• Carry On looking into the camera like this is the office. He is probably not entirely sober.
  • Starkid, fast asleep, with a bunch of empty bottles surrounding him. None of them are his; he was sleeping here before everyone else came over.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice brandishing a couple of bottles of alcohol, stark naked. Tomorrow morning he will wake up and promptly pass out again from the pain of a headache. He will not remember a single instant of this.
  • tøp, the sober parent friend, telling Hetalia to “Close your mouth, dude.” He will have to drive six people home tonight, not including himself.
  • Hetalia, looking at Yuri. He has had maybe two sips of alcohol, but may have more as the night goes on. He may or may not be drooling a little.
  • Hamilton, as always, drunkenly singing either The Story of Tonight or The Story of Tonight (Reprise) or perhaps even Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us. Nobody is ever able to tell.
  • NSP and TMI flirting despite the latter being in a relationship. It’s impossible to know whether they’re that drunk or they just don’t care. Considering the type of person NSP is, it’s most likely the former.
  • Homestuck, sober, sitting in an office chair, covering his eyes. His face is very, very red and he has just seen something which he would desperately like to forget. He did not sign up for this.
  • Supernatural being entirely normal.

((Throw back to that time in October when we’d just moved into the apartment and me and the gf sang A Thousand and One Nights from Starkid’s Twisted where she sang Sherrezade’s part and I sang Jafar’s and we were super gay and cute this isn’t wtnv related or anything I’m just smiling at how adorable me and my gf are))