Louis Tomlinson icons requested by no one, but I love these lyrics and was struggling with making an edit from said lyrics, so I made icons instead:

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  • 12 icons x 8 shades (96 total)
  • square and circle icons (save as .png)
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So apparently show is “making a full circle”. Alison figure is standing on a square, instead od circle like other girls, so that makes her different. She is also wearing the shirt from the night she disappeared. They all look like in season 1, any thoughts?


Throwin’ the Bones

Of the divinatory techniques with which I am familiar, bones are my personal favorite. Yes, they have that very witchy vibe – but it’s more than that; the bones are honest. They don’t sugar coat, and while they have to be interpreted, once you know how to read them – there’s little room for interpretation. They are very direct and are much better suited to answering yes or no questions than tarot. With a little imaginative methodology, there few questions the bones can’t answer. And even fewer they won’t answer (as tarot cards can be known to do). A few examples of things I think the bones are better at answering than tarot: questions involving time, questions regarding health, sickness and maledictions; they present a broader grasp to any given situation – incorporating things outside of the question presented and how these things relate to the question or the reading, showing the interconnectedness of life – and how these things all relate back.

Our countless cultures have countless methods for collecting and reading the Bones – and I can only rightly attest to my own methodology: one in which the Bones need not necessarily consist solely of bones, but a collection of gathered trinkets and curios, all with their own meaning, their own story and their own energy. My collection consists of: bones (bare and painted), coins, stones, shells, jewelry, twigs, buttons, animal teeth and other squabbles. The only rule I implement is that the item can be easily gathered and (safely) tossed without breakage or injury (save your razor-blades and glass shards for witches’ bottles!).

Collecting the Bones and Bobbles

Most any small bones will do, though its recommended that you use bones that haven’t been cooked, as cooked bones have a tendency to get very brittle – especially in the case of chicken, which is quite common. In my collection I have a number of different animal bones: most are chicken, but I also have some raccoon and possum bones, as well as teeth and claws. I built a “base” of bones, but am continuously adding or replacing as I see fit.

A short list of “Bones” I like to include – most of which serve as my “base” bones:

  • Self Bone – used for the reader
  • Other Bone – used to represent another person or the person you are reading
  • Magic Bone – represents the need for or use of magic
  • “Evil” Bone – malicious or hateful acts, disadvantageous behavior
  • Love Bone – represents romantic love
  • Male Bone – represents male fertility, masculinity, sexuality or a man
  • Female Bone – represents female fertility, femininity, sexuality or a woman
  • Health Bone – represents physical or mental health
  • Wealth Bone – represents financial standing or monetary issues
  • Family Bone – represents familial connections or a family member
  • Fate Bone – represents destiny and your lifepath (I use a shell for this: open side up means an event can be altered, destiny is not set in stone; open side down, this path must be walked – prepare in lieu of fighting)
  • “Key” Bone – (I actually use a small key) which represents the key to any given situation, the remedy or problem at hand and its cause

This list is by no means comprehensive and I have many more bones in my collection with more menial meanings. This is simply a small list of options to be added to and adapted by whosoever casts the bones.

Reading the Bones

There is no right or wrong way to read the bones, there is simply your way and their way. Below I will dictate how it is that I do a general reading – again, this is just an example of one way, take and adapt to fit your own unique style or tradition!

