I regret not doing this before (Peter Parker x Reader)

Heyyyooo! It’s me again, the annoying and desperate imagine writer :D I’m sorry this took SOO long but I was busy crying over the comic-con interviews I watched (since I wasn’t there again this year, as usual)  Thank you so much for over  180 notes on my first and 100 notes on my second imagine! I hope that I’m getting better on writing.

By the way, I tried making Peter not that shy in this imagine to make it different.

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Request: Yes

Word Count: 1,616

Summary: You and Peter Parker hate each other so much. Then something  really shocking happens…

Warnings: Mentions of killing

It was another day on Stark Tower. No one was up yet so you decided to benefit the peaceful moment by having a coffee and reading one of your novels in your room. Just when you were enjoying the silence, you heard noises coming from the kitchen. Two people were shouting at each other but you couldn’t understand what it was about and who were they. You groaned: “So I can only enjoy my life for like what? Three minutes?” and headed to the kitchen to understand what was going on.

You saw Steve and Bucky having an argument about something.


Bucky: Well maybe if YOU could have shut up for a second and listen to me, than this DAMN CONVERSATION WOULDN’T BE AN ARGUMENT STEVE!

You were shocked. Not because they were fighting or shouting at each other, it was because it was only 7 am in the morning and literally no one had an argument before at least 9 am in the Tower. You started to have a headache and you were fed up with them so you yelled:

They both turned around and faced you. They were really quiet for like thirty seconds then Steve quietly said: “B-Bucky was trying to show me, how to use this new phone we got together. I kept asking questions but all he did was yelling at me. Then I got angry and yelled at him too.”

You wanted to laugh at the situation but you were so angry at them, not letting you have a single quiet moment. The Avengers were always like this. You loved them all, but they became childish at times and sometimes it drove you crazy. They would fight over stupid things.

Although you and Peter were the youngest in the Avengers, and you hated each other so much, your fights were never like this. You guys would just secretly glare at each other, sometimes attack each other with sarcasm and in the trainings, you guys would fight each other harder than you normally should.

You glared at both of them and said: “So I hope you two guys have realized how stupid this argument was as you both are ADULTS, not to mention that you are over 90 years old.”

They stared at each other in silence for a moment then Bucky said: “I’m sorry Steve, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”

They hugged and the Tower was all peaceful again. Until five minutes later Tony and Peter showed up in the kitchen.

“Good morning Y/N! Do you know what the hell that argument was about?”

You had a sip from your coffee then said: “I have no idea Stark. Sometimes I don’t know who is the teenager and who is the 90 years old in this team.” Peter laughed at your joke silently. Even though you guys didn’t like each other much, you would be friendly at times. There was no reason for you guys to hate each other but ever since you met, you never had a proper conversation and had been competing over everything. Whether it’s who will go to the next mission with Captain or who will finish the apple pie first competition, you guys would always be the enemies.

You grabbed you coffee cup and headed your room, so no one can bother you anymore.  However, now everyone was up in the tower, Thor and Banner were having  a conversation about something you don’t care to listen, Nat and Clint were silently having their breakfast,  Vision and Wanda were walking towards you.

“Hey Y/N Good morning!”

“Good morning Wanda” you smiled and kept walking. You changed your mind before you came to your room because since everyone was up, there was no need to try to relax in your room. Instead, you decided to train on your own for a while.

When you arrived to the training room you were relieved that no one was there. You were not in the mood for training with anyone.  You got ready, changed your clothes and started training with your usual boxing workout. Just when you were so focused with your punches, there was some white, sticky liquid all over your hands and you couldn’t move them. You groaned, of course it was Parker, he was trying to annoy you. You turned around and saw him smirking: “Hey Y/N!”

“Oh Hey Parker! Didn’t realize this disgusting liquid was coming out of you” You smiled sarcastically.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to bother your training but Tony said we all needed to work out today and we all need a partner. I was going to ask you but you were so focused I was afraid you may kill me ‘accidentally’”

You mumbled: “Yeah, I’m sure that would be a total ‘accident’”

“I’m Sorry? I couldn’t hear what you said?”

