The reverse little mermaid AU

Where Graves is a merman (I’m thinking black tail, white stripes around his hips, maybe a hint of yellow in his fins for that angel fish vibe) and Newt is the human on the land who falls in love with the sea.

Because the sea has sea serpents that can change their size, feathered manta rays that can curl up into a tiny cocoon, sentient bits of kelp that talk shit and have attachment issues. The sea is awesome.

Then Graves gets himself tangled in a net, the daft idiot, and almost drowns himself on the beach until Newt manages to cut him free. Graves’ memories of the event are fuzzy - his eyes don’t work so well out of water - but now that Newt knows about mermen, about Graves, he’s determined to find him.

What he finds instead is Grindelwald, a washed up mermaid with a dull tail and jagged, torn fins. Grindelwald proposes a trade: his tail for Newt’s legs. Newt agrees. Unfortunately for Grindelwald, Newt winds up with a fabulous gold tail (just the slightest hint of red) but Grindelwald’s legs are bowed and gnarly, as warped by his dark magic as his tail was. He blames Newt for the treachery and Newt escapes into the sea.

Then Newt kinda just flails, because this whole merman thing? Is new. And confusing. And it doesn’t come with a map, so he’s a touch lost. But it’s all good! He finds a small piece of sentient kelp that calls itself Pickett, and Pickett attaches himself to his ear and alternates between tying tiny little braids into his hair and squeaking exasperated instructions about how Newt should avoid getting his fool self killed.

They end up at MACUSA, the towering and imposing underwater city. Their attempts to sneak in are foiled by the captain of the guard - a rather dashing, rather familiar character we know and love that answers to Graves. 

Well. I’m sure you can guess what happens next.

Except whoops, just as the angry-but-caring guard starts to realise that the lovable-but-snarky rule breaker is in fact the guy that saved his life and that Graves is madly in love with, BAM. Grindelwald happens.

He’s been busy with those legs, and he’s back on the scene with CANNONS and WARSHIPS and DEPTH CHARGES and all the exploding things he could find on the land. And it turns out that Graves is the one who got him banished and Grindelwald’s back for revenge against all of MACUSA and no one can stop him because mermen know jack shit about explosives.

Except. Newt knows. And Newt was kinda the guy who gave Grindelwald his legs so, oops.

Cue dramatic music please, let’s have a scene where Newt surges up towards a slowly falling explosive. Dull booms in the background, echoing screams as MACUSA falls, we see Graves looking around wildly for where Newt has gone and we see (but can’t hear) him screaming when he notices Newt swimming up.

Pickett grips tighter to Newt’s hair. On the surface, Grindelwald stands on his boat and laughs. Newt glances back once to Graves, then stares forwards again, jaw set in determination. He grips the bomb tighter.

The music rises to its climax, brass instruments and string instruments and percussion to back it all up.

Newt swings the explosive into the ship and -

The scene cuts to Graves, the music falls to something that aches, something with cellos low and mourning, and Graves is briefly illuminated by the light of the explosion. He mouths a single, disbelieving no, shaking his head in denial. Debris rains down from above and Graves swims forwards, desperate and hurting. We follow his gaze and we see Newt, lax in the water, silhouetted against the sunlight above.

Newt drifts. His arms are limp. His tail coils on the current, fins brushing against each other. Pickett, curled around his ear, turns away from the camera and holds onto the tiny braids in his hair. Graves swims up from below and cradles Newt, bridle style, against his chest, but Newt’s eyes are closed.

The music trails off into nothing. We are left with the pair of them seen from behind, the camera slowly panning away. Just before the screen dims, Graves hunches his shoulder and buries his face in Newt’s chest. There is a sound, though we can’t really hear it, echoing through the water as the screen fades to black:


Forever pissed that c0ldfl*sh gets all the good slow burn fics

anonymous asked:

your writing skills are fine! I like the way you write and how you describe Fom's acts. I look forward for more writings!!

Thank you, that’s actually really reassuring to hear!

I’m so much more a visual person that I’m always very unsure about my writing skills, so it’s good to hear that it’s decent. :D

AN: Criminals!Bellarke AU for yall. And smut. ;) thanks to thatweirdparamedicstudent for her opinions on this. 

the inferiority of the rest of the world


The thing about him is that he’s precise.

He wakes up at precisely five in the morning. His vision is a perfect 20/20. His hearing is acute, his nose is attuned, and his memory is almost perfect. His tongue is silver, his words are charming, and his face is an asset. With an arsenal like that, there’s no life for him but the con life.

So, waking up at five in the morning on the first Friday of November feeling a heavy presence in the cell with him – let’s just say he’s surprised, but not baffled. After all, if there’s someone who can break through layers and layers of defense, and right into a high-security prison ground, it’s Clarke Griffin.

The police people thought it would be nice to place him in solitary because he can be a resourceful son of a bitch, even without his partner. He, after all, once charmed a senator to transfer a huge sum of money into an untraceable offshore bank account; they have substantial reason. People around him are his pawns, so it’s probably a great decision to put him in a place without anyone there to fall for his silver tongue. Can’t say he minds, to be completely honest. Being alone is nice for the brain. It’s just that with Clarke… well, with Clarke, there’s nothing in this world that he couldn’t do.