  1. Begin by collecting your bones into your hand. I keep mine in a leather pouch, but don’t like to toss them directly from the bag as it doesn’t allow for much control – i.e. the bones fall out either in a massive, unreadable pile or they fly out in such a scattered way nothing is close enough to read. Throwing them from the hand allows for a rather contained casting, and one that can be read easily. I do not include the Self or Other bone, instead, the Self Bone is placed before the caster and the Other Bones is placed either in front of the person you’re reading for or simply in the middle of the casting area. When reading for yourself, place the Self Bone in the center and discard the Other Bone.
  2. Throw the Bones. This can be done on a square of cloth on which a circle (or any number of complex shapes) has been drawn or simply upon a flat table. If throwing in a circle, discard all bones that fall outside of it. These bones are null for the reading, though they can also be read as “far from the person’s mind/current situation.”
  3. Interpret the Bones. This is done by noting the location and connection of the bones present. For instance, note the Love Bones proximity to the Other Bones and the Male Bone. This could be interpreted as being the male love of the querent – but if the “Evil” bones is introduced, this could symbol ulterior motives or a hostile or explosive relationship. Read based on both their proximity to the Other Bone – the closer, the higher priority the matter is – and their relation to one another. It’s very much like investigating a big puzzle, putting it together piece by piece to form a comprehensive understanding of their life or situation. Also not their relation based on the third dimension: x bone seems to be overlapping y bone – is the x issue eclipsing an underlying problem or truth represented by y? It depends. Only through practice will you find clarity.
  4. Convey the message. I always like to spend a few moments making a variety of “hmm” noises when reading for others – it builds up their anticipation. Or you can throw in the occasional gasp or snarky smirk. Their responses are usually hilarious – even more so when yours are genuine! If you are reading on your own, it may be a good idea to sketch out a general map of the readings as opposed to taking a picture as often bones overlie others, which makes for a rather misleading photo representation. You might also find jotting down notes rewarding, especially in synthesizing a cohesive read.
  5. Once you’ve garnered all the information you can from that particular toss, feel free to specify: take the bone/situation you wish to examine and toss the rest again over it/them, reading the others through that particular lens. I.E. Who is this person mentioned? What are their qualities? What is the nature of this love? What magic is being referenced here? Follow that rabbit hole as far as you wish, building your understanding.

Do not be afraid to adjust your style! Want to narrow down a time frame? Make a sort of timeline with the bones. Wish to determine the source of an ailment? Shape the bones into the form of a body. I find the bones allow for far more creativity and ingenuity than cards. And above all – TRUST YOUR GUT.

Photos: These are photos of my “base” bones when I first started reading; since then they have probably doubled (if not tripled) in number and do not incorporate my other animal bones, claws or teeth. 


Lapis redesign because I dislike her canon one. Specifically because of the fact she doesn’t really have any shapes that really DEFINE her, like Garnet = Squares, Amethyst = Circles, Peridot = Triangles ect, I associated her with a water drop shape cause…. y’know w a t e r.

Also got rid of the horrid neon blue colors and gave her speckles of yellow, like the ACTUAL LAPIS LAZULI GEM HAS. Why didn’t she have any sort of yellow incorporated into her design in the first place.

Warding meditation

Originally posted by hyoudov

This is about a 20-30min meditation.

Start by focusing yourself on your breath for 5 minutes.

Go back to a forest or other outdoor natural setting. Find your sacred space, your personal clearing in the woods that is only yours. It can be a picnic, a tent or a shack. You’ve decorated it yourself with herbs and a circle of flat, white rocks. There are two bushes there, stinging nettle, for protection. Be sure not to touch it. 

Sit here and notice your body, where your feet are, how your ankles and knees are bent, where your arms are. Bring your attention to your skin. We’re going to put a silver metal onto it. Imagine the liquid silver climbing up from your toes, up your legs, across your stomach, and up your back, over your shoulders, and up over your head and face. Let the metal harden like armor, able to move when you move but hard enough to keep out anything. Sit and feel what this changes in yourself and how the outside feels like now.

Now imagine this silver armor expanding like an egg around you and encompassing your aura. It is dark in here, in the silver metal. You can place your palm on the metal surface and feel its smoothness. 

Expand the silver out further until it is as big as your space, enclosing the picnic and even bigger to gather in the entire clearing which is yours. Let it reach into the trees and form a nice, smooth circle along the ground.

You can barely see the trees here. Let’s make the silver translucent. The hard material changes color, turns to glass, but unbreakable. We can see the trees now, the sun shining down, through the dome. Set your intention to your dome:  to be safe, to ward against all influences and spirits not in accordance with your own energy, with peace and quiet.

Lastly. let’s change its material. Let that hard dome shift in an instant to a cloud, airy and still there, still filled with your intent, but we are able to pass through it easily now, able to let our thoughts breathe through it.

Finish by creating a little project here. Gather some twigs or rocks or feathers and flowers and create a symbol or sigil of protection with them.

A pentagram, a spiral going counter-clockwise, circles within squares and squares within circles. As you create, send your intention into your symbols and creation.

Your space is now protected. Sit and feel the difference in its energy. Come back with a big inhalation. Ground afterward with a snack.


