All My Idols Ch 17: SM Town

I feel like lots of you were waiting for more EXO moments so here you go!

“Special Delivery!” I yell as I basically bust into the studio. With a whole cake in my arms and a bag of drinks hanging on my arm, I stumble sideways into a what feels like a brick wall. Glancing up I see familiar frog like eyes and a warm smile. “Minho oppa!” I beam at the older man.

“Charlie-ya! I was starting to worry, you said you’d be here thirty minutes ago but security told me you had entered the building when you said you would,” He worries as he takes the things out of my hands and sets them on the floor before coming back to give me a once over.

“Oppa, I’m fine, I just ran into Red Velvet and Girl’s Generation on my way and you know how those girls get.”

“Did I hear my Charlie?” Onew yells as he does the same as me, busting into the practice room caring a massive amount of food.

“Omo! Where is she?” Key rushes past Onew to pull me out of Minho’s arms into a warm hug.

“Hi you guys,” I laugh as Onew almost drops his container of chicken to give me a quick side hug before placing it on the floor with the rest of the food.

“So,” Key gives me an ear to ear grin that makes me nervous.

“So,” I echo.

“About that interview of yours.” I automatically sink to the ground to curl into a ball to hide my face for the on coming teasing. As I expected the boys are giggling like little girls as they poke at me. “Come on Charlie, we are just teasing.”

“Just leave me alone,” I grumble.

“It’s cute, you should have seen Kyungsoo’s reaction to it, it was precious.”

I cover my ears, “I don’t want to hear about it!”

Even with my hands over my ears I can hear Key’s teasing, “Lay was over the moon, he wouldn’t stop bragging to everyone that he is 3rd on your list. What I’m dying to know is who is number 1?”

I groan, “Like I said in the interview, absolutely not.”

“Hyung, leave her alone,” Minho comes to my defense. “Unless you want to eat lunch with a cranky Charlie.” Key pouts and sinks to the floor next to me but says nothing else.

“Thank you oppa.” I sit up.

He pats my head, “Your welcome, now,” He gives me a sly grin, “about your bias list.”

Collapsing back on the ground I let out another groan, “Where is Jonghyun oppa? He isn’t this mean to me.”

“Him and Taemin will be back in a few minutes, you can start eating,” Onew says as he pulls me back up into a sitting position.

“No, I can wait.” I say as I shed my winter jacket and put my boots by the door.

They nod and start talking about some of their chorography, allowing me to zone out. My eyes scan the familiar dance room, the cloud wall that I’ve seen a million times on my computer and now at least a dozen times in real life. Coming to SM has become a common thing in my life after I started becoming friends with Girl’s Generation, helping branch out and become close friends with other SM artists. It has only been a week since my interview with Woobin was released to the public and lets just say, the idols reacted a lot more then the fans. They blew up my phone with questions like, am I alright, who is your number one bias, why wasn’t I on your list, am I your number one bias?

It has been a media storm, so leaving my apartment has not been possible the last week so I’ve been spending a massive amount of time with my big bang oppas, which has been amazing. But all my other friends have been feeling jealous since manager Unni wouldn’t let anyone, other than Ikon, come into the building. So I’m going to be going to each company this next week to make up for lost time, SM being my first stop since Taemin has basically been harassing me to do so.

I’m brought out of my thought by the door busting open yet again, revealing not only a grin Taemin and Jonghyun but a loud group of yelling boys. No, I think, please don’t be who I think it is, please don’t be who I think it is.

Fuck, it is who I think it is. I curl into a ball, not mentally prepared for any of this. In just leggings, an over sized sweatshirt, and tall Christmas socks I’m definitely not dressed to see them. I regret not putting on makeup this morning and not properly doing my hair instead of letting it become a slightly cute crazy mess of curls.

“Who’s hungry?” Jonghyun yells. My face is buried in my arms so I can’t see all of them but their distinct voices echo threw the practice room as they rush in. The footsteps stop a few feet away from me. “What happened?”

“I think we broke her,” Minho laughs.

“Charlie-ya!” A familiar sweet voice calls happily.

“Lay oppa?” I mumble from my tightly curled ball.

“I guess she isn’t broken, now get up,” Taemin comes over to me and pokes at me.

“Go away oppa,” I swat at him blindly, accidently hitting Lay, who had joined Taemin in his teasing. “Lay oppa,” I automatically snap up when I hear his small whine of pain, “I’m so sorry,”

He gives me a dimpled grin, “It’s okay, I’m just teasing,” He chuckles, “It’s nice to see your pretty face.”

“Why don’t you ever apologize when you hit me?” Taemin whines as he plops down next to me.

“Because you deserve it,” I stick my tongue out at him.

“Hello Charlie-ya,” Jonghyun interrupts with a kiss on my cheek that makes me giggle.

“Hi oppa.”

The door closes and I finally look up to finally be face to face with the one and only EXO. Suho is in front with the beagle line on one side and the three youngest members on the other side. My Xiumin is peeking over Suho’s shoulder, our eyes lock and the next thing I know my face is buried in the crook of Taemin’s neck.

“Since when are you this shy?” Taemin teases but doesn’t push me away.

“Is it because one of your biases is in the group?” Minho teases.

