in the pages of the Stndrd magazine. Issue 5 the Comedy Issue.  I have 7 pieces in the current issue of the Stndrd.  This is the Original best of 2013 illustration representing the highs and lows of pop culture (mostly lows) from last year. 

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Quarantine Radio would like to congratulate @kelechief winner of SoundCloud/Mountain Dew Green Label contest

Up and Coming ATL artist

This week I would like to highlight a local rap duo that I’ve known for a while. Now I’m not one to just promote a friend to help them out these guys actually have talent. The group’s name is The STNDRD, they are from the Atlanta area and I feel that they’re really coming into their own as rappers. The group is comprised of two very different personalities Pharoh and SUBMIT. Together their rap styles complement each other quite well. They recently just opened for rapper Wale a few weeks ago and I have a live video from the performance.