Phil Lester + Van Gogh icons

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Part 1/Part 2

Rest in peace, Chavo Guerrero Sr.
[1949 - 2017]

A true legend has passed away today, and one less Guerrero walks our planet. Chavo Guerrero Sr., a superstar who is internationally known for being one of the most polished and precise wrestlers to enter the squared circle, has passed away. Chavo was a champion in multiple regions, between Oregon, Florida, the NWA, New Japan, and holds the distinction of being the oldest WWE Cruiserweight Champion ever. Chavo’s son, Chavo Guerrero Jr., carries on his legacy. Rest in peace, Chavo. I wish our paths had crossed.

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Are you okay if people try to eyeball it from the video if it's for like their personal project / not to sell or make a lot of or if they're trying to learn how to make their own patterns?

Generally, no. That might seem harsh, but again, this is my job. If every person who is making a personal project decides not to buy my patterns and just rip them off by looking at the tutorial video, it represents a huge loss of business for me. So I’d really, REALLY prefer if people just spend the $5-$9 and buy the pattern. They’ll get a 100% correct version of the pattern along with high quality photos and written instructions as well as knowing they are supporting an independent artist.

(( To go on a tangent, though you didn’t mention this, I have had someone tell me “Well you make money when I watch your video so I don’t have to pay you again”. In the entire YEAR of 2016 I made an estimated $16.60 from video ads. Google adsense doesn’t even send you a check until you reach $100. At this rate I might get a payout in a few years. ))

As for watching my videos to learn pattern making, I do think there is some benefit to watching them if you are watching them and thinking critically about not only HOW the pattern contributes to the final shape, but also WHY I am choosing those shapes. In general, though, copying my how to videos isn’t going to teach you how to make a plush pattern because my videos aren’t meant to explain my patterning choices. It’s only teaching you how to copy my plush pattern. 

For example here’s a generic 4 piece sphere pattern that I prefer to use:

Great! If you see me holding these shapes up in a video, you can pause, eyeball it, and you know how to make a sphere! Now you have a pattern to use every single time you need a spherical shape. This is where the person who is just copying my pattern from a video stops. This is the extent of what they’ve learned.

I like to say that pattern making is coming up with 2D solutions to a 3D problem. This person has copied my solution, but they haven’t learned how to solve the problem. Jumping to an analogy, the person who copied my pattern is exactly like someone who copies your answer in math class. They learned that 2+2=4. If the next problem is 1+3=? they wont be able to solve it.They might have the correct answer to this one problem, but they didn’t learn anything.

Now a person thinking critically and not just copying might stop and think about what these shapes are doing and why I am using them. They might realize that any combination of these football shapes will give you a sphere. Which is true! By varying the width, you can use anywhere from 3 to (theoretically) 100 little football shapes to get a sphere. Though I’d probably stop at 9 pieces.

Here’s an example of a 6 piece sphere pattern:

And if you are really thinking about it and you draw them out like this, you might start to see that the little football shapes don’t even have to be separate. You can combine them with darts on the bottom and top and make a sphere pattern with just 1 piece:

So by thinking critically about how and why I’ve selected my shapes, the person watching my videos to learn and not to copy has more options to work with. Using the math analogy, they now know that not only does 2+2=4, but also 1+3=4, and maybe even 1+1+1+1=4. Now give this person the problem 2^2=? and they wont know the answer because all they’ve learned is addition.

In other words, all they’ve learned is this one specific method of finding a solution to this one specific set of problems. They can make spheres from pointy football shapes.

But we don’t need to keep that football shape, here’s a sphere pattern that I like to call the telophase pattern (hello science nerds). You can use this to get seams like a baseball:

Even a pattern like this with just darts can make a sphere if you have enough darts and your fabric is stretchy enough. You can use this when you need a large area without seams. A good time to use this pattern is when you want an embroidered face:

Every single one of these will make a sphere and there’s even more combinations out there. You can use hexagons, you can use squares, you can use a big circle and gather it around the edges, you could use a spiral, and so on. There are literally hundreds of possibilities. And that’s just for spheres.

When people ask how to get started patterning, I always tell them to start by making things from other people’s patterns. Then I recommend making minor alterations to those patterns and seeing how that effects the final product. Then I recommend drafting your own patterns, starting from simple 2D shapes and moving on to more complex 3D shapes.

