5 OTPs and 10 facts about me!

The lovely @heraldofwho tagged me in this! Thank you very much ^^

5 OTPs

I have so many how will I choose just 5 oh my god

1. Nahira/Blackwall
Because… honestly. Just look at them. They’re cute af.

2. Daud/Corvo
I ship these two so hard. I’m weak.

3. Loghain/Maric/Rowan
I know it’s an OT3 but yeah. Tell me you read through The Stolen Throne and didn’t ship them.

4. Ezio Auditore/Leonardo da Vinci
And that’s all I’m gonna say about this ship. Oh sorry it’s not a ship it’s a gondola. 

5. Arno Dorian/Élise de la Serre
I don’t know guys. I just ship them harrrdd. I wanted to put Haytham/Shay here too, but I ship Arno and Élise a bit more and it’s also canon so. Canon ships amirite.

10 random facts about me

1. My major is history and my minor is art history at uni.
2. I’m a history nerd, if it’s not obvious by now. I also have a lot of ships from history but well.
3. I attended a high school that specialises in art. I actually studied ceramics. I mostly worked with porcelain.
4. I have a little sister who goes to the same high school but she studies textile design.
5. I got into digital art the summer of ‘16 *hums summer of ‘69*
6. We have hookah evenings every friday with my sistah.
7. I hate when people touch my bellybutton. Well, mostly my boyfriend touches it because he knows I hate it, but yeah. I hate it. And he thinks it’s funny. It’s funny, I admit. But it’s a thing.
8. I’m afraid of driving.
9. I read Tolkien’s books every year. Either The Hobbit or The Silmarillion, my two absolute favourites, but sometimes I just grab the english edition of The Lord of the Rings and start to read it randomly because I love it so much.
10. I want to live in Rome.

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Over on my main blog I’ve spent the last month doing an illustrated recap of the history of Dragon Age’s, erm, Dragon Age, as a project that lead up to release of the Dragon Age Inquisition trailer at E3. I was asked to put them all together in a photoset when I was done, so here we are! Unfortunately no full summaries as they are universally too large to fit into the captions boxes: original, individual posts are here if you would like to read them.

Set one here: the start of the Dragon Age up to 9:10 Dragon, covering the events of The Stolen Throne and The Calling.

Set One | Set Two | Set Three | Set Four