Anonymous asked:

I’m writing this story, And the beginning scene is a fight scene between a girl and a feral wolf (written in the girl’s POV). I did the research for this scene but I feel like my writing for this scene is super robotic. Do you have any tips how I can bring this scene to life?

Once again, here’s a scene where the sensory details will be super important:

Touch - the wolf’s fur, sharp teeth, torn flesh, slick blood, dirt
Sound - growls, cries, rapid breaths, crunching leaves, slobbering
Scent - soil, blood, musty fur, dog breath, perspiration
Taste - coppery taste of blood, salty taste of sweat, moldy taste of dirt


Emotion - fear, determination, anger, defeat
Physical - heart pounding, muscles taut, knees slamming into the ground, teeth and claws tearing flesh, ground beneath head and body, weight of wolf pressing down…

These are all the kinds of details will bring your scene to life. :)

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