Oh Mandy
The Spinto Band
Oh Mandy

The Spinto Band - Oh, Mandy

And now I know I’m at the end of my wits 
don’t gotta tell me where this is going 
cus I know nothing ever falls apart 
yeah I know nothing ever falls apart 
remind me once more where this is going 
before I fling it out into the ocean 
it’s kind of level but its wavy 
Its looking more blue than it is green 
it’s looking quiet as I jump in 
so I can finally hear you scream 
You got a gnome in the backyard 
you put him right on the X mark 
you’re eating brains out the back of my head 
oh yeah, that’s where the money is 

The Carnival
The Spinto Band
The Carnival

I just did a pre-order for The Spinto Band’s soon-to-be-released album, Shy Pursuit. It reminded me of the time back in ‘08 when I did the same thing for their previous album, Moonwink. The material from the new album that I’ve heard sounds very promising, especially “Take It.”

Moonwink was an album that took some getting used to for me. The arrangements and harmonic progressions were far more ambitious than the stuff on their previous album, Nice and Nicely Done. Nice and Nicely Done is a solid rock album that hints at something more majestic. With Moonwink, they really let loose. Even the tamer songs will still throw so many chord changes at you that it’s pretty hard to keep up on occasion. After taking the time to actually become familiar with the arrangements and to understand what they were doing, I believe it’s the superior of their two widely released albums.

“The Carnival” is one of those slightly more straight-forward songs that’s still pretty complex. Even though there is a ton of tension throughout the song due to the constant use of diminished chords, they always resolve in a way that releases the tension. Nick Krill’s vocal delivery throughout the song is wild and energetic. It’s freeing to hear someone sing with such reckless abandon, sliding up and down to reach notes in a carefree and fun way. I love how heavy the guitar solo sounds at 1:40 as compared to the rest of the song. The last time through the chorus sounds magical with bells doubling the lead guitar line as Krill sings his lead vocal with a sweet background vocal pad.

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