This circle is a square! 🔘🔳

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Commission for Jen for her in-production AU A Little Patience~ I’m excited cuz in this fic neither Dean or Cas are dom/sub they both like to switch~ In this scene they’re both trying on collars and stuff and Cas is all gung-ho about it like “this has to be perfect, Dean, the best” and Dean’s just like “hnrnrhghrhghhhhhhhhh….” *blushy blushy*

You can’t really tell but the metal bolts on the collar are green~ I think Dean’s having a little bit of a tough time closing that clasp……

ITS THE CIRCLEEE OF LIFEEEEEE~ It’s finally Pearl’s turn to hold Steven, but she got a bit carried away…

Another crack doodle of bird mom to celebrate 200+ followers! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING~ and for all the notes… i was totally not expecting this

Don’t worry guys i’ll actually do a nice thing of pearl and steven soon HAHA. I’m babysitting my baby cousin for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT so im going to get a LOT of inspiration.