“Nothing. Why did you choose me. Do you want to make this day worse for me or yourself, since I may really kill you today, in this training.”

“Don’t worry for me. We need to start training now. Others will come in an hour I think.”

“Okay, let’s begin.”

It had been thirty minutes since you guys started training, you both hadn’t say a word to each other. The only sounds coming out both of you were either because of pain or the joy of seeing the other person being in pain.

“H-Hey- I-I think we should… we should- stop for a while?..”  said Peter breathing heavily. You just nodded your head because you could barely breathe. Normally you wouldn’t be in so much pain and you wouldn’t be this tired if you were training with someone else but with Peter, you guys were really hard on each other, you were nearly going to faint.

You sat next to Peter while he was drinking water you watched him. How could he be so hot while he was sweaty and with that messy hair? You couldn’t think anything but kissing him. Then you were froze fro a moment because of what you thought. You hated Peter! What was all these thoughts about. He turned to you and your faces were really close to each other.

“Why are you staring at me?” He laughed lightly.

“What? I’m not staring at you!” You said, ironically, staring deeply into his eyes.

“Are you sure? Because you look like you want to kiss me right now.” He smirked.

“Yeah. I would love to kiss the boy who annoys me 24/7.” You laughed sarcastically and turned your face to another direction in order to be far away from his face. Because being that close with him made you blush and you didn’t want Peter to see it. You were lucky, your face was already red because of that training.

Peter shrugged: “Whatever. I already have a girlfriend.” You were shocked for a moment. Peter had a girlfriend? You felt angry and upset at the same time. You were literally jealous because Peter Parker was taken. You couldn’t have imagined that you would think about him this way but here you were, nearly crying over Peter. Then you realized, ever since you met him, you kept ignoring him because you fell for him. You knew you wouldn’t have the courage to get close to him, date him, so you avoided him every time you two were in the same room. Now, you were angry at yourself, if you could have just be friendly with him since the beginning he could have been yours right now. You wouldn’t have need to suppress your urge to make out with him, every time you see him. You were filled with regret so you got up and started walking towards the door.

“Y/N where are you going?” Peter asked, confused.

You didn’t know what to say, so you blurted out: “Why don’t you ask your girlfriend?” angrily.

Peter didn’t understand what you just said for a moment, then he started smirking: “Oh, so you are jealous that’s what this is all about?”

“Peter, I don’t know if you are aware of this but for the last time, you annoy me. Why would I be jealous of someone I don’t care a bit about?”

Peter came closer to you. There were nearly no space between your faces.

“So, if I kiss you right now, wouldn’t you kiss me back?” he whispered, staring at your lips.

Your heart was racing so fast. You didn’t know what to do. Were all these real or were you in a dream?

“W-well. Wouldn’t your girlfriend be mad?”

“If she existed…Yeah..” Then he kissed your softly.  You didn’t know what to do, you kissed him back. Your heart was nearly going to get out of your chest and Peter putting his hands all over your waist (maybe a little lower) wasn’t making it any better. You were feeling so many things at the same time. The only feeling you were sure about was that you needed this immediately when you first met him.

“I-I regret not doing this before” he whispered and kept kissing you, harder than before.

Just when he grabbed you by your waist, you put your legs all over him and he started carrying you to the couch, you both heard some noises.

“Tony, I swear to God, can you shut up for a second?! They will realize we have been watching them.” You guys broke the kiss and turned around. All the Avengers were behind the door, secretly spying on you guys. Your face was redder than ever, and Peter’s wasn’t different than yours.


Know what I miss? The Marvel One Shots. They should do more of those, but really obscure stuff. Like, The Collector and Howard the Duck playing chess. Or Vision sitting down to try different foods for the first time. Or Ant-man using ants to fetch the TV remote because he’s too lazy. Or the ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ kids joking around in class. Anything really. 

That’s my child (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hey! Can you do an imagine where Peter and the reader have unprotected sex and later on finds out she’s pregnant and cries while she tells him but he tells her that he’ll always be there? Thanks!

