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I live for it

Sup guys, its me again. I’m back with another shitty fanfic lol. Again, feedback is appreciated…let me know what you thought :) Other than that, I hope you enjoy! Oh and btw this fic was inspired like 75% by @placeyoursinshere . Her HC’s are bomb and her drawings are really great!! I used the quotes from this drawing in a small part of the fic. 

Anyways, enjoy!

Pairing: Jikook

Word count: 4K

Genre: Smut, fluff-ish(?)

Summary: Jungkook would never admit it, but he lived for Jiimin’s punishments.

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One of the arguments I’ve seen against Milah is how in 2x04 she didn’t ask about Baelfire until Rumpelstiltskin himself mentions him. Which is a valid argument, to be honest, but every time I see this argument pop up the OP fails to mention the context of those scenes. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you really want to ask something, but the person you want to ask is not in a great mood? Either sad or angry, and you feel that if you do ask them that thing, it will either upset them more or be entirely anti-climactic?

I’m sure you have.

Milah enters the scene right at the moment where her former husband is about to murder the man she loves now. She’s rightfully panicked.

Not to mention probably fearing for her own life. In this scenario, Rumpelstiltskin has full power over both of them, and she resorts to bargaining for their lives. She’s not gloating around, she even apologizes for running away like she did.

In 2x04 and 5x14, Milah talks about how she regrets leaving Baelfire behind. Killian mentions the same in 2x22. Those regrets were real. But in the above scene, she knew that Rumpelstiltskin was angry and upset and she was treading carefully, trying to avoid upsetting him even more. When would have been the right moment to ask him? When he was poking Killian with the sword, or when she was carrying Killian back to the ship? Besides, when she did upset him, he killed her on spot.

I’m not saying you should like her. I’m saying that if the writers wanted her to appear nonchalant about her running away, they would have made it clear she was that. They wouldn’t have her say “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t feel sorry for that”, or even mention this in later moments.