Here’s a drabble request from AO3~  From the lovely omgitsdanniie.  SouMako #38.

*~* #38 “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” *~*

The first thing Makoto noticed was the smell.  His room always had a homey scent, a mix of his mother’s cooking, fabric softener, and chlorine.  This room, however, reeked of sterility, alcohol and medicine.

He opened his eyes groggily, olive green gaze taking in his surroundings.  He was definitely in a nurse’s office.  But it didn’t look like the one at Iwatobi High School.  Someone cleared their throat beside him.  He turned toward the noise.

“Yamazaki-kun?” he blinked in surprise.  

Suddenly, it all came back to him:  He’d just pulled himself out of the pool when he heard Rin scolding Momo for bringing a glass bottle in to the natatorium. Sousuke was cradling his hand and, when Makoto walked over to see what was wrong, he saw…

“Your hand!” Makoto shot up, but nearly fell over, all the blood rushing to his head.

“Whoa there,” Sousuke put a hand on his shoulder to steady him.  “Take it easy,” he instructed.

“Right,” Makoto blushed.  “Sorry.”

“How are you feeling?” the tall brunet asked, concern evident in his tone.

“Oh, I’m fine,” Makoto smiled.  “Um,” he glanced at Sousuke’s other hand, neatly wrapped in a white bandage.  “How’s your hand?”

“Just a scratch,” Sousuke held it up as if he was showing it off.  “I didn’t even need any stitches.”

“Really?” the sandy-haired man thought back to the scene at the pool. There had been so much blood.  So…much… he suddenly felt the room begin to spin around him.

“Hey.”  He felt the grip on his shoulder tighten.  “We don’t need a repeat of what happened earlier.”

“Earlier…?”  He focused on Sousuke.  “What happened?”

“Well,” Sousuke removed his hand from Makoto’s shoulder, rubbing the back of his neck.  “You fainted…straight into my arms.”

“I did?” Makoto’s eyes were wide.

“You know,” the brunet looked up at him, a playful glint in his cerulean eyes. “If you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

“I…I-I…” Makoto sputtered, face heating up.  “Yamazaki-kun, I wasn’t-”

“Hey, it’s fine,” Sousuke chuckled.  “I was just teasing you.”

“Oh…”  The sandy-haired man frowned.  He wasn’t sure why he felt disappointed.

“Anyway, if you’re feeling up to it, we should head back,” the taller man stood up and offered a hand to Makoto.

“Right,” Makoto took his hand, hoping his smile looked up to par.  He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and noticed he was wearing a pair of Samezuka sweats.  They were warm and comfy, but what happened to his swimsuit?

As if he’d read his mind, Sousuke answered.

“You passed out in your jammers and they were soaking wet,” Sousuke looked away, scratching his cheek.  “You’d catch a cold if you kept them on, so…”

“Oh,” Makoto felt his cheeks heat up.  That was so thoughtful.  “Thank you.”

“Well, shall we go?” Sousuke gave his hand a squeeze and Makoto stood up on shaky legs.  He fell against the taller man’s chest.

“S-Sorry,” he ducked his head.

“It’s fine,” the brunet rubbed his back with his free hand.  “You can lean against me until we get back.”

Makoto smiled.  They walked out of the nurse’s office, but not before Sousuke grabbed Makoto’s still-damp jammers, which had been set out to dry on the counter.

“I’ve got it,” the sandy-haired man said as he took the swimsuit from Sousuke. It was the least he could do. After all, Sousuke had taken him to the clinic and helped him change into warmer clothes and…

Suddenly, it hit him.

If Sousuke had taken off his wet jammers, then he…

Makoto looked up slowly, assessing the taller man’s profile, catching just the hit of a blush on his cheeks.  Had Sousuke been blushing like that when he stripped Makoto of his clothing?  The wet fabric clinging to him like a second skin?

Makoto was so embarrassed, he felt like he might faint again.

But then…

Why did he suddenly feel like returning the favor?