Knocking on Peter’s bedroom door, you try to gather up the courage for what’s coming next. You try not to cry and to fake a smile, pretending to look happy.
‘’Come in!’’ you hear from inside. Walking into his room and closing the door, you stand in the middle of the room, looking at Peter, sat at his chair. ‘’Oh, hey, [Y/N]’’ he says as he turns around and sees you.
‘’I need to talk to you’’ you say, still trying to smile.
He furrows his eyebrows and points to his bed, signaling you to sit there. He sits next to you and puts a hand on your knee, reassuring you to start talking.
‘’First of all, you have to promise not to interrupt me until I’m done’’ you start saying, looking at him. He nods and you continue. ‘’I know we said we would never talk about this, but do you remember the night we got really drunk and slept together?’’ you say. It happened a month ago, when you convinced him to go to a party with you, and when you went back to his house, you kept drinking until you didn’t know what you were doing. The day after you woke up curled up in bed, both of you naked, and your legs feeling sore. You had decided not to talk about it -when you realized what had happened you both turned red and laughed it off, agreeing on not telling anyone and acting as if it hadn’t happened. You were pretty sure you had taken Peter’s virginity, and you still feel guilty about that.
He blushes and nods, looking at you. You know he wanted more after that night -he had tried to kiss you some time ever since then, but you just avoided it and acted as if you didn’t know. You loved him as more than a friend, but you didn’t want your friendship ruined.
‘’Well, that day I went to the pharmacy and bought the pill. You know they say it works 98% of the time, but there’s a 2% chance that it won’t’’ you whisper, nervous. He is still oblivious as to what is going on, and you can feel your hands getting sweaty. You can also feel your tears welling up, wanting to leave your eyes. ‘’I’m pregnant’’ you whisper before breaking into sobs.
Peter doesn’t react at first and simply looks at you, his eyes opened wide. You grow mad -you hadn’t expected him to be this way. You’d thought he’d be supportive.
You get up from his bed and start walking to the door, still sobbing, when a hand wraps around your wrists and turns you around, your face pressed against Peter’s chest. His hand is on your hair, his arm around your waist, and he softly kisses your forehead.
‘’I’m sorry I didn’t react. I-I didn’t think this would happen. It’s all my fault’’ he muffles, his lips against your hair. ‘’I’ll always be there, okay? That’s my child. I am going to be with you all the way.’’
You sob again, wrapping your arms around his waist and pulling him closer. All your dreams, everything you had planned to do in the future -it was all ruined.
‘’I just -it’s all too much. How am I gonna tell my parents? And Aunt May? They’ll probably kick me out’’ you cry, not letting go of him.
‘’Aunt May will understand. And so will your parents. If they don’t at first, you can always stay here’’ he whispers. ‘’I’m going to be with you all the way, [Y/N]. School finishes in two months and we’ll be free’’ he says, running his hand down your hair.
You look up to him, tears still in your eyes, and he softly removes them with his thumb. He smiles, his eyes full of love. You feel him getting closer, and putting a hand on the back of his hand, which is still on your face, you press your lips to his, finally forgetting about everything. He kisses you back, his hand now on your cheek, softly caressing it.
When you finally pull apart to breathe, he smiles at you and kisses the tip of your nose, his hand still on your cheek.
‘’Do you think the child will be able to climb walls?’’ he asks, laughing a little.
You laugh back and hit his chest, shaking your head.
‘’Now you have a reason to come home alive, Webhead’’ you say, your head on the crook of his neck.
‘’I always did’’ he whispers softly against your hair before hugging you, a smile on his lips.


tomholland2013: What a crazy weekend its been. Blessed to be able to share it with these beautiful people 😘. Love you guys. Thank you thank you thank you #spidermanhomecoming #comiccon

Camera Shy - Peter Parker x Reader

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The wind whistled past your ears as you leaped off the swing, landing not so gracefully on the soft grass. You covered your face, laughing on the ground. Peter’s friendly laughter came from above you and you looked up to see him with his camera.

“Ten out of ten. Really (Y/n), that was an excellent landing.” He mock clapped, grinning widely.

You laughed, accepting his hand to get up.

“Smile.” He said, raising the camera.

“Noo.” You giggled, covering your face with the sleeve of your jumper.

“Aww, (Y/n). Don’t tell me your camera shy?” Peter teased, lowering the camera.

