I feel like Jaime Lyn Beatty goes really under appreciated.

Her belt in Harry takes my breath away.

Not Alone is one of the most beautiful songs to come out of Starkid.

Lost Without You literally made me cry.

Her cover of Man Up from The Book of Mormon is my favorite thing.

Jaime Lyn is honestly one of my favorite Starkids and I wish we talked about her more.

Pretty much my fave firebringer trivia is that Zazzalil’s song “What If?” changed from the lines “I’ll break the boundaries set in place and reinvent the human race” to “I’ll reinvent the human race and shove it in jemilla’s face”

like idk who I have to thank for Zaz’s character development in that one line but that made the whole play for me

  • me: *auditioning for Broadway or whatever* hi today im going to sing a song from my favorite musical
  • judges: *smiles as if i was going to sing phantom or cats or something*
  • me: hit it
  • me: underneath these stairs i hear the sneers and feel the glares-
  • judges:
  • me:
  • me: of my cousin, my uncle, and my aunt

this is probably my favourite Harry-Potter-reference in AVPM, because a) it’s actually subtle, b) it’s so random and c) it implies that Quirrell had a lot of fun letting a troll loose at Hogwarts and being a total dramaqueen about it