His eyes remain closed, but his lips quirk up in a smirk. “Took you long enough,” he says.

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A Little Faith, Trust, and Exceed Dust

Summary: Peter Pan AU

a/n: I took a short little break from this, but there are only a few chapters left if everything goes accordingly! Hope you guys are enjoying this because this AU has honestly been one of my all-time favorites<3 Peter Pan has a special place in my heart, that’s for sure.

Originally posted by sloanmundy

also, this chapter doesn’t begin with the little “story within a story” that I normally have italicized in the beginning of every other chapter. This time it’s at the end, just in case you guys thought I might’ve forgotten<3

Previous: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV


Lucy was left blushing, and again her eyes trailed back to the younger kids. She smiled when she saw that Natsu was holding true to his promise from earlier, flying two very excited children around the clearing as they flew after the balls of light.

Standing, the heiress decided that sleep could wait. 

There were fireflies to chase. 

 A gawky man lumbered down the path after the other pirate, swaying a bit from a mix of fatigue and the island heat as his partner tapped his beardless chin in thought.

“Hmm,” the second man looked around dumbly while his crew mate shot him a dirty look that went unnoticed. “If I were a treasure, where would I hide?”

The taller, skinnier of the two only rolled his eyes and snorted. He struggled to find the energy to be snarky after stumbling around the island’s forest all morning in the damp heat, but he seemed to manage to conjure up just enough sass to reply, “Gee, I don’t know. Maybe you should try thinking like a treasure!”

Unfortunately, sarcasm only went right over the young pirate’s head. His eyes lit up in excitement as he snapped his fingers and exclaimed, “You’re right!”

The first man merely shook his head, pulling at his collar before wiping the sweat from his brow with an old bandana as he watched his crew member look deep in thought.

That would be a first, the man thought to himself, smirking while finding humor in his own comment. Then, it dawned on him just what the younger pirate was doing.

He was actually trying to think like a treasure.

The older man slapped a hand to his face while his partner continued to stare into space. However, apparently deep thinking was tough on an empty stomach, because it wasn’t long until the shorter of the two flopped to the ground with a loud huff.

“Thinking like a treasure is hard,” he whined, yelping when the older pirate stepped on him as he passed.


“Hey, wait for me!” The young pirate scrambled to his feet and hurried after the other. “Where are we going?”

“There’s a small spring up ahead,” the gawky man called over his shoulder, not bothering to slow down at all. “I need a drink and a quick sit-down. Then we can go back to looking for Captain’s precious treasure.” The older man rolled his eyes at his own words, pushing vines out of the way as he mumbled a quick, “which may or may not exist,” though, luckily, his words went unheard.

So the two walked along, and the old man only had to get onto the young pirate twice about walking the plank if he didn’t stop singing those blasted pirate jigs that Captain loved so much.

Sleeping on the ground–Lucy concluded the next morning as she stretched her arms high over her head–was ten times worse than expected.

“Mornin’!” came a chipper voice from the foot of her sleeping bag. Rubbing her tired eyes with a loose fist, Lucy yawned before greeting Wendy, who was sitting cross-legged and showing off that gap-toothed grin as she played with her braid.

It had fallen out a bit after being slept on, and Lucy made a quick mental note to offer to redo it later.

Wendy flipped the plaited hair over one shoulder, giving Lucy her undivided attention as she asked how the blonde slept.

Apparently not as good as you, the blonde laughed as she wondered how someone could be so chipper before the first meal of the day. Speaking of…

Her cheeks flushed at the sound her stomach made at the thought of breakfast. Though, the more she thought about it, the more it made sense as to why she was so hungry despite never being a big breakfast eater.

She hadn’t eaten a thing since arriving in Neverland!

Wendy seemed to sense this and giggled. The younger girl reached across the extra blanket that Lucy didn’t remember going to bed with–it was thick, with little tassels on one end–and grabbed Lucy’s hand to pull the blonde to her feet.

“Natsu was probably a little too excited showing you around to remember something like food,” she giggled, but her statement only made Lucy frown.

“Does Natsu not need to, um, eat?” She knew the boy was a little odd–come on, he could fly–but not having to eat?

Wendy snorted, “Oh no, he eats. Trust me, the boy eats. Normally he never misses a meal, but like I said, he was probably too caught up introducing you to our home! Now, come on,” she led Lucy way from the sleeping bags and in the direction of the other side of the clearing where the boys were huddled around a small fire. “It’s breakfast time!”

Wendy announced breakfast time in a sing-song voice, continuing to hum a little song under her breath as they walked. Lucy didn’t pay much mind to it, however, as she was a little preoccupied with wondering just what sort of meal a bunch of kids in the woods could come up with.

The answer came to her in a large whiff that carried in the breeze coasting over the open flames of the camp fire.

Fish, and lots of it.

Normally, the girl’s stomach would roll at the thought of it–she had never been a big seafood eater after the bedtime story her mother had read to her about a papa fish looking for his lost son–but she figured it was better than a few other things that it could have been.