You shook your head, not uncovering your face.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. What if I take photos of you but show them to no one. Not a soul.”

You stared at him then nodded.

You went back on the swing, determined not to trip this time.

As you leapt off the swing, you heard the sound of the shutter, and all you could think was how distorted your face must look with your hair everywhere and this stupid grin on your face. After landing more gracefully this time, Peter came over to show you the photos he’d taken.

You, in the air, your hair flowing gracefully behind you, this expression of pure joy on your face.

“I love your smile. You’re just so beautiful.” Peter chuckled absently, flicking through the photos.

You looked up at him, wondering if he’d really just said that.

“What?” He asked, glancing up from the camera to you, “You are.”

You laughed, “No! Just look at those photos!”

“I am! Look at you, you’re gorgeous.” Peter held the camera closer to you, pointing out little things in each photo which he liked and slowly, you started to see it.

“See?” He asked.

In answer, you wrapped your arm over his shoulders, pressing your lips to his. He smiled, kissing you back, the camera hanging loosely around his neck between you. The autumn leaves crunched under your feet as the two of you moved closer together.

And it was beautiful.

Too Late (CACW Peter Parker x Reader) pt.2

 i was actually flabbergasted by how many people wanted to be tagged in this bc i’m not used to people reading my writing at all even tho i’ve had this blog a year (one year today actually fun fact) 

never let you go by simple plan oddly matches this imagine rlly well 


part ein 

Other characters featured; I needed a teenage MCU character for this so I got Gwen bc she’s my fave, and ik it doesn’t fit in but it’s more of an AU gwen 

Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language 

Word count; 1261 

civil war spoliers in this

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Peter took the break up much worse than you - Do hearts ever break even? 

You’d cried yourself out and dealt with the pain before you even ended it. It sucked that you could say ‘I dealt with the pain of our breakup while we were still together’ but it meant you could move on quicker and focus on your final year in school.

Peter, however, was still putting all his time into SHIELD. But now, he was sad. He still did the same thing, but with an empty heard and lack of emotion. He couldn’t seem to process that you weren’t together anymore - He found himself picking up the phone on multiple occasions, ready to call you and tell you about his day - Something he used to do everyday, even if he had been with you all day. Everyday, at least, until he got involved with SHIELD.

Then he’d remember you were no longer together, put the phone down and become dragged back into the empty realisation that Peter and Y/N were no longer a thing. 

You didn’t expect the same thing to happen to you, but as the days went on, things began to catch up with you.

‘Anyway, I’ve heard that the new biology test is gonna be really hard. So, revision tonight at mine?’ Your best friend, Gwen, asked you. She pulled open the door to the coffee shop, stepping inside. You stopped here every morning on the way to school to get your latte.

‘Morning, Y/N!’ The barista greeted you. You were a usual. ‘What can I get today?’ 

‘A latte to go please. And a black coffee.’ You replied, realising you’d just got Peter’s usual order as well. You were used to picking up coffee when you would meet him in the mornings before class. ‘Sorry, not the black coffee actually.’ You murmured, ignoring Gwen’s doubtful looks.

Peter had practically stopped going to school now - You heard two of your teachers discussing how he began taking up lessons with the infamous Tony Stark and Bruce, two of the most renowned scientists today.

This was good in a way for you, because it meant you didn’t have to see him around school or face any awkward encounters.Instead, you put your head down and began working harder to get your levels for college.

Gwen would regularly pest you about your feelings - ‘Don’t you still love him?’ ‘Shouldn’t you just check up on him, Y/N?’ 

Across the city in Manhattan, things were going in the other direction for the young vigilante. He couldn’t focus on his work. It was becoming harder and harder knowing that he couldn’t phone you if he’d had a bad day. It was like part of him was missing. 

Bruce was oblivious to any change of attitude, but Tony eventually picked up on it when he saw how Peter’s work went from outstanding to something else.

‘Before you go, there’s one more question I need you to answer.’ Tony looked up from his laptop.

‘Sure, what’s up?’

‘Which girl has broken your heart? Or guy, maybe, I don’t know what your preference is.’ Tony sat down in the chair opposite Peter, who looked slightly taken aback.