Back to how I said patterning was finding 2D solutions to 3D problems. By working with an existing pattern, you are memorizing a single solution to a single problem. By altering patterns, you are learning how to come up with your own unique solutions to a problem. When you learn how to make your own pattern, you’re learning how to find your own solutions while creating your own problems!

To wrap up my own super long explanation, copying is a really, really poor way to learn how to do anything. If you want to learn how to make patterns, by all means, you can start looking at my solutions to help you come up with your own. But do us both a favor and just buy the pattern. Like I said before, they’re $5-$9. That’s less than most people make in an hour for something that took me a week or more to create and years to learn HOW to create. If you can’t afford it, there are many free patterns available online, but please don’t rip off an independent artist just because it’s for personal or educational reasons.

just realized the other day at work that taako, magnus, and merle fill the “triangle/square/circle” theory of character design really neatly.  or at least, a lot of people seem to draw them that way whether consciously or unintentionally and I think that’s delightful. uvu

here’s my lapis redesign! rationale for what i changed below:

  • lapis, unlike most other su characters, doesn’t really have a central “shape” to her design (garnet has squares, amethyst has circles, pearl has triangles, etc.). so, i chose teardrop shapes as the basis for this redesign. aside from the obvious drop shapes in her hairstyle, her “skirt” here makes a drop shape with her body, her body type is pear-shaped, and i gave her eyebrows (gems usually aren’t drawn with them) just so i could make them small, thick, and drop-shaped.
  • i changed her to a deeper, more saturated blue because her colors in the show don’t really look like an actual lapis stone? lapis stones are deep blue, while show!lapis is all teals and cyans, like the sea (which is nice in keeping with her water motif, but it doesn’t reflect what the stone looks like and it’s prone to becoming neon in brighter shots). also i added small gold parts because lapis stones often have golden flecks in them
  • (the gold freckles are in simple sets of three because i was trying to keep the design animatable. if this was to be animated, the golden flecks in her stone would not be drawn in shots further away from her)
  • her outfit is supposed to look like a two-piece swimsuit with a towel wrapped around her waist, but more stylized. i kept the diamond motifs on her clothes because i liked how they worked those in in the show.
  • her wings are less greenish because it looks better with the new color scheme. her eye shape, visible lips, and sharp teeth are mostly because i liked how they looked. i did keep her face shape and nose though.
  • fun fact: the mirror would a golden color instead of a silvery one in this version
  • it’s not shown here but i like the idea of her becoming melty when cracked (from the early storyboards). so. assume that.
Magickal Circles


Circles are powerful magickal constructs that can help power you’re working, and help you in your rituals, and spellcraft. These constructs can be constructed, and used in order to direct specific energies two specific places. By understanding the ins-and-outs of the magickal circles one can construct unique powerful designs that will incorporate metaphysical understandings, occult understandings, correspondences, associations, shapes, alphabets, glyphs, sigils, and words to create beautiful designs that will act as tools to help you direct energy in very specific ways. By incorporating all these things together a practitioner can allow these things to work in harmony, so that they can help manifest their will. The practitioner will need to learn how the different parts are connected to each other, and what they stand for in order to create powerful magickal circles. In this post we will be familiarizing ourselves with the different parts of the circle, and how they interact with the energies, so we can put them together in some form of a system that will help us in specific forms of magickal working.

The Main Circle(s):

The first thing we are going to talk about is the basic part of the circle which is the circle itself. Magickal circles are generally made with a main circle that goes around the center, that acts as the space in which the practitioner can move around, and interact with their working. The main circle is going to act as a doorway between the two worlds of the spiritual, and physical, and will be the place magick is performed from. This circle will represent the unity of the two worlds, and will also be the area where energy will gather, so that you can use it for your spell, or ritual. The circle is connected to the spiritual realms, and the higher planes of existences, and we’ll call energies down from the universe in order to help you, and your practice allowing you to raise a cone of power. Energy is going to pool and gather inside this main circle empowering you and the rest of the circle. The circle will also bring in feminine, and yin energies into your working, and will protect you from outside forces you do not wish to interact with while you are doing your practice. You can have more than one main in your design these will act as different levels in the overarching paradigm of your design.