“Aw,” Key coos, “Kyungsoo-ya is blushing.”

“Hyung,” The cute owl boy’s honey sweet voice whines, “Stop it.”

“But it’s just so cute,” Key pats my head.

“Is it because your number one bias is in the room?” Lay joins in.

“Oppa!” I whine as I whip around to glare at the innocent looking unicorn.

“You know?” All of shinee yells.

Lay just nods with a smile on his annoyingly handsome face.

“Don’t you dare say who,” I warn.

“Come on Charlie, he would love it.”

“No, no, no.”

Lay huffs, “Fine.”

“Can you stop being a little girl and greet them?” Taemin pokes at me again.

I glare at him as I stand up, bowing I give them a nervous smile, “Hello, I’m Charlie, it’s nice to meet you.” I can’t stand back up from my bow with my heart going a million beats a minute.

“It’s nice to see you again,” Suho comes forward with that warm smile of his, which helps ease my anxiety.

“Hello, I’m Chanyeol,” The tall elf like man comes running forward, pushing poor Suho out of the way. “You are so cute and little!” I find myself laughing at his cute face.

“She knows who we all are so lets eat,” Lay takes me away from them and sits me down on the floor next to Jonghyun. He sits down on my other side as everyone else takes their seats in a circle.

“Lets eat!” Onew declares, we all nod and begin digging in all the food that the boys had carried in. Everyone speaks casually as we eat, laughing and joking around. I’m sand but thankful no one from EXO really tries to talk to me, I don’t think I could handle it, they just make me want to giggle and scream like an idiot.

“Here Charlie, try this,” Taemin holds out some kind of marinated meat to me, which I happily let him feed to me.

“Omo, that’s good,” I smile at him as I reach for more.

“No, Charlie try this,” Lay offers me a pretty chocolate truffle that he insists on feed to me.

“So Charlie,” Suho gives me that smile again, “What are you planning on doing now that you went public?”

“I’m not really sure,” I shrug, “I’m just going to be doing my rounds to the companies for the next few days so I can say hi to everyone.”

“Are we your first stop?” Minho asks from the other side of Lay.

I nod, “Since someone demanded that I stop here first,” I look past Jonghyun to Taemin.

“I didn’t demand it,” Taemin snaps back.

“You sent me like ten texts about how I need to come see you guys as soon as I was able to leave.”

He scoffs, “Don’t exaggerate, I sent you two.”

“What?” I pull out my phone, open the messages, and hold it out for him to see. “See you sent me the first two, and I said I’ll see what I can do, and then you sent me ten more demanding it.” Taemin snatches my phone out of my hand scans it, pouting as he reads it. He hands my back my phone without a word before taking out his own. His eyes snap up to glare at the person to his left, Jongin is sitting there, obviously nervous.

“Kai,” Taemin growls.

“It wasn’t just me!” The tan boy jumps to his feet and points to the pale boy to his left, “It was Sehun’s idea!”

“Don’t blame this on me!” Sehun snaps back, “Chanyeol and Baekhyun hyung suggested we do it from Taemin hyung’s phone.”

Chanyeol is automatic at defending himself, “Kai is the one who had to get Taemin’s phone!”

“You guys texted her off Taemin’s phone?” Lay laughs.

“You guys really sent those?” I stare down at my phone dumbstruck as I read the messages over again.

“Yes,” Seven of the boys echo, staring down at the floor ashamed, Suho just stares at them confused.

“Why would you guys do that?” Jonghyun asks.

“Because Lay hyung kept talking about how cute and nice you are, and now even Suho hyung was able to talk to you, and then you talked about how Kyungsoo and Lay were in your top ten. We just wanted to know why you are avoiding us,” A very puppy like Baekhyun mumbles.

I suddenly feel guilty for avoiding them, “I’m sorry for avoiding you, I’m actually just a really big fan.”

“Aren’t you are fan?” Taemin fakes offense.

“Oh shush oppa,” I swat at him before turning back to EXO, “You guys are the group I had posters of in my room so when I think to about how weird it is to talk and be friendly with you after having those makes me feel really awkward.” I try my best to explain but stop when I see their faces light up.

“Who had posters of us?”

“That’s so cute!” Baekhyun tackles me to the ground, hugging me tightly. I’m too happy to be surprised by his sudden affection. Chanyeol follows suit by jumping on top of him, followed by a very excited Xiumin. But Xiumin can’t balance on top of them others, so he falls to the side, right on top of Jonghyun, right next to me. We both pause for a minute when our eyes lock, those cute cat like eyes get thinner when he gives me that amazing smile. I feel my heart stop when I get the courage to smile back. I thought that would be the best moment in my life, until the door busts open once again to revel more of my oppas.

“I hear our Charlie has come to visit!” Sweet Leeteuk says with a big smile on his face. Some of the others follow in, all stopping and losing their sweet smiles once they see the situation I’m in with two boys lying on top of me.

“Hi oppas,” I say with an awkward smile.

“What are you doing to our Charlie?” Heechul busts threw the group.

“Hyung,” Chanyeol quickly scrambles to his feet, “We can explain.”

Baekhyun just gives them an awkward smile from where he rests in between my legs, “It’s not what you think.”

Kangin glares down at him, “You little…”


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