‘Y/N Y/L/N. I focused too much on this, and SHIELD, and not enough on my relationship. I didn’t realise how much I’d fucked up until Y/N ended it with me. It’s like part of me is missing. I can’t process it.’

Tony wasn’t a stranger to how Peter as feeling - Pepper had left him, after all, upon his refusal to stop fighting, to stop being Ironman, to stop being himself. It was far too late for him to change that now, but could he do it for someone else?

‘How long ago did you guys break up?’ He asked.

‘Twelve days.’ Peter replied. 

‘What exactly happened?’ He continued, almost like a therapist.

‘I became too focused on this, I guess. The hours were much longer than I expected when I signed up. I’ve been thinking about whether I would choose this or Y/N if I could turn back time. I want both, I want to make a compromise, but I didn’t bother, I didn’t protest-’

‘We’ll cut your hours down then. I can give you weekends off, make this four days a week-


‘Clearly, Y/N means the world to you. I lost the woman I loved because I was too focused on everything, and  I didn’t want to change. I didn’t even try to compromise, and I realised that too late. Go now, and at least try to fix things. It might give me a bit of peace knowing I helped at least one relationship in the process of fucking up my own.’

‘But I need to finish this question-’

‘It’s an order, Parker. Go. Now.’

In a flash, Peter grabbed his bag and ran out the room, running towards your house as fast as he could.

You had thought on several occasions over the past twelve days about whether you should have ended things or not. You regretted it, but at the same time you didn’t. You kept telling yourself that it was for the best, but also telling yourself you should’ve stayed to see if Peter really would change. 

But you pushed the thoughts aside, continuing a few more days without thinking about it. But it didn’t make it any less painful.

You were sat on your bed trying to study - But you couldn’t. Your brain was in another place and your eyes kept falling on your phone background whenever you checked your notifications. It was a picture of you and Peter from New Years Eve on Brooklyn Bridge - it was the last proper date you had before he began forgetting.

You tried texting Gwen, but she was too busy revising in her typical fashion. You sighed to yourself, leaning against the wall.

‘Y/N!’ Your mum called. ‘Someone’s here to see you!’

‘Gwen finally saw my texts then.’ You murmured to yourself, heading down the stairs. You turned the corner into the hall, your eyes landing on someone you wanted to see so badly, but at the same time not at all.

‘Hey Pete, is everything okay?’ You asked, trying to stay as casual as you could.

‘I need to talk to you, actually.’

‘I’ll give you two some privacy.’ Your mother raised her eyebrows and walked away. You began making your way upstairs, and Peter followed. You headed into your room and sat on the window seat.

‘I thought we’d already spoken.’ You said, pulling your knees to your chest.

‘Not enough.’ Peter nearly snapped. ‘I’m here because a billionaire made me. I was too cowardly to stop you walking out on me. I should’ve stopped you, I should’ve done something.’

‘Maybe I should have done something too.’ You murmured.

He nodded slightly. ‘I don’t know if you want to hear it, but I can’t do it without you. You seem to have a role in every part of my life, and it’s just not the same if you’re not there. Tony lost someone just like this and when I explained, he cut down my hours and basically forced me here.’ He smiled sadly. ‘On the way over, I had a feeling you wouldn’t forgive me, but is it worth asking?’

You didn’t think for another second - You could hear it in his voice, and see it in his eyes. He wasn’t going to fuck up again.

You didn’t verbally respond, instead, you just kissed him.

AU: Where everything, EVERYTHING is the same but the only difference is spider-man is a famous ballet dancer and deadpool is a breakdancer not accepted anywhere because of his inconsistent style of dance and he only wants to be a ballet dancer because the tutu is pretty. Spidey hates him because ballet is not only a simple skirt but responsability. And it’s a more danger earth because everyone want to see spider-man dancing so more crimes happens to see his pretty butt style of dance. He fights crime, he do everything the same as before but he dances every time while being spider-man.

Will Wade get his official ballet tutu?

Will Peter be less judgmental and learn with the differences?

Will I (ME) do something useful?

The ballet and the breakdance will finnaly find the true love?