Smaller Circles:

Other circles can be incorporated into your design, these will be treated like smaller versions of the main circle, and will be places for energy to pool, and to form their own cones of power. Inside the circles will be good places to put sigils, glyphs, names, and/or symbols, so that energy taken into the circles will be able to empower the symbol within. This will result in the energy inside the circle taking on the intent of the sigils, glyphs, names, and/or symbols allowing you to use that to affect your practice. If you have other practitioners helping you out in your practice, this could also be a spot for them to reside in to help you with your working instead of using some form of a sigil, glyph, name, and/or symbol. These circles will also provide protection for whatever resides within that circle just like the main ones do, and will also bring feminine, and yin energy into your circle.


The center is the middle point of your circle. This is a very important point, because it controls, and affects everything else in the circle. This is where the main intention, or the controller of the magical circle is placed. You are usually the controller of the circle, or you can put a sigil, glyph, name, and/or symbol in this place. Whatever is in the middle of the circle will act like the generator in a crystal grid, and will act as a conduit to the rest of the energy in the circle, so that it’s will can be acted out. The center will act in this way in middle of every single shape, so it is important to be aware of this. By understanding how to get the most out of the controlling center points of the shapes that exist within your design will greatly help you understand the energy flow through out your circle, and how it will empower your desire.


Squares can also be incorporated into your design to help empower your practice. They will bring forth the energies of the elements, and directions along with the masculine, and yang energy that the square embodies. The square is also connected to the physical world, and when the square is brought together with the circle the square supports, and fortifies it empowering the circle, and creates perfect balance with its female, and yin energy. This will create a good balance in your circle, and will allow your circle to represent duality. You could also put a sigil, glyph, name, and/or symbol inside the square.  that would give whatever is inside stable, balanced, and grounded energies that it can use to fortify and support itself, so it can do its job more effectively, and use the energy of the four elements, and four cardinal directions to help it in it’s working.


The cross just like the square is also connected to the four elements, but is instead connected to the five directions (the five directions include center as the 5th direction). The cross is also connected to choice, hope, balance, masculinity, physicality, sun, life and yang energy. The cross in magickal circles will direct energy to the center, and will compartmentalize other energies into the four slots that it creates. The cross can be a tricky thing to incorporate into some circles, but when used right it can be very effective.


The energies of the triangle can be brought into your design of your magical circle. These triangles will stand for, and will be greatly connected to creation, and manifestation. Triangles are used primarily in circles to create, manifest, or call a specific energy into the circle, so that you can work with it. The triangle is also connected to the balance between the trinities, and will bring balance of those energies in to your magickal circle. Triangles have both masculine, and feminine energies , and yin, and yang energies depending upon which way they are facing. An upright triangle is a triangle that manifests things to you, while the inverted triangle is one that manifests your desires upon the external world. The upright triangle is the one who embodies the feminine, and yin energies, while the inverted triangle is the one who embodies the masculine, and yang energies. Upright, and inverted will be decided upon the triangles relativity to the center of the circle. These are also used as the places to summon entities through invocation, and evocation. The traditional version of a evocation triangle is call the triangle of art. Triangle of arts are upright because it is used to manifest entities to you. When the triangle is used for evocation it is put outside the circle in order to give the practitioner some protection, and space in between them, and the entity. These triangles usually have names of powerful spirits or deities around them to act as a form of binding, so that the practitioner can control, and worked with the entity safely. These triangles also usually have circles inside them to allow the entity to have its own space that will be in between  the physical, and the spiritual worlds, and will also allow them to build up more energy to help you in you’re working. Depending upon where your triangles are placed will communicate, if yours magick circle is a evocative circle, or invocative Circle. Triangles can be very useful when trying to manifest constructs, and will be very important tools to incorporate into your magical circles.

Lines, And Curved Lines:

Lines, and curves are used to combine two points, so that their energies can directly interact with each other. Lines represent the masculinity and yang energy, while curved lines represent feminine, and yin energy. Lines, and curved lines also stand for the energy of balance, and duality. When two constructs are connected with a line, or curve the two points, become the two extremes on a polarity spectrum with a line in the middle representing the space in between those two energies. These lines, and curved lines will also be used to move energy through out your circle. This is done, because energy will take these lines as paths to follow, and a physical mark of your intention, so the energy will enjoy moving on these lines like the water in a river. These lines, and curved lines will take on the energy around them, or that interacts with them, so by writing symbols, names, and/or glyphs under, above, and/or near will Infuse those lines with that type of energy, given that line its properties, associations, and magical correspondences allowing it to flow throughout the circle. It is important to remember that these lines, and curved lines make up all shapes that will be used in the magickal circle. This will truly apply to any place within the circle and must be kept in mind, so you can use it effectively to empower your working.

