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Thank you lovely! That was super long because I’m on my phone and at work but that was fun!

Name: Yasmina

Nickname: Mina, Yasmine, princess Jasmine (*cough* no comment), kouhai

Gender: Female

Star sign: Gemini

Birthday: June 16th

Relationship status: Engaged

Pets: A black and white cat (Uri)

Height: 5 ft 6

Favorite color: Red and black

Average hours of sleep: 5-6 (and I woke up every hour)

Lucky number: 0

Last thing I googled: Old Xian (no comment)

Number of blankets I sleep with: One

Met a celebrity: Loic Nottet (..maybe? I’m super shy so)

Favorite fictional character(s): (they’re like a billion) Sasuke Uchiha, Aomine Daiki, Kagami Taiga, Sakata Gontoki, Hijikata Toushiro, Mo Guan Shan, Bakugou Katsuki, Gokudera Hayato, Roronoa Zoro, Trafalgar Law, Killua Zoldik, Johan (Monster), Ebisu, Heiwajima Shizuo, Dio Brando, Joseph Joestar, Matuoka Rin, etc…

Favorite book(s): Frères de sang

Favorite band(s): Spyair

Song stuck in my mind right now: Sakura Mitsutsuki

Last movie I watched: Suicide Squad

Last TV show I watched: The Voice Kids 

Last song I listened to: Rhythm Inside by loic Nottet

Dream trip: Japan

Dream job: Archeologist

What am I wearing right now: Blue jeans and black shirt

Time right now: 03:00 p.m.

When did you create your blog: 2015 (I guess?)

Current amount of followers: 236

What do you post about: anime and gay stuff most of the time

Do you have any other blogs: Nope (maybe sooner)

When did your blog reach it’s “peak”: When I make a dumb edit about 19 days

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Nope

Why did you choose your url: Because, “Yorozuya no eien nare”.

Lemonade or iced tea: No one

Cats or dogs: Cats

Coke or pepsi: Water

Day or night: Night

Text or call: Call

Makeup or au naturel: au naturel most of the time

Light or dark hair: Dark

Shorter or taller: Both

Intelligence or attraction: Intelligence

City or county: Both

i was tagged by: @kagejamas aa thank you so much (≧◡≦)

Name: Yana
Nickname: oh god i’m tired of typing it sorry lmao
Gender: female
Star sign: cancer
Birthday: june 28th
Relationship status: single 
Pets: i have a dog :’’) 
Height: 164cm
Favorite color: it’s a shade of blue but idk the name sorry 
Average hours of sleep: 6
Lucky number: 2; 7
Last thing I googled: the shadowhunters codex 
Numbers of blankets I sleep with: one 
Met a celebrity: nope 

Favorite fictional character(s):  the list is too long lmao
Favorite book(s): all of the shadowhunters books (tid, tmi, tda and the others)
Favorite band(s): twenty one pilots, all time low and others 
Song stuck in my mind right now: take cover by all time low 
Last movie I watched: i don’t remember 
Last TV show I watched: i don’t watch many tv shows 
Last song I listened to: twenty one pilots - truce 

Dream trip: don’t know 
Dream job: something with music 
What am I wearing right now: jeans and sweater 
Time right now: 20:04

When did you create your blog: i think 2014 
Current amount of followers: 525
What do you post about: well it’s my personal blog so whatever i want lmao
Do you have any other blogs: no
When did your blog reach it’s “peak” (when did you get more followers, have a popular post, etc..): i don’t think it happened 
Do you get asks on a daily basis: nope 
Why did you choose your url: bc i love kageyama and i thought that he would be that kind of person who would create an appreciation club about milk at school 

Lemonade or iced tea: none 
Cats or dogs: both
Coke or pepsi: pepsi
Day or night: both
Text or call: it depends 
Makeup or au naturel: it doesn’t matter 
Smile or eyes: eyes
Light or dark hair: i don’t care 
Shorter or taller: maybe taller
Intelligence or attraction: intelligence 
City or country: both 

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/you don’t have to do it of you don’t want to/

I saw this while I was at the movie theatre and I kind of made a noise that wasn’t human, started shaking, and may or may not have jumped around a little bit. I got some weird looks from people around me but I honestly could not contain my excitement I can’t wait until this movie comes out


Gemini, congratulate yourself.

Cancer, do not rush for anyone.

Leo, now is the time to be brave.

Virgo, embrace kindness.

Libra, speak only with love.

Scorpio, there is no need to hide your scars.

Sagittarius, you are someone’s home.

Capricorn, it will always be her.

Aquarius, “busy” does not mean “successful.”

Pisces, nourish your heart.

Aries, it is up to you.

Taurus, your strength is abundant.
—  JUNE HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird
Important Dates for the Signs in June


Aries: 8, 15, 30

Taurus: 5, 9, 21

Gemini: 12, 14, 28

Cancer: 6, 13, 26

Leo: 1, 10, 24

Virgo: 1, 12, 27

Libra: 12, 13, 30

Scorpio: 12, 23, 30

Sagittarius: 14, 22, 28

Capricorn: 13, 24, 30

Aquarius: 3, 21, 25

Pisces: 13, 19, 30

On June 6th write "Okay" on your Hands to spread the love of the tfios fandom

I know that the tfios movie does not come out on june 6 in every country.

But can we please do something on that day to celebrate our love for tfios and john green and the cast?

Can we maybe write “Okay” on our Arm/our Hands to spreed the love of our fandom? Imagine how cool it would be if you see someone in the bus with “Okay” on their hands!

Can we please do that?
Okay? Okay.