“Yay!” The tiny Exceed fluttered his wings as it came to an excited halt in front of Lucy, holding a fish three times his size. “I love fish, Lucy! And Natsu and Loke caught a whole bunch this morning, so this is gonna be the best day ever!”

Lucy laughed behind her hand at the Exceed’s enthusiasm, stroking the little guy’s head before accepting the stick that Gray offered with pieces of fish stuck on the end.

A fish kabob, Lucy internally grimaced at the thought of eating it right off the stick. Lovely.

She was just about to take an experimental bite when she heard laughter behind her, right before feeling a tap on her shoulder.

It was Natsu, and Lucy noticed his proud grin before anything else. She’d spent enough time with him by now to be at least a little weary of that look, and that’s when she realized he was holding something behind his back.

“Good morning,” she grinned, hoping that if she played nice the she could guilt him into not playing some nasty prank.

Lucy began to mentally prepare for the worst, and she made a promise that if he was holding a spider behind his back to throw in her hair, she was gonna…

But, her worry was for naught.

“Mornin’,” he grinned, voice still a little thick with sleep as he kneeled down to join her.

He ducked his head, looking a tad sheepish as he finally presented what he’d been hiding from her.

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Here’s a drabble request from AO3~  From the lovely omgitsdanniie.  SouMako #38.

*~* #38 “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” *~*

The first thing Makoto noticed was the smell.  His room always had a homey scent, a mix of his mother’s cooking, fabric softener, and chlorine.  This room, however, reeked of sterility, alcohol and medicine.

He opened his eyes groggily, olive green gaze taking in his surroundings.  He was definitely in a nurse’s office.  But it didn’t look like the one at Iwatobi High School.  Someone cleared their throat beside him.  He turned toward the noise.

“Yamazaki-kun?” he blinked in surprise.  

Suddenly, it all came back to him:  He’d just pulled himself out of the pool when he heard Rin scolding Momo for bringing a glass bottle in to the natatorium. Sousuke was cradling his hand and, when Makoto walked over to see what was wrong, he saw…

“Your hand!” Makoto shot up, but nearly fell over, all the blood rushing to his head.

“Whoa there,” Sousuke put a hand on his shoulder to steady him.  “Take it easy,” he instructed.

“Right,” Makoto blushed.  “Sorry.”

“How are you feeling?” the tall brunet asked, concern evident in his tone.

“Oh, I’m fine,” Makoto smiled.  “Um,” he glanced at Sousuke’s other hand, neatly wrapped in a white bandage.  “How’s your hand?”

“Just a scratch,” Sousuke held it up as if he was showing it off.  “I didn’t even need any stitches.”

“Really?” the sandy-haired man thought back to the scene at the pool. There had been so much blood.  So…much… he suddenly felt the room begin to spin around him.

“Hey.”  He felt the grip on his shoulder tighten.  “We don’t need a repeat of what happened earlier.”

“Earlier…?”  He focused on Sousuke.  “What happened?”

“Well,” Sousuke removed his hand from Makoto’s shoulder, rubbing the back of his neck.  “You fainted…straight into my arms.”

“I did?” Makoto’s eyes were wide.

“You know,” the brunet looked up at him, a playful glint in his cerulean eyes. “If you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

“I…I-I…” Makoto sputtered, face heating up.  “Yamazaki-kun, I wasn’t-”

“Hey, it’s fine,” Sousuke chuckled.  “I was just teasing you.”

“Oh…”  The sandy-haired man frowned.  He wasn’t sure why he felt disappointed.

“Anyway, if you’re feeling up to it, we should head back,” the taller man stood up and offered a hand to Makoto.

“Right,” Makoto took his hand, hoping his smile looked up to par.  He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and noticed he was wearing a pair of Samezuka sweats.  They were warm and comfy, but what happened to his swimsuit?

As if he’d read his mind, Sousuke answered.

“You passed out in your jammers and they were soaking wet,” Sousuke looked away, scratching his cheek.  “You’d catch a cold if you kept them on, so…”

“Oh,” Makoto felt his cheeks heat up.  That was so thoughtful.  “Thank you.”

“Well, shall we go?” Sousuke gave his hand a squeeze and Makoto stood up on shaky legs.  He fell against the taller man’s chest.

“S-Sorry,” he ducked his head.

“It’s fine,” the brunet rubbed his back with his free hand.  “You can lean against me until we get back.”

Makoto smiled.  They walked out of the nurse’s office, but not before Sousuke grabbed Makoto’s still-damp jammers, which had been set out to dry on the counter.

“I’ve got it,” the sandy-haired man said as he took the swimsuit from Sousuke. It was the least he could do. After all, Sousuke had taken him to the clinic and helped him change into warmer clothes and…

Suddenly, it hit him.

If Sousuke had taken off his wet jammers, then he…

Makoto looked up slowly, assessing the taller man’s profile, catching just the hit of a blush on his cheeks.  Had Sousuke been blushing like that when he stripped Makoto of his clothing?  The wet fabric clinging to him like a second skin?

Makoto was so embarrassed, he felt like he might faint again.

But then…

Why did he suddenly feel like returning the favor?