Pentagram, and Pentacle / Inverted Pentagram, And Inverted Pentacle:

The pentagram, and pentacle along with the inverted version of both of these can be brought into the design of your circle to bring in energies of power, protection, connection to the five western elements, and connection to the wu-xing (the five phases). These will greatly empower your circles by allowing the energies they produced to run throughout it in order to charge, and power your working. Depending upon what you are doing with your circle will determine whether you will want to include upright pentagrams, or inverted pentagrams, or you might even try to include both of them. Whether it is a inverted, and upright pentagram, or pentacle will depend on its relativity to the center of the circle. Using the upright pentagram would bring the energies of the external, feminine, yin, and spiritual world to help you in you’re working, while using the inverted pentagram would bring the energies of the internal, masculine, yang, and  physical world to help you in you’re working. The Inverted pentagram is a lot more connected to the self, where the upright pentagram were connected to the collective, both are very wonderful symbols and can help you out on in creating your own magick circle. Simply by adding a circle around the pentagram, it will become the pentacle. inverted, or upright the circle of the pentacle will add energies of unity, and protection to the already existing power of the pentagram, but it is up to you to decide when to use which.


Another wonderful shape that you can bring into your magickal circle creation would be the hexagram. The hexagram is made when an upright triangle, and an inverted triangle meet to form the shape, because of this the hexagon shares correspondences with both triangles, and is also made out of masculine, and feminine energies, and yin, and yang energies. The hexagram also corresponds to the four elements and the Trinity because of the triangles that is made out of. The hexagram is also connected to the planetary energies, and  is also connected to the western four elements. Due to the fact the hexagram is made of the connection of the two triangles it is connected to both external, and internal manifestation, which makes it a good tool to have in magick circles that are related to invocation, and evocation.

Sigils, Glyphs, Names, And Symbols

Sigils, glyphs, names, and symbols are going to be powerful tools that will help you in the creation of your own magickal circle. All of these constructs have energies that are going to be used in order to empower, and guide you’re working towards your desire. Every one of these sigils, glyphs, names, and symbols is going to have its own correspondences, energies, and associations that will add different effects based on which one you choose, and how you choose to implemented into your circle. These can be taken from anywhere, or even created. This will not only personalize your circle, but will also provide energies that will be helpful with specific rituals, and practices. you can also choose to incorporate names of specific entities in order to invoke them to your ritual to help you accomplish your desires through the use of the circle.  All you would need to do is to write an entity’s name in, around, or near a specific aspect, or shape to connect their energies to that construct, so that their energies can help out your circle to manifest your desires. Their energy will usually show up to help you out, if they are willing to help you in your endeavors. Any surface that is blank in your magickal circle can be filled with some form of sigils, glyphs, names, and symbols to empower that specific part of the circle to represent a specific energy. By learning how these energies interact with each other, and work together to form one common goal the practitioner can craft a very effective circle in order to help them out with specific intents. Any shape that surrounds, or is near these sigils, glyphs, names, and symbols will be influenced by their energy.


Learning all of these elements of the circle will allow you to bring all these aspects together in perfect harmony to create a magical circle, that will be good for the workings that you want to do. It is a very creative, and magickal process that will push the extent of your metaphysical, and occult knowledge. But, through the creation of a magickal circle you will greatly be able to empower you working, and to better your magical effectiveness.

examples of concept:

Witch Community

Imagine having a whole housing community dedicated to Witchcraft. We could have libraries towering full of books on the occult to herbalism. We’d have shops right around the corner for the herbs we need, the oils and even specializations in wands and athames. We’d hold ceremonies for the Sabbats in the town square, and have daily circle castings. Is just a beautiful warming thought, makes my heart ache. (Edited: maybe short story to come)

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What do you do when art block hits you?

