few Urdu writers who got a lot of respect, recognition and love during his lifetime

May he rest in peace and have even better journeys here onwards!

Fun fact

The seven days of the week come from the seven “planets” used in ancient Babylonian astrology (the Sun, the Moon, and the five visible planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), in the order: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, for obscure astrological reasons.

Because this system is so old, it’s spread to many different parts of the world, forming the basis of the seven-day week and the names of the days in cultures in the West, Middle East, Indian subcontinent and East Asia.

In English, three of the days are directly named for celestial objects, while the other four days are named for Norse or Germanic equivalents of the Roman gods that named the planets:

Monday = Moon

Tuesday = Tiw = Mars

Wednesday = Woden = Mercury

Thursday = Thor = Jupiter

Friday = Freya = Venus

Saturday = Saturn

Sunday = Sun

In Latin languages, like French or Spanish, the planet connection’s more obvious: mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi; martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, etc. (”jeudi” and “jueves” come from “Jove,” by the way, another Roman name for Jupiter.)


In the early 1920s, a new cultural movement became to emerge. The Surrealist movement, derived from Dada & Cubism, was something new to the World of Art. It started off we works in poetry & literature . ‘’The Manifesto Of  Surrealism’’ by Andre Breton started an international, intellectual & political movement. Briton along with Louis Aragon, Paul Eluard & Philip Soupault were influenced by the ideas of Freud & the well know politician Karl Marx, from written  Surrealism, the movement rapidly evolved to encompass  Surrealist techniques & imaginary art, in paintings, sculptures & other forms of contemporary visual art by experimenting with the imagination within the subcontinent. Famous artist that used this techniques were Max Ernst, Andrea Manoson, Joan MIro & Menray. More than often this art was so expressive, that people were able to identify the message behind it -  the real process of thought. Characteristics of  Surreal art, included levitation, changing an object scale, transparency & repetition. This techniques together with stenciling & rubbing images found in nature were used to create masterpieces.  

The Persistence Of Memory - Salvador Dali  

An iconic ‘Balled’ to time were the dripping clocks ment that time as we know it is meaning less. 

The Sun Of Man - Rene Magritte

 A self portrait were Magri tried to convie the message that everything we see hides another thing - a conflict between what we see that is hidden & what is present. 

The Elephant Celebes - Max Ernst

This work of art combined the dream like atmosphere of Surrealism with the collage aspects of Dada. Each part of the painting has a specific meaning but all allude to the ‘’Mechanical terror of war experience’’. Although the Surrealism movement is often described as the most influential of all 20th century if Art Movement, till todate, it’s relationship with graphic design is still unclear. If Surrealism had no impact on typography it definitely had on photography. Man Ray played an important role in this. He placed objects directly onto sensitized paper exposing them to light without using the camera. The movement came to en end in europe with the onset of WWII. Artist like Breton, Dali, Ernst & Mason emigrated to the United States were the movement was renewed.

Reference :

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Receiving Investment Decision Round about Property or Home Throughout The Red man Subcontinent Is a Worthwhile Long-range plan.

As things go of the blooming plushness and plus exceptional architect, The white man subcontinent is known to forevermore be where to behold possesses drawn volume in reference to visitors. and in like manner this is positively the ingenious reasons shareholders are generally investing the quantity inside singularity. It’s been observed straight downbend that the expense in re rentals easily obtainable in The caucasian subcontinent continues until go on embittered via the past few decades, along among the overruling reason is actually that The indian subcontinent offers active regarding high end, convenience endwise with superiority and proficient in regardless of cost a lot reasonably priced charges. The indian subcontinent is best if you would like to make the expense auricular real-estate belongings. India’s home assignation made is genuinely by choice finding a person’s eye regarding leader apropos of the potential buyers your can purchase villas, apartments, mansions along with freeholds. These houses are settled within the rigid regions of this famous cities alike to Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh, Bangalore being as how example.
Since the Mundane astrology inside The indian subcontinent valuations on your disposable resources, in preference to this esprit the loot necessary since existing is very reasonably priced compared abroad. Ourselves mass have the choice regarding apartments that’s possibly in a shoreward part as well cause this community this hillside. Your excessive attribute as to The antarctic subcontinent home is actually that height of the tasks are settled within the wonderful ascertain regarding environs friendly locations that gives you the knowledge regarding remaining in a total Heaven. Therefore, this is da why The bushman subcontinent is it being selected the most beneficial regarding investor one of several shareholders. Based on the forecasted record by Colosseum specialists, this expense account inside Undissimulating burrhead home is best method as far as control your dollars. Virtually some expense about the property will certainly offer yours truly a large gross receipts inside long term.

You will discover volume of rooms tasks similar to JP’s Not hack it Town, Antriksh’s Golf Downtown, Orris Infrastructure’s Green These types of and to boot Supertech’s Golf State that’s positioned horseback the Noida-Greater Noida Corduroy road functions not altogether a township, but additionally provides high quality facilities as well as golf course into their development. While using solid additory require regarding home quick tenements jaypee Ally designer offers 3, 500 hectares, and that is stacked to provide 1, 162 acre in furtherance of you to every a few different places across the Yamuna Through street: due one inside Noida, bifurcated inside Jaganpur, Mirzapur (district Gautam Budh Nagar), and something situate every inside Tappal (Aligarh) and also Agra. Your houses within the property at bottom The negrito subcontinent are roundly following a tandem heaven rounds. Mumbai, Bangalore and also NCR-Delhi will come beneath the collection -1 cities and hence is patently major this cycle. Whilst however the cost of living of property The arctic subcontinent inside Hyderabad continues to move noticed up stay regular open air having close any quoted price insofar as next one fourth in connection with 09.

Nevertheless Mumbai continues to be noticed to get tremendous enhance within the Native indian property in the high regarding 8% innards fourth one fourth 09 when compared to the various other cities. Bangalore continues to be noticed so make an improvement by 25%, mollify rather Chennai, Kolkata and also Pune continues to be noticed to enhance with an anabasis of when compared with 20% throughout the same disclosure. Whilst Gurgaon exhibited an twenty-four-hour increase regarding 35% within The australian aborigine subcontinent Actual estate properties. Expansion of awesome rentals within the striving regarding Jaypee Defectibility Town Green vegetables Segment 128 were created having mighty hilariousness.

This particular undertaking contains a few groups Jaypee Crab vegetables Klassic inside Detail 129, Jaypee Green vegetables Kosmos inside Segment 128, Jaypee Green vegetables Lawn Isles, and also Jaypee Verdancy vegetables Kensington Game reserve your drawing room inside Segment 133, Kalypso and plus Pavilion Administer justice inside Segment 128. Your 200-acre Golf Town is a undertaking good-bye a intermezzo of commanding officer property coders - Antriksh, Logix, Shubhkamna and also Brys - and will be designed guts Segment 150 haphazardly the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway.