special delivery

That Bad Boy anniversary performance woulda been better if they did Whoa and Special Delivery. 

Stupid ass G. Dep had to go to jail though

anonymous asked:

Judging from curtain call pics and stage door Darren seemed to be happy and in a very good mood, wonder why? Could it be that someone arrived in NY?

His special delivery arrived 🙊🙊🙊
Special Delivery (subway edition) - Fiannly
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“You’re what?” Stiles yells.

Derek jerks the phone away from his ear and waits a few beats before putting it back. “I’m adopting the baby I found on the subway last month,” he repeats.

Special Delivery

Another day, another job. A little star nomad rubbed her eyes as she walked through the massive parking lot. Shops were so strange to her, why couldn’t everyone just walk? It wasn’t like Orbal juice was expensive. ~Guess walking isn’t for everyone~

But she couldn’t be distracted! Jester was on the job! She had to find the skull shaped space ship and deliver an important package! That she got from a creepy guy behind the galaxy diner, but she was getting payed so who cares what he looked like. It felt like hours before she found the blasted thing ~of course it had to be at the end of the entire lot!~

The imposing space ship was enough to send shivers down a person’s spine. If she wasn’t working Jester would have just left the package at the front for the owner to find. Standing on her tippy toes and shakily knocking on the bottom row of teeth she called out “Ah. Special delivery! Delivery for a…Mr Peepers!?” Oh she hoped the guy wasn’t out to lunch or something.