I take a break!
Open up a window, lay down on the ground or my couch / bed whatever is near to it.
And while i lay there I look out of the window, into the blue sky. See the clouds move, the birds fly. And concentrate on the sound. I am living in a quiet place, so i can hear the nature mostly :)
So i close my eyes and dive into that .. natural silence for a while.

And when i look up at the sky, I know that i am just this tiny little human.
On this big ball full of life.
In space.


In short, i just chill for a moment and enjoy the world haha

Then i get back to my pc and force myself to draw ANYTHING
Be it going back to basics squares and circles
Or sketching off of a picture on the net :)
Sometimes blank doodling can lead to new ideas :D It sometimes just needs time :)

Why don't we cast a square?

Okay hear me out. A good number of practitioners cast a circle for protection, unification, to create Sacred Space, give power to there working, and for many other reasons, but why not also cast a square. Not just a square by itself, but much rather a square on top of the already existing circle, where the corners of the square would be touching the four points of where the watchtowers are. The square would represent, and have the energies of stability, balance, foundation, the physical world, the elements, the yang, and masculinity. The square would be something that would empower one of our already existing forms of protection, hopefully allowing us to use it in some form of advanced way. The introduction of the square into the circle would add something to our working, that I would at least think has been missing. What do you think? I would love to hear about it.

Helion, Feysand Threesome Smut Fic.

So I sat down a few days ago after finishing A Court of Wings and Ruin and I thought. 

I would pay money to read an erotic fiction piece featuring these three. Sadly none existed yet. So I had to write it myself. The only problem….I haven’t written smut in so long I had to actually go back and read over some old stuff so this has taken longer than I anticipated to write. 

Here’s the first three pages..I’ll finish the rest later when I’m done with the whole “adulting” for the day. @squaddreamcourt my fellow Helion smut queen. This is for you and me. LOL

Rhys paced circles around the sitting room of his and Feyre’s palace atop the Court of Nightmares. Why had he chosen the Moon Palace for this?? Was he really this nervous about impressing Helion? He stopped pacing long enough to ponder why he was so nervous about this. He was over 500 years old it’s not like this would be the first time he’d joined Helion in the bedroom. No, no it wasn’t Helion that was making him nervous about this upcoming encounter. It was Feyre.

When he had suggested at the Dawn Court all those months ago that she might like having two men worship her in the bedroom he didn’t think she’d take him seriously. Then the war had happened and he’d forgotten about it. Forgotten until one day he’d come upon her in their Town House bedroom asleep and moaning. She was napping in the middle of the day and it was obvious by her moans and gasps that she was enjoying the dream. Feeling a bit naughty himself he decided to slip in and see what had her flushing so prettily in her sleep. The surprise was on him when he saw she was dreaming of not only him but High Lord of the Day Court Helion and what the two of them were doing to her; well he had no idea his Mate had such imagination. Reeling himself out of her dream he contemplated asking her about it, chuckled to himself imagining the fiery blush that would sweep across her freckled cheeks. Tongue in cheek he crawled on the bed and began kissing her neck and shoulders to wake her.

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Sakura did tell Sarada that Sasuke was on a grueling mission (chapter 7 or 8 I believe)and yes I know the no contact thing is there and it's no excuse. I just hate how people use it to claim that Sasuke "hates" Sarada & Sakura when within Gaiden we see that's far from the case. People demonize Sasuke for Kishi's half assed "dramatic" writing.

Ok, here’s the classic quandary: blame the character, or blame the writer? It’s a case by case thing.

When it comes to the Naruto ending (ch 700, Naruto Gaiden, Boruto: the Movie), there’s no one thing you can change and make it better. It’s just layer after layer of bullshit. You peel away one layer and you discover something else just as bad.

Sasuke is an absent father who is never in Konoha; he doesn’t recognize his own child and tries to kill her AFTER she calls him “papa”; Naruto experiences being Hokage as a bureaucratic busy work nightmare with no real reforms; Orochimaru never stopped experimenting on children yet Naruto strolls into his hideout like he’s on an episode of MTV Cribs (hat tip to @thatshinobilife for that turn of phrase); Yamato is isolated and miserable; Sakura is codependent and miserable; everyone lies to Sarada and hides what’s going on from her for no coherent reason other than “Kishimoto doesn’t know how to write an exciting plot that doesn’t involve a mindfucked tween”; Konoha is super prosperous except what the hell are all the ninjas doing and how the hell is the economy working; Kishimoto only remembers economic hardship if it can punish a female character like Tenten’s shop; the ninja economy is dead because it’s sooooo peaceful yet they still gotta make teen soldiers, fuck outta here; Hinata’s character development was made to atrophy for two years so that they could start The Last off with nothing changed; more alien bullshit. It just keeps going.

