So, me and dad went to see “The spirit of ‘45” tonight, a movie about England after WW2. A black and white documentary, how’s that for artsy? It was about how Britain was able to flourish after the war due to unionizing and nationalization of “industries” such as medical care, railways, housing and so forth. What this did for the working class, how people who died of poverty were now able to live in a proper house and have a job and not starve to death. Things that before that was a luxury and a privilege, things that are starting to once again get a higher status.

The film also showed how things started to change once again once Margaret Thatcher was elected. Unemployment sky-rocketed, NHS became less affordable, privatization of the welfare state etc. I know that all documentary films are angled to get their message through, and it is always problematic to romanticize the past. A lot of things that we did in the '40s could be done better today, and politics are never black and white. But the way society is today is so fucked up.

It’s unreasonable that we should have a fraction of the world’s population who exploit all it’s resources, that some of us have a ridiculous amount of material wealth while some us starve to death. I think all of us could agree on this, however some people choose to not care because they are already at the top of the hierarchy, and they are scared to lose their financial wealth, their fake sense of happiness. The truth is that real happiness can’t be bought (and no, that is not something people who don’t know where to shop tell themselves). 

I’ve been thinking about these questions a lot lately, so I probably will be posting a bit more about this stuff later on. Sorry for rambling on and being clutter-minded, I’m trying to sort out my tangled mind and be sense-making. 

Btw, Margaret Thatcher reminded me of a certain Defense Against Dark the Dark Arts professor clad in pink…

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