With such an onion o’ bullshit, yeah, you gotta blame the writer(s) (because Kishimoto isn’t alone in writing/creating the Naruto ending). But. That only works if you basically decide to throw the whole thing out. Both Naruto Gaidens, aka the two post-699 stories that Kishimoto drew himself, can’t work without every adult character being either a villain or an accomplice. “The Path That the Full Moon Illuminates” isn’t about anything BUT Orochimaru being able to freely experiment on human beings, brainwash, drug, torture, etc Mitsuki to make him into what he is. “The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring” isn’t about anything BUT Sarada being lied to or denied the truth about who she is, where she came from, and her family history; and that even when she attempts to confront her father about this, she is savagely invalidated by him:

Like… why? This is a happy ending? This is a reformed Sasuke who has rejoined society? This is a strong leader Naruto?

No. This is a Sasuke who learned sweet fuck all from Itachi’s manipulation of him. This is a Naruto who just stumbles along with what his society’s always done to children and fills out forms instead of protecting victims from victimizers.

And if the story was honest with itself about what it was, that might be ok. Not what I would prefer, because I unashamedly like happy endings and successful societal reform is my shit, but it would be a consistent story. Loads of people like to tell and consume nihilist “nothing ever actually changes” stories.

The problem is that the Naruto ending wants nothing to actually change but also wants to depict Naruto as a hero who accomplished his goals: bringing Sasuke home, saving Sasuke from the darkness, becoming a Hokage who changes the Hyuuga, doesn’t objectify people into tools, being part of a family, and makes it so no more children have to suffer pointlessly.

Actual outcome of these goals in the Naruto ending: Sasuke’s never home, Sasuke’s still pretty fucking dark, Hyuuga who?, everyone’s expendable, his family gets the clone while the forms get the real him, and heck yes we still have child soldiers, and that kid in a tank at Orochimaru’s? Not his business.

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actual video of Naruto getting the yearly report from Yamato about Orochimaru’s latest medical torture of children

So, Anon, I’m guessing you’re a Sasu//Saku shipper, so it’s natural to think you have to be satisfied with the ending because your ship “won”. But you don’t have to! Take it from me! (Ships Naru//Hina, Shika//Tema, and Sai//Ino.) I don’t blame you at all for liking Sarada; Kishimoto is good, really good, at character designing. But my humble suggestion is that rather than trying to square the circle by saying “Sasuke isn’t a bad guy, he’s just written that way”, you throw the Naruto ending out. Throw it all out! Freely help yourself to Sarada when you make an AU ending where Sasuke isn’t a bad guy. Just recognize that “Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada are a happy family” is an AU. The Sasuke in the Naruto ending IS a bad guy, but you know, so is literally every other adult in the Naruto ending; it’s just Sasuke is especially appallingly douchey.

Also, here’s a little aside: I can’t make a post about what actually happens in the Naruto ending without tons of trigger warnings. Maybe this is a sign that it’s not a very happy ending.

In “taxicab geometry”, circles are square-shaped. Wait … circles and squares are different shapes. Yes, this is true, but mathematically, a circle does not have to be circle-shaped. To see this, we need look at the definition of a circle and consider unusual geometries. There are other geometries? Yup!

In all geometries, the definition of a circle is the same: a circle is the collection of all points some fixed distance from a fixed center. In taxicab geometry, distance is strange (above left) so circles are too. A taxi can only drive on streets so distance from one point to another is calculated considering the shortest possible path to take along the streets not necessarily the straight line distance from point A to point B. In taxicab geometry, the only points that exist are points on a grid and 1 unit of distance is one city block.

On the right are examples of circles in taxicab geometry. The top one, for example, represents all the points 2 blocks away from the center blue point (and hence a circle of radius 2). As we can see these circles end up being square-shaped!

All this may seem like just fun and games but these ideas have a deep mathematical significance. In the area of mathematical analysis, taxicab geometry has connections